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  1. Over a month in, nearly another 1900 miles. I believe I have 3-400 more to go before the same mileage when the valve body failed previously (1939). Crossing my fingers it makes it past that.
  2. The lake? It will keep the fishermen frozen too!
  3. 2020 GMC AT4 5.3 10 speed here. Have just over 2k miles on it. The only hesitation I feel is if I’m light on the throttle, the shift from first to second has a “soft lag”. If I give her some gas off the line it shifts quicker, but definitely no clunk. After that, the shifts are nearly imperceptible. At least until the pressure control solenoid went for third gear on the highway and I had to have the truck flat bedded to the stealer. Waited a week for a valve body replacement. Got the truck back two days ago, seems ok, but is in “relearn” mode. I have to train it all over again. Granted, I haven’t heard of many, if at all, issues with the 10 speed, hoping mine was just a fluke. Love the truck otherwise, coming from a 2014 SLT. The biggest difference is the headlights actually light up the road!
  4. Valve body replaced, which included the solenoid that was bad ( reported by TCM). The truck now shifts. I will update should anything else warrant it.
  5. Valve body arrived today. Hoping to get the truck back Monday at the latest....
  6. New valve body is on order..... we shall see.
  7. Now that’s hilarious! Must be the person left GM to work for Ford doing the programming.
  8. Definitely keep everyone updated. I agree, first problem I’ve heard of too. On a different note, for my fellow 10 speeders, is your shift from first to second “soft / slow” sometimes? I did notice that, occasionally, seemingly based on throttle position, the shift from first to second will have a slight delay, but then continue on normally. If I give it more gas, it shifts faster and is fine. Trying to determine if it’s inclusive of the problem here or “just the way it is”
  9. Yeah..... that’s exactly why I got the 10.... so many problems with the 8. I’m ready to go back to the 4 speed.....
  10. Here’s the code from onstar https://www.obd-codes.com/p2732
  11. Sorry Smitty, haven’t gotten around to updating my sig. 2020 AT4 5.3
  12. Fun times! Leave a stop light on a 55mph road, truck shifts to second from first. Then shifts and nothing. Just engine noises. No go. Manage to get over to the right and the truck bangs back into second gear and stays there. Turn it off when I get home, open the door, close it and restart it. Same scenario. First to second to nothing. Now no reverse. Not happy right now. 1900 miles
  13. Nope. I never set the parking brake in the garage. Got in the truck and the parking brake was set. Different sound than fuel pump.
  14. When I put mine in reverse, it didn’t disengage. I had to turn it off manually, even though I didn’t engage it. For someone not paying attention and just throwing it in reverse, would be in for a surprise.
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