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  1. It does it even in the front of the wheels on the front. The clearance between the tire and build up about 3/4 of an inch. I noticed even in the rear wells the build up is there, but not quite as bad. It seams like the wheel wells are the cause, because the wells are not a smooth plastic but a felt like material. I did add the rear wheel well liners.
  2. I've noticed that on this 2020 RST All Star Edition Silverado, that the snow builds up rather quickly in the wheel wells. To a point the when you turn the wheel it sounds like it's going to bend the lower fender and damage them. With my old truck 2010 Sierra I didn't have this problem. Anyone else notice this on the newer style? Any fixes for this???? Other then knocking the build up off every time I park the truck. Thanks in advance Bill
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