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  1. I'm not able to log in either.
  2. Like most intakes, it's probably more about the sound, unless there are tuning options for you. To me, the noise is worth it in most cases, especially when a turbo is involved.
  3. It's still a lifted truck though. Lower only the rear and the front is still the factory "lift". Overall it is still higher than the other trims in the line up, but now level. Nothing wrong with that and a lot less effort and money to achieve that look vs. lifting the front. Not sure why more don't do this, especially when these trucks are pavement princesses in most cases. To each their own, like you said though.
  4. Yeah I'm not sure about that part. Do you have high idle warm up enabled? I haven't payed attention to the color of the exhaust but it does smell kind of sweet during that phase.
  5. Ok. I'll admit that I haven't stood outside mine and remote started it with it that cold, but I don't see why they would have designed the glow plugs to not operate when remote starting. Pretty sure I read somewhere they are used regardless. When I was inside mine and started it when it was about 5 degrees Fahrenheit, it very briefly gave the message about startup being delayed, maybe a second or two. If you get any more cold days, hop in a start it to see if it behaves any differently.
  6. How low below freezing? It needs to be quite cold before they come on.
  7. It will use glow plugs when remote starting if conditions require them.
  8. Nice. Tempted to tackle this with my CarbonPro AT4 grill. Color matched looks better in my opinion.
  9. Does it seem like you can remove/add that plug with the intake installed?
  10. Awesome. Do you happen to know where in the harness to tap into?
  11. Anyone know if one of those mirrortaps exists for getting power? Have one for my Vette with a blend mount and it was an easy, clean install.
  12. There are quite a few videos in the "3.0 LM2 Duramax Owners" Facebook group. I wish that wasn't the more popular place to interact with people these days....
  13. Excited to hear feedback and videos of the s&b. I'd like to get one but will wait until spring since I'm not installing it in the cold haha.
  14. My 3.0 showed this message this morning at -5F. I figured it was related to the high idle setting I enabled in the settings.
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