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  1. So many variables there. Anything from a leaking exhaust manifold, to a vacuum pump to the front pump on the transmission. Help us narrow it down.
  2. Before you drop money on a BCM, have you has the “bad ground” fix done yet? By that, I mean the ground that is up near the driver side A pillar isn’t a good ground. It needs to have insulation removed from around it and tightened down.
  3. I guess I’m the minority here, but after some research and for the money, I swapped in a set of 5000x Ranchos on my 2014 1500. At about 65k the ride was horrible with the original shocks. After I took them out, the first two to three inches of travel were gone. I still have the 5000x’s on and am still happy with them. Well, except for the rust on the rear shocks. I should have clear coated them, but for the price of them, I’ll probably buy another set for the rear, clear them and use them in the summer. Swap in the rusted ones for winter.
  4. 5 years and 4 months almost to the day. Oh and about 100k miles. Mostly highway. 2014 Sierra
  5. So, I recently did a seafoam treatment in the oil for 400 miles, then, this past tank of gas, I found the Liqui-Moly at AutoZone. I had a slight jiggle when warm at idle at full stop (stop light). After about a third of a tank of gas, the idle is already better, going to take it for a road trip today up and down some good hills. See how it does. Keep you posted
  6. You can try..... I ended up having a shop replace all my bolts with studs and nuts, while he was in there changing the plugs and wires. Ended up having three bolts broken. Never had a smell or noise, so I was lucky, no warping of the manifold. Once you remove the wheel well liner, and tire, it’s pretty easy access to everything. Good luck!
  7. Another option could be a motor mount. Had it happen to my 2014 and had it replaced when I had the first oil change done. Was especially noticeable when exiting a highway and coming to a stop. I would think that they updated the motor mount since 2014 but you never know. Bad batch?
  8. Oh, and I just had some tranny work done under warranty just before the 5/100 was up.... hmmmmm
  9. So it’s been an “interesting” past few days. Started the truck using the key fob and heard what I thought was “lifter tick”.... threw sea foam in the motor, fearing the “collapsed lifter” epidemic. I have 96k on my 2014. Drove it 8 miles to my parents house and it was misfiring and bucking and all sorts of lights on the dash. Long story short, opened the hood, listened to where the tick was coming from and found a plug wire that literally fell off in my hand. The tick was arcing of the coil to the wire. The real question is, how does a freshly replaced plug wire break loose, when I just had ALL of them replaced 6 months ago, yet one is loose.
  10. After nearly a week and checking the level every other day, things have stabilized. Shifts are firmer and oddly enough, when I down shift, the RPMs seem to be lower slightly in the same gears I used to use before. Less slipping? Anyway, tranny seems to be learning a little bit more. Let’s hope for 100k more trouble free miles
  11. Truck is back home. “Excess fluid from transmission removal and an air pocket ‘burped’ lowering the fluid level”. Will monitor level for a few days.
  12. Flatbed is in route. When I backed the truck out of the garage it looks like the rear attachment for the cooler line is leaking. Which also happens to be where the exhaust is.....
  13. This sounded like it was from the passenger side, and after downshifting going down my hill this morning the noise is no longer there. So the problem is fixed. Now if I can get it to stop spitting fluid I’ll be happy.
  14. Aaaand nope. Looks like either a loose or cracked transmission cooler line. Smells really good in my garage right now....
  15. Just got truck back yesterday. So far it shifts ok. Little firmer now than before. Must mean the pump is pumping. Lol.
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