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Found 24 results

  1. 2016 Silverado 1500 custom Hopefully they fit. 2 inch leveling kit up front. Pre runner bumper. Rears stock. Got -38 mm wheels coming in. 17x9. Shipped today. should look good. much debated topic I didn’t see anything on the size either. I’ll be that guy. It should fit nicely I’m thinking. It’s a 33.8x12.2r17 ordered today. 11/2
  2. Correct me if I’m wrong. I have a 2016 Silverado 1500 they can fit 33x11.5 factory. Negative Offset in a wheel pulls the wheel out from the inside of the wheel well. so if I have say a -24 mm offset wheel I can accommodate a wider tire. I have mixed reviews on largest tire size. I only have the front leveled 2 in. I just ordered a set of 5 pro comp wheels with -38 mm offset. Could pull the wheel out 1.5 inches. im looking for tires. I wanna run a 305 70 r17 34x12 this should fit with no rubbing? I forgot to mention I have a barricade pre runner front bumper with skids. just looking for some reassurance on that tire size before I order. Looking to order on Thursday.
  3. I was just wondering what size wheel and tires I can fit on my stock 2017 Silverado with little to no rubbing. I want either 18 or 20 inch wheels but I’m not sure what size tire to get. Thanks in advance
  4. Hello I have a 2017 Silverado 2500HD, 2WD with stock LT265/60R20 tires and rims. I been spending countless hours reading on this topic, and still seem unsure of the answers. Ride quality is most important to us, so I would like to know what’s the best options to fit something like a Toyo AT2 Tire around 33” to 34” inches and 11” to 12” inches, maybe a 305/55-R20 ? Is their a better riding AT tire that last like the Toyo’s ? would I be able to get a negative offset so I have some lip or deeper dish vs the hub moved more out? I been reading positive offsets seem to fit a little Better with less rubbing issues? i think a 33” tire by around 11” wide would be a great fit for a leveling kit? last question, I was think of going max 2” leveling kit, but if I go with aftermarket keys, and shock extenders will it still be close or better then the factory ride? Can I add better shocks to help with the ride? Ride quality is really important to us. We don’t do much towing, Mostly highway/city driving, no off roading. i had a 2015 2500HD with 33” tires , 11” wide , 2-1/2” Ready lift level kit, and positive offset, but the ride stiffened up allot . We sold the truck and bought the 2017.
  5. I've been looking at pics, reading through threads for what seems like months now trying to come up with my upgraded tire/wheel setup...I'm close! Going from 22x9 rims with +24 offset on 285/45/22 . This is what I want to change to (I currently have a 2.25" leveling kit): Rims = 18x9 Fuel Maverick Tires = 275/70/18 (Nitto Ridge or Falken AT3Wildpeak) What I'm really stuck on is the offset. It's between -12 and +1. I really like the look of the -12, but live on a dirt road and am thinking about the tire sticking out more and kicking up rocks and dinging up the side panels every time I drive up and down my road... Anyone with a similar setup that can offer any opinions? Those with the large negative offset are you constantly dinging up the paint whenever you hit the dirt? I'd also be interested in opinions on the Nitto vs. Falken. Thanks!
  6. I am looking for a 20x. . . Setup to fit my stock 275/55s then when I wear them out I want to do 285/55s. I do not want to trim anything and do not want to rub at all. Not sure what offset to run. Looking at hostile alphas in either 20x9 or 20x10 . . . Can’t find a consistent answer to this question.
  7. Hello, Everyone I know this seems like an unimportant thing to complain about, but today, while driving, I noticed that my oil pressure was too high. I pulled over and shut the engine off to investigate, only to discover that my Oil pressure Gauge Needle is Offset, and I don't know how it happened, is this normal? The gauge seems to read just fine, just with an offset of almost half the sweep Does anyone have a fix for this? I don't have OCD or anything but I just find it very annoying, since the truck has less than a year with me Thanks in advance, Here are a couple of pics, truck completely off, and at idle:
  8. I have a question, what is the biggest tire size you can fit on a 20X12 -44 wheel with just a leveling kit? i know this is a long shot but i want to stay leveled with a wide stance. Thanks in advance
  9. So i just bought 275 65 r18 bfgoodrich ko2's and am looking to get wheels with a more aggressive offset. my wheels right now are a positive 18 which is i believe the same as stock and I am looking into an 18x9 with a -12 offset, does anybody run this here, and if so was there any trimming necessary after installation of these wheels?
  10. I have an 08 Silverado 1500 on a 2 inch RC level, I want to make sure that a 20x9 with a -12mm offset with a 275 55 r20 tire will both fit without any rubbing and look good, currently I am on an 18x9 with an 18 mm offset. Also will I have the tires sticking out past the wheel wells? Thanks.
  11. Hello all: I recently bought a 1997 4x4 Z71 fixer-upper that has been lifted/leveled ~3". I'm in the process of tightening up the front end (brake job, ball joint replacement, tie rod) but I need to address the stabilizer end links. They look to have loosened and more worrisome is the geometry. They are offset from an ideal 90 degree angle with the eyelets of the stabilizer bar (pic attached). I realize a small deviation is OK but this seems excessive. The angle is so far off i cant get enough clearance in the hole in the lower control arm to get a socket on the lower nut of the stabilizer link. The link would have to pivot outwards for the nut to line up properly for clearance. Seems like total misalignment of the link with respect to the lower control arm and sway bar. Any suggestions? Almost seems like the sway bar should extend outwards and rotate a bit for this to work.
  12. I have a 2015 Silverado 1500 4WD 5.3L V8 Z71 LT Midnight Edition (I'm sure you've seen them plenty by now) and I'm looking to lift it and put 35's on. I'm planning to go with the RC 6" lift and Toyo MT 35x12.5xR18. My main objective is to be able to mount fender flares which I believe extrude 2" from standard and I would like my tires to be nearly flush if not a slight amount outward. So I'm having trouble figuring out the numbers to predict the tires being flush with the flares. I know the RC lift brings them out 1.5" (assuming I get 1.5" spacer in rear as well). So with this tread, and offset from the lift, would I need offset wheels in your opinion to become flush? Also, please critique this lift if you think something is wrong or would be better. Thanks, Ser Menalak
  13. After searching for a week, I finally placed my order for my leveling kit and wheel/tire package. I have seen a lot of people asking about 20X10 -24 setup and no one really had a clear answer. After talking to customoffset, discount tire and some other people with the same setup, I pulled the trigger on some 20X10 -24 Fuel D541's, some Atturo MT's in 33x12.50R20 tires and a RC 2.5 Full level. For anyone else looking for the same setup, this is what I used for references. I starred the ones that use Fuel wheels and similiar aggressive tires because I figured every factor would play a role in this. 20X10 -19: http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/188754-2015-gmc-sierra-all-terrain/ ***20X10 -24: https://www.customwheeloffset.com/wheel-offset-gallery/8223/wheel-offset-2014-chevrolet-silverado-1500-aggressive-1-outside-fender-leveling-kit-custom-rims ***20X10 -24: https://www.customwheeloffset.com/wheel-offset-gallery/30084/wheel-offset-2015-gmc-sierra-1500-aggressive-1-outside-fender-leveling-kit-custom-rims 20X10 -24: https://www.customwheeloffset.com/wheel-offset-gallery/57402/wheel-offset-2016-chevrolet-silverado-1500-slightly-aggressive-leveling-kit-custom-rims 20X10 -24: https://www.customwheeloffset.com/wheel-offset-gallery/23042/wheel-offset-2015-chevrolet-silverado-1500-super-aggressive-3-5-leveling-kit-custom-rims 20X10 -24: https://www.customwheeloffset.com/wheel-offset-gallery/28934/wheel-offset-2015-chevrolet-silverado-1500-aggressive-1-outside-fender-leveling-kit-custom-rims 20X10 -24: https://www.customwheeloffset.com/wheel-offset-gallery/51547/wheel-offset-2015-chevrolet-silverado-1500-aggressive-1-outside-fender-leveling-kit-custom-rims ***20X10 -24: https://www.customwheeloffset.com/wheel-offset-gallery/23063/wheel-offset-2014-chevrolet-silverado-1500-aggressive-1-outside-fender-leveling-kit-custom-rims 20X10 -24: https://www.customwheeloffset.com/wheel-offset-gallery/59342/wheel-offset-2014-chevrolet-silverado-1500-aggressive-1-outside-fender-leveling-kit-custom-rims I placed the order with CustomOffsets on Saturday afternoon and on Sunday a rep reached out to me for a contact phone number and to let me know everything was in stock and being put together. That is awesome customer service! One thing I factored in was whether it had aluminum or steel arms. My truck currently has steel so I am not sure if that will make a difference or not. At this point, my only goals are to have a slight rub, little trim if any and no metal work. Most are reporting the rub is only in reverse when the wheel is a full lock going to the left. I will update this post through out the process. If anyone has more information on this, I would love to hear about it. I am sure I will be getting a lot "That isn't going to fit" "good luck!" or "no way" but I am convinced it will work with the research that I have done. EDIT: I have been exchanging emails back and forth with Custom Offsets and finally gave them a call. They confirmed they have done this setup many times and both the -12 and -24 will fit. Both will require trimming of the wheel liner but neither will require any metal work. He said the the -24 will require more trimming than the -12 (obviously being wider) but neither require any metal work. I am excited!
  14. How's it goin' fellas. I drive a 2014 GMC Sierra (all-terrain package). I have a rough country 2.5" leveling kit installed, along with 2" wheel spacers I got from Rough Country. I currently run 275/55/20, but I am planning to change to 285/70/17 (33's). because of my 2inch spacers, should I buy a wheel that has a positive, negative, or 0mm offset? I DO NOT want the tires to stick out wayy past the fender. However, I do like an aggressive stance (just slightly past the fender).
  15. We are having a sale on our Gloss and Matte Black wheels for 2014+ Silverado 1500/Sierra wheels This sale applies to our N301, N302, N401, N402 wheels Wheel specs: Size 20x9 / Bolt Pattern 6x135/6x139.7 Dual drill / Offset ET +15, 0, -15 Sale price: $800 shipped (lower 48) Our wheels are 100% Made in America and will be custom made for your truck. Each wheel is available in three different offset options: +15, 0, -15. Our wheels carry a 3600lb load rating and have a lifetime structural warranty. Comment below, PM me or email me at [email protected] If you are interested We also have other wheels available on our site www.nascarwheels.com
  16. I'm debating which setup I want to go with, and was helping that some of the guys who have a good understanding of offset, tire sizes, etc can help me out. I read all 117 pages of the wheel/tire thread, but it made my head hurt trying to figure out what I need. My truck is a 2014 Silverado LTZ Z71 Crew Cab with the Standard (6'6") bed sitting on factory 22's (SEY CK156). I will be installing the Rough Country 2.5" leveling kit when I upgrade the wheels/tires. I'm set on getting the XD Rockstar II (XD811) wheels in 20x9: I'll probably get a set of the Toyo Open Country M/T's. Other sets I'm considering are the Nitto Terra Grapplers, and Cooper SST. Here's where I really need some help: #1) I'm debating getting the Bushwacker fender flares. If I do, I'd like an offset that helps push the wheel out and make it "flush" with the flares. The XD811's come in a -12 offset which I was thinking would be perfect (based on what I've seen). My question with this setup is: what's the biggest and beefiest tire I can throw on these 20x9's get that won't rub? #2) If I don't get the flares, then I was thinking I'd go with the +18 offset. It'd be almost flush, correct? Perhaps sticking out just a bit? And again... biggest/beefiest set of tires that won't rub. In advance, thank you!
  17. Hey guys (and gals), I'm new to this forum but I'm just looking for help on building my truck, Im 19 from Texas and its my first build. Anyways... Im looking to make my truck have a wide stance but I dont want it sky high, how high do I need to lift it in order to fit 33's (most likely A/T's but possibly M/T's) on 20x12's (most likely fuel octanes)? I know I could clear 33's with 20x10 easy with a small lift but the problem is that I want stance (hence the 20x12 rims) and that will not be as easily cleared, I dont want to trim a tremendous amount but I know some trimming will be necessary so what lifts (hights mainly but brand is cool to recommend too) would y'all reccomend? Also any tips for a beginner to watch for? Thanks!! Here are some pics of it currently
  18. Hey folks, I'm a longtime lurker. I recently purchased a 2015 Silverado 1500 LTZ Z71 CC. I'm now in the process of investigating options for 22" wheels. My intent is to find a set of 22x10's with 305/40/22's that won't require modifications to the truck - no lift / level, retain stock 4x4 ride height, no fender liner cutting, etc. Does anyone have any experience with this combination? What offset / backspacing is required? This is the wheel I have in mind... http://www.mhtwheels.com/mht-luxury-alloy-wheel.cfm?id=10294 Thanks, Jeff
  19. Hey everyone, I'm pretty new to the forums but I've been doing research and can't seem to find an answer. I'm about to buy a 2014 Silverado and I'm looking to put the 5 inch rough country lift on it. I'm also planning on getting some 18x10 XD Strikes (-24 offset) with 275/70/R18 Trail Grapplers. I was wondering if anyone knows if this would fit without rubbing, and if it does fit, I was also wondering if anyone is running a similar set up and could post some pictures of how far the wheels stick out or just how they look in general. Thanks for the help
  20. Ok so it's time for tires. Truck is getting last touches. (Cab lights, strobes, kc, fog lights, and tints) Well I better order my tires and rims within the next week or so. What to get? I liked the deep moto metal 962s Was originally thinking 20x12 -44 offset and 35x12.50x20 nitto trails Now I am possibly thinking 37x13.50x20 or 37x15.50x20 mud grapplers.. I am wondering if they will fit with the offset I am getting I also have a knuckle drop kit pushing fronts out 2in so I have a 2in spacer on rear. I don't mind a little inner fender trimming or even some bumper trimming to an extent. Let me know what your running that's similar to any of these give feedback and post pics. State rims, back space, offset size and tire size! Also if any trimming was needed I have a 2003 silverado 2500hd 6in lift with helper springs in rear. I think I measured around 45in or so fender height on stock 265 tires I have aftermarket keys I could use but font want to. I'm worried 35s won't fill the fenders as much as I'd like. Thanks
  21. I've been searching on here and google and cant seem to find any solid answers. Just ordered a 2014 Silverado with 18" wheels. 1.) What is the factory wheel offset? Someone posted it was +18mm for the 20 in wheels. So is it the same between the different size rims? (Also curious if GM posts these specs anywhere) 2.) Looking to put on the 2.5" RC lift and new wheels and tires. RC site says you can fit 285/70R17, 295/65R18 would be 2/5in taller and wider. So most likely no problem with rubbing? 3.) Also looking at the XD Rockstar 2 wheels. 18in they only offer 0mm offset, 20in they offer with 18mm offset. Changing to 20 in wheels is an option, but looks to be about $500 more than a set of tires and 18" wheels. So would there be no chance of making the 18in 0mm offset wheels work besides wheel spacers, which I've heard nothing but bad about. Also whats your opinion on the Rockstar 2 wheels? I know I used to see the original Rockstar wheels everywhere, but havent seen any of the Rockstar 2s yet. Or any recommendations for black wheels without any chrome? It's a black truck, and color matching the bumpers, grille, mirrors and handles as soon as I get it. Thanks guys
  22. HI I'm new here & I have a question. So I ordered XD Monster 285/65r18 Nitto Trail Grappler MT to put on my 2007 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 4x4 extended cab. I was planning on getting a 2 - 2.5 leveling kit for my new wheels & tires so I wouldn't have any rubbing issues. They had 3 options for the offset -12, +18, +35. I wasn't real sure on which offset to get. I do want my wheels to stick out. So please help me out.
  23. Does anyone know the dimensions on a stock 2008 2500HD Aluminum wheel. Looking for width, offset and backspacing. I am going to be putting new tires on the stock rims and use those as my winter set. I want to buy new rims and put my Dayton Timberline HTs on the new rims. The Daytons are pretty new, lots of tread left, but they are terrible in the snow, so they will be my summer tires for now. Because I am keeping the Daytons that I have on it, I want to stay with the same size rims. I don't want to put a leveling kit on it, so I want to keep the rims the same size, and avoid clearance issues. Thanks, Sean
  24. Good Day folks I am looking at changing the look of my 06 regular cab silverado and would like to know if the cadillac "escalade" wheel will fit and clear the brakes and have the right offset for my truck. I know they are a 6 bolt wheel (see attached) and the tires are 265/65R18 which is the same size I currently have so the speedo would read the same. Would also like to know if anyone has these wheels installed any pictures would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
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