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  1. After nearly a week and checking the level every other day, things have stabilized. Shifts are firmer and oddly enough, when I down shift, the RPMs seem to be lower slightly in the same gears I used to use before. Less slipping? Anyway, tranny seems to be learning a little bit more. Let’s hope for 100k more trouble free miles
  2. Truck is back home. “Excess fluid from transmission removal and an air pocket ‘burped’ lowering the fluid level”. Will monitor level for a few days.
  3. Flatbed is in route. When I backed the truck out of the garage it looks like the rear attachment for the cooler line is leaking. Which also happens to be where the exhaust is.....
  4. This sounded like it was from the passenger side, and after downshifting going down my hill this morning the noise is no longer there. So the problem is fixed. Now if I can get it to stop spitting fluid I’ll be happy.
  5. Aaaand nope. Looks like either a loose or cracked transmission cooler line. Smells really good in my garage right now....
  6. Just got truck back yesterday. So far it shifts ok. Little firmer now than before. Must mean the pump is pumping. Lol.
  7. Honestly, I decided to try upgraded Rancho's (5000x series) ..... so far so good.... ride and handling is better, the only drawback is the rust on the rear shocks.... but for the price, I'll toss them next spring and put two new ones in.....
  8. Other than : 1. A motor mount at the first 10k miles 2. Two radiators 3. AC condenser 4. Plugs / wires 5. Replaced broken header bolts with studs 6. Changed differentials, tranny fluid and t case fluid 7. Brakes and tires 8. A few blown bulbs 9. Replaced junk blown rancho shocks its been a great truck. Now that I have it where I want it at 92k miles, the tranny gets to go in for a front pump replacement.....
  9. NOCO is good stuff. I don’t have the battery pack but I have a trickle charger from them. Used it on three batteries and it saved them all.
  10. Dealer states that it is the front pump on the transmission. Part is ordered and is covered under 100,000 mile warranty. As a plus I have a super clean motor now too. Thanks seafoam! Lol
  11. Is this normal?

    Roughly how many “uggah-duggahs” was it? 😂😜. Are we talking two or three or like 14 uggah duggahs? 😂😆
  12. Or just stay with stock.... biggest thing is to get the old nasty stuff out and fresh in.
  13. Appointment scheduled for Wednesday. Under powertrain warranty. Check back for updates
  14. Well, after changing the oil, the noise is back. I’ll contact my dealership about the 5/100 warranty tomorrow. I might “just” be within it. More to come.
  15. Yeah, I’ll have a chance this Friday to change the oil. Then a nice 50 mile highway trip to camp for the weekend.

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