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  1. The old line that "No good deed goes unpunished" certainly fits here. My insurance company will handle it from here. I never let him get me angry even when he accused me of touching up the paint though he was coming close. I knew then he was going to want an argument no matter what.
  2. It looks like I will have to file a claim. More damage than I thought and the father is accusing me of trying to get his insurance to pay for damage that was already there. He said that since my hitch was in, and even though it punched a hole through his bumper, his car could not have caused the corner of the bumper to be pushed down and forward. He is even claiming that he sees touch up paint (there is no such paint) under the bumper which just doesn't make sense to me. I made a huge mistake trying to keep his kid from getting a ticket.
  3. I was avoiding a goose that walked in the roadway when a young guy hit me in the rear. We had just gone through a light and I was moving very slowly when I got hit. My tow hitch was in so the real damage was to his front bumper. I just noticed that the driver side of the bumper looks to be pushed down a inch or so and doesn't line up like the other side. Is this an easy fix? I hate to get the kid's insurance involved epecially if I can just fix it myself. TIA
  4. I installed the new controller Curt sent me and everything seems to be working okay. However, I always have two blue LEDs lit even when the truck is off. They never go off. I know they don't draw much power but would like to make sure this is normal. For those of you running this controller is this correct?
  5. Turns out it came right off. I was able to drop the end of the duct and that gave me the room I needed.
  6. I installed a Curt Spectrum brake controller on my 2020 Silverado WT. The controller was placed on the top of the air/heater duct under the driver side of the dash using the two-sided tape and zip ties. Asit turns out, the controller doesn't work and Curt sent me a new one. Is there a way I can take this duct out to work on removing the controller or am I stuck working under the dash. The next one will be zip tied only. TIA
  7. Thanks.I will check that first. I was asked about the dealer programming by the company. They have already sent me a new one.
  8. I have a 2020 Silverado WT. I just purchased an older boat trailer with electric brakes. I installed a Curt Spectrum Brake Controller 51170 and used the Curt wire harness to connect to the OEM plug under the dash. Nothing is happening with the controller and there are no LED lights on the cotrol knob. Do I have to have something programmed at the dealer to get this to work? I researched it before I installed it and did not see that I needed to take it to the dealer. I know it is installed correctly. TIA
  9. I want to install an electronic brake controller on my dash in the panel where the OEM controller is located. Will this small panel pop out or do I need to remove portions of the dash?
  10. I had a professional detailer apply CQuartz Professional. The detailer had to remove the water spots and I have been very careful not to let water sit on it since. He told me it was not uncommon for a ceramic coating. I researched it and found this issue has been discussed on some detailing forums as well. http://islanddetailandcolor.com/water-spots-and-ceramic-coatings/
  11. I had a ceramic coating applied to one of my vehicles that is not a daily driver. It is kept in a garage and not driven in the winter. While it does shed water very well I have had problems with water spots. I follow all of the processes recommended by CARPRO to maintain it and pay particular attention to any water left on the car when it is parked. The car does look great and I get many compliments on it. However, I chose not to put a ceramic coating on my truck which is used normally and kept outside. Just my opinion, but my detailer has mentioned he has dealt with water spo
  12. Thanks. I won't be adding a leveling kit. I may add some appearance type mods but nothing more than that.
  13. Thanks, I appreciate the replies. I have owned several Chevy trucks but they were always completely stock. I am enjoying this one so far.
  14. I have a 2020 Silverado 1500 WT Crew Cab that had the 2" lift suspension upgrade system for 4WD vehicles (Part No. : 84768243) installed on it by the dealer when I bought it. It had Chevy 22" wheels with aftermarket 33" tires installed on it as well. I confirmed that all of this would be covered by the warranty before the purchase. I don't know much about lifted trucks and mainly purchased the truck as my boys liked it. Recently, in a Facebook group, I have been reading that this model truck with even a moderate lift is causing problems with ball joints due to the change in the suspension
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