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  1. This is how I decided to do it for now. Want to wire it in so I don't lose the USB port on the dash.
  2. I went the easy way and it keeps it hidden. Didn’t want to take apart my console to hide the wire. Just slipped it under the rubber mat and plugged it in. Haven’t had a problem with it connecting to it although I usually have my phone plugged in for car play.
  3. No they don’t flash with unlock. Only the turn signals flash not the marker lights.
  4. Not all today. Tinted front windows, debadged it added the flags and the Rough Country grill lights.
  5. The Regular exhaust from Borla comes with the split side exit as an option. The Borla from GM doesn't. I have a split side exit on my 2017
  6. After hearing that, I am starting to truly believe they sent me the wrong one. What year is your truck? And where does it exit? Mine is split side comes out behind both rear wheels. Wonder if that makes a difference.
  7. The V4 can be annoying at low speed and low highway speed on a slight incline. A little step on the throttle quiets it down. If I were to do it again I think I would go the same route. I like the split side exit and GM didn't offer that. It is definitely louder then stock!! My kids told me it sounds like a race car! I'm beginning to think that they sent me the S-type instead of touring!
  8. I think it sounds louder then the video shows, but it could just be me listening for it.
  9. Here is interior while at highway speeds. Video is quieter then it is but it might that I'm paying more attention to it.
  10. It is from Borla not GM. The dealer quoted me close to $1500 for it when I was getting the truck. AutoAnything had a $100 off and $40 2 day shipping so total came out to $949. After being impatient had exhaust shop do it for $175 so I saved around $400.
  11. Just got a little video from outside the truck. Louder then I thought it was. Love it.
  12. It's a Borla Touring split rear. I used steel wool 0000 on the tips to clean them. Thanks for the hints everyone to keep it shining.
  13. Actually in Northern NJ 10min. From NYC. So the road salt is going to kill it. Just have to keep up with it. Can't wait for a good rain to get rid of it all!! Hopefully we have seen the last of the snow/ice for the season.
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