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  1. How is the brake pedal feel? I know my 2014 started off solid but as it gets older the pedal gets mushier. Granted I probably need to flush the fluid, but curious if any difference.
  2. Oddly enough, the older mine gets the better it shifts. Granted, I’ve changed all the fluids, and has new plugs and wires. With the way the computer ties in the opening and closing of the TB during shifts, and whatever other trickery it does, seems like having a good running vehicle helps.....
  3. Only 2015? My 2014 will do it at certain times. What comes to mind first is shifting into reverse when backing a trailer and cranking the wheel. Only to realize I have to power steering. Then wait a second and it’s back.
  4. What about upgrading to 2017 Sierra HD lights? They look the same, but are MUCH better. Buddy has one and I actually commented out loud “Wow, are these stock? They are so much brighter than mine”
  5. Wow! Almost a year later and the truck still rides great. Love these shocks. Major construction around my area with “rough road” signs all over. Challenge accepted. Truck just walks thru it. They are cushy and smooth yet stiffen up for the big hits when needed. Only gripe is the rust up here in central New York
  6. Probably the bad ground under the driver side A pillar. Search YouTube for it. Same thing you showed.
  7. Damn. Too far from New York
  8. This is what I did. Amazon actually. $130 each for the 5000x strut, and $50 each for the 5000x shock. So for $60 you could have had new new shocks. And yes they are an improvement over the stock ones. How long they last, we shall see. Did mine around 60k. Have 86k now. Still rides like they are new.
  9. Oil pressure 6.2

    I seem to remember the old saying, 10 psi for every 1000 rpm. If that’s still true, then you are close but fine. Then again. It was an OLD saying....😜
  10. We need more information.... Has the Transmission fluid been changed (entirely)? Any other issues (Vibrations, etc)? Just as an aside, I had shifting "weirdness" on mine around 70k, and decided to have the fluid and filter changed. Shifted better than a new truck after that was done.
  11. A/C Condenser

    Yes, but this wasn't at a dealership, was a local shop, which I trust. I'd rather him be honest with me than throw parts at it. I'll play the wait and see game, as long as the air is still cold....
  12. A/C Condenser

    So just some additional input here. I recently had my radiator replaced under the TSB. It was out of warranty but they honored it. Shortly after (3 weeks? Month?) my air wasn’t cold anymore. I thought “Great, condensor or pipe”. Nope. If I have a leak the shop can’t find it. Holds vacuum etc. he dyed it and recharged it. See what happens.
  13. Well. Changed the oil and still have the same noise.... any other thoughts?
  14. Hmmm, possibly.... however, I'm noticing it is doing it on down shift, and also under hard acceleration (two gear kick down to pass someone). Only happens in the range of 2500-3000 rpm, and for about a second or so, then goes away....

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