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  1. Similar issue. SD card removed error randomly occurring riding down the road. Not all the time. However, I could make it happen error by disconnecting the USB cable from the truck side outlet. At which point the USB ports (dash and console) were dead (no power; no Apple Carplay) until some time later usually sitting overnight. Dealership replaced SD card today....didnt fix it. So I demonstrated the issue to the tech, so they took it back again. After an hour of waiting this morning they are replacing the radio module (I think). I was told the dash had already been taken apart, so they gave me a loaner. New parts to arrive on Monday, so we'll see if its fixed then. Hoping this fixes the issue, but I am going to be meticulous in making sure none of the trim is scratched or loose. Only had the truck for a month...
  2. Had the sealant re-done last Friday. So far so good. Initial leak was caught early, so we’ll see how long it lasts. We’ve already had several days of ran and so far so good. Would like to have my truck not at the dealer at least 1 full week.
  3. I just bought the American Tonneau Company soft trifold, and the fit is good. The seal on the tailgate is tight enough that the tailgate won’t drop when I click the release. Have to give it a little pull. Not a huge deal for me and in fact, would prefer it to be tight versus leaking. Oh, this is on my ‘20 Sierra 1500 AT4
  4. I have searched and keep finding conflicting answers. I want to purchase a soft tri-fold tonneau cover for my 2020 AT4. In general, I see there is fitment issues with certain brands either with the multi-pro tailgate and/or with the assist handle in the bed. Interested in hearing what everyone has found that works.
  5. Add me to the leak list. 2020 AT4 bought 2 weeks ago, 350 miles. Build date is 09/19 I believe. Glass is the Virto E9. Local dealer has a separate glass specialist doing the reseal next Thursday. Add this to the SD card error that started before even pulling off the lot (replacement SD card on order) and a CEL that came in last night (parking brake sensor). I will have had this thing in the shop every week since purchase. Not a hot start.
  6. Wanted to piggyback on this thread...looking to be a first time GM owner, does the GM extended warranty need to be added at time of the truck's purchase? Or can you added it anytime before the factory warranty runs out?
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