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  1. Just happened to do a search for this before posting and, yes, same problem on my 2020 AT4. Time to call the dealer....
  2. 5’6” here, after opening the door, I get a running start and leap in. I consider it part of my daily cardio workout..... Seriously though, love the truck.
  3. I installed it without the foam. I’ll see if it leaks. If so then I’ll install it.
  4. Ok, got my LoPro delivered today. Going through the destructions. Only question I have is did any of you use the bulkhead seal with a spray in bed liner or no?
  5. I put down a blanket on the seat base. He stays off the back. His head is mostly out the window. Lol. I have to worry more about drool on the paint.
  6. Tried to add one more to my previous post, but the files are too big. Had to get one with the puppy in it.
  7. All waxed up for a Spring and Summer, anybody have any spare arms I can borrow for a few days while mine heal? Woof!
  8. Sorry for the confusion, I meant the auto open / down feature. I wasn’t aware that they had an auto up / down tailgate? Maybe it’s only on the Chevy’s? thank you everyone for the input. Ordering my LoPro today.
  9. Even when pushing the tailgate button inside the cab? The Tailgate fully deploys?
  10. Sounds like the same thing that happened to my 5.3 AT4... Valve body replacement for bad solenoid....
  11. Ok, so I've read through multiple threads on tonneau covers on here, but none answer the question I have, so here it goes.... I had a LoPro on my 2014 Sierra, and liked it, until it started leaking, because the foam in the front of the bed fell out. I'm taking the blame for that one, because I installed it myself and probably didn't do it right (lesson learned). Other than that, I loved the features. I want to go with the same cover again, on my 2020 AT4, but my main concern is the power opening tailgate. Does anyone on here have the SAME tonneau cover listed, with the MultiPro tailgate, and if so, does it interfere with the auto down feature, or the use of the tailgate in anyway? I'd rather try to avoid buying a cover from the Stealer, which seems nearly twice as expensive as this LoPro, and not as nice, simply because it "works" with the power tailgate. Again, please let's keep this thread on point, and ONLY if you have a LoPro on your Sierra with a power down tailgate.
  12. Over a month in, nearly another 1900 miles. I believe I have 3-400 more to go before the same mileage when the valve body failed previously (1939). Crossing my fingers it makes it past that.
  13. The lake? It will keep the fishermen frozen too!
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