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  1. 20" wheels and 305/55 R20 tires. Trimmed some of the front mud flaps. Still rubs ever so slightly, but only in reverse out of my driveway. Thanks
  2. I have a '20 Silverado 1500 3.0 Diesel and after many hours of searching and reaching out to a lot of manufacturers, i went with Bilstein 5100's on the highest setting up front and the 5160's in the back. The ride has tightened up, more like a 4x4 should be. Before and after picture attached
  3. Right around $1450. Installed myself. The couple of places I called to buy/install wanted between $300-$400 just for the install. If you are comfortable running a couple of wire looms from the battery and then down each side of your truck, you should be good doing the install. There are several video's available that show you, step by step, how to do it.
  4. I have had mine for a little over a week. Installed them myself in my driveway, took about 3 hours total. On a stock height 2020 Silverado 1500 4x4 LTZ, they seem to drop low. When measured it's about 8 inches from ground to top of step. Once I figure out a lift for the truck, they will make more sense.
  5. What was the part number of what you installed? When I check the Eibach site, it only lists the 5.3. Thanks
  6. I had the RC 2.5 in my '16 Silverado for a while and liked it. Swapped it out for the Bilstein 5100's and that made all the difference in ride quality. By using the adjustable one's in front, I was able to get the 2" lift and get rid of the rake. Thanks
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