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  1. Flowmaster are generally just noise boxes made to increase the exhaust note and not much more. Magnaflow has a really nice "in-between" sound that my wife gets along with also. Whatever yall do, DO NOT get the MBRP cat back. It's horribly droney; sounds like a high-schooler hacked off his muffler "SO SICK BRO!" LOL. I might try and add this AFE muffler to replace the MBRP straight through.
  2. I have the same setup as you do and have had the truck in twice now for transmission acting up. When I put it in drive and step on the accelerator, sometimes it lurches pops out of gear, then slams back into gear. Shakes the whole truck and gets attention in the parking lots. GM is telling me they are working on a new valve body replacement. A VALVE BODY REPLACEMENT ON A BRAN NEW VEHICLE!! IMO this 8spd transmission is junk. Good thing I still have my 2005 Duramax with 400,000 that's NEVER broke down or given me griefs. EVER!
  3. I'm experiencing the same 1st to 2nd clunk / slam / bam! I too got the 'valve body' fix but that is coming "someday". I'm almost tempted to ask for a whole new transmission or mileage thus far extending the warranty as this problem has undoubtedly already beaten up the transmission.
  4. But if you have the opportunity to get rid of your stock lift block; why not?! I can't wait to get rid of mine and add the U182 pack. Also, I've heard you can deal with Deaver to get whatever 'lift' you're looking for. Great company to deal with.
  5. Dried thread lock from one of your wheel studs.
  6. I love hearing all this Deaver talk! I'm still torn between the mini pack and a full 182 leaf pack.. My idea for this truck was keeping everything as 'factory geometry' as possible (i.e. mini pack that just replaces the overload leaf, stock width prerunner kit, OEM bolt on Kings) but wondering if I'll get much noticeable performance out of the mini pack as compared to the 13 leaf 182 pack. I definitely noticed the stock rear end not keeping up with the front end now. Speaking of front end; I just saw Baja Kits released the stock width kit I had installed. Check it out https://www.bajakits.com/c-1459192-truck-suspension-chevrolet-gmc-4wd-silverado-sierra-1500-19.html
  7. Very refreshing to hear someone have a sensible and positive outlook on a bad situation. I too just came down with the P25A2 code as well as U0146, U0100, U0101, P252A2 (pd), U0146 (pd) in my 19 Silvy with 22Kmi. I have had the transmission slip in and out of 1st and 2nd gear a few times (they re-flashed the module once already) with the last one (post re-flash) making a horrible gear grinding sound. Something I've NEVER heard from an auto transmission. Is it bad that in the event of the Zombie Apocalypse I'd still choose my 2005 Duramax with almost 400,000 mi. thats NEVER given me a problem or let me down (besides one dead battery...ever!) ??
  8. The whoops look a lot bigger from the drivers seat I live about 3 miles from the Pismo Dunes onramp. I hate taking my truck out there but it's the only good local testing spot for me.
  9. Not as it sits now. I didn't feel the need for them after my 65mph run down the whoops with some pretty good G-outs and thats about as far as I'd ever wanna take my Daily Driver truck anyways. Bump stops require cutting and/or welding on the frame and that's not something on my DD (also brand new truck) list.
  10. I would imagine soon as my truck confirmed the kits were good to go to production over a month ago. They currently have the upper control arms in stock & ready to go that you could pair with whatever shock setup you'd like and add the lower control arm later.
  11. Soon! Definitely needs 35's and I'll be going back to an All Terrain type tread. I like the looks of these mud'ish terrains but that's about it. They fling rocks that chip paint and don't like the wet as much.
  12. They didn't really add any noticeable adverse effects to performance (get-up & go). These tires are less than an inch larger than what came stock so just a little heavier and wider.
  13. Wow!! Looks like I'm SOL... They really tied that thing into some really important other stuff. Dangit, I was hoping for something like my DFM "kill switch" module that was a plug in and play type thing. I'm definitely not going to mess with airbags, speed sensors or steering assist. Thanks for the complete info! Cheers!
  14. You are correct on the U182's but I've seen and talked to some guys running that pack on their 19's. I have tried to reach out to Deaver for verification but, no dice. I guess if the eye-to-eye and spring rate matches the weight there's not much more to worry about.
  15. Yes, welding in a shock hoop does seem like too much work for a lift kit. I wanted a prerunner kit but also wanted a nice daily driver. This Baja Kits stock width kit checked all the boxes for me. No use in going with King 3.0's for a DD build. The BDS kit is just a basic "lift kit" with Fox shocks bolted on. The Baja kits is an actual performance kit that gives you more wheel travel, better articulation and stiffer components. A lift kit doesn't give any more performance other than ground clearance and actually makes your suspension more prone to deflection and bending. At the price of the BDS kit you might as well get a prerunner kit that improves the performance of your truck. Just my two cents though. I'm sure your truck will be badass either way.
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