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  1. I'm assuming it has the 10 speed transmission? If so, wait until 1900 miles, then the third gear shift solenoid in the valve body will grenade.... ask me how I know..... Other than that fiasco, truck has been solid. 24mpg on a trip to New Hampshire unloaded.
  2. Oh, you mean like running different (heavier) weight oil than the manual states, because "0w20 looks way too thin when I pour it in the engine", or "I don't need to run this fancy synthetic witchcraft oil in my truck, I can put 1960's straight 30 weight as long as I change it every 3000 miles!" Because the engineers that designed these engines didn't spend ANY time analyzing data.........
  3. 29 psi at idle? Must be fully warmed up? Cold, my pressure is at the middle, and if I go above 3K on the RPM when cold, pressure shoots up to 80psi? When idling either in gear or out, when warm, yes, around 30 psi. Driving, 60-80
  4. Same here, very disappointed....
  5. I realize this isn't totally related, but I had a similar issue on my 2014 Sierra. They attempted the alignment, then had to swap one of the mounts. The truck only had maybe a few thousand miles on it, and did it from day one. After the fix, you couldn't tell the engine was running. Just my $0.02
  6. Curious how you like the Fox shox, and if you have a link to where to buy them?
  7. Noticed mine doing the same thing. Like mentioned above, I'll wait until a "new" batch of them come out, HOPEFULLY fixing the issue, so I only have to do it once....
  8. Watch the first 2 minutes, he says the factory one didn't work....
  9. A small batch of issues with the 10 speed tranny. I was one of them. 1900 miles, 3rd gear shift solenoid in the valve body crapped out. Replaced under warranty, been fine since (15k now). The talk about the failed lifters begs me to ask the question, is normal maintenance performed on these trucks, and is the proper oil used when maintenance is required? The reason I ask, first, is I don't know, and secondly, I had a 5.3 with AFM (2014), with 110k on the motor. I changed the oil when it told me, with a DEXOS approved oil, in the proper weight (not naming brands, it shouldn't
  10. Yes, this is one solution, however, for me, it is not always needed. If there was an option to lock it into place only when needed, that would be worth it. I use my "step" a lot, as a step. I would prefer to not to have to click that every time to release the step, only deploy it when I need to, to hold cargo. So basically, invert the setup, push the button to release it, and lock the flap in place, rather than auto deploy.
  11. I was going to say, I'm good for 22 at that speed with a 5.3, then realized the 6.2 has to work less (more deactivated cylinders), so that is possible...
  12. I'm one of the few 10 speed owners with issues. 1900 miles, one of the shift solenoids in the valve body ****** the bed. First and second gear, that's it. No reverse. Once it was fixed, and, now at ~13k on the odometer, zero issues, and still love the way it shifts. I'll chalk it up to a random defective part and move on.
  13. It could actually be the transmission fluid pump. I thought I had motor issues on my 2014 5.3, with a knock similar to that, and they diagnosed it as the pump. After replacing that, the truck was silent. Granted, a 6 speed and the "old" 5.3 but...... Also, after they fixed that, I drove the truck for another 25k with no issues until I traded it in.
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