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  1. THAT DID IT!!!! I'm a bit frustrated that out of the 3 dealerships I called none of them suggested that I try this. You guys are the best.
  2. This weekend I had the battery disconnected for a time and now when i select feet it blows out of the defrost, when I select defrost it comes out of the feet, and i cannot get it to come out of the middle at all. Called a couple dealerships and they cant get me in for a while & state that they would need to reprogram the system. Thought id come here to see if anyone knows of a homing or reset procedure that i can do myself to save $140+ just to have them pull it in the shop. This is a 2019 Silverado High Country.
  3. http://gm.oemdtc.com/3465/vibration-shudder-or-roughness-while-driving-at-low-steady-speeds-in-v4-mode-2011-cadillac-chevrolet-gmc#more-3465 This is the TSB I mentioned.
  4. I am having almost the same exact issue except mine will do it for a whole day then the next day be fine. I have a 2015 silverado 1500 Z71 LT2 with about 45K miles on it. When this is happening I also noticed that at a stop with the truck in gear the whole thing will rumble and goes away when you take it out of gear (either park or neutral). It also starts violently during this period and goes away the next day too. I read a TSB about a torque converter clutch pressure valve spring either breaking or wearing out causing a similar issue on the first series of AFM vehicles but was told by the "expert technicians" at my local dealership that they thought it was a wheel bearing I will not be replacing the wheel bearing because there is no way that it is causing it. Anyone ever replace such a spring in their transmission?
  5. They won't do that because they say that the movement is normal. Smh
  6. Anyone have a fix for the front to back rocking?
  7. So this doesn't fix the front to back rocking seen when the seat is adjusted all the way down to the floor?
  8. With this clamp fix, can you still adjust the seat? I'm concerned that I'm going to put this in and then my 5' tall girlfriend is going to try to move the seat and burn up motors or require me to get out a screw driver to let her adjust the seat to where she can use it.
  9. Napa auto parts carries the rear window latch $8 https://www.napaonline.com/napa/en/p/NDP7352793/NDP7352793_0237581970 as far as the seal, I haven't seen that.
  10. I am not sure if there are Napa auto parts stores near you but they are like 8 bucks... https://www.napaonline.com/napa/en/p/NDP7352793/NDP7352793_0237581970
  11. Hello from Grand Haven! I am a recent Electrical Engineering grad working as a manufacturing controls engineer at Shape corporation, a tier one automotive supplier to many automotive companies including GM. After graduation I bought a 2015 Silverado 1500 double cab LT2 all star edition as a grad present to myself. I also own a 1991 1500 standard cab with the classic 5.7L that I plan on making into a dune cruiser that was my first vehicle. Glad to be a part of the conversation. Heres a link to the pics of my new addition, old ones to follow. http://imgur.com/a/n5vER
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