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  1. 2014 Sierra..... my actuator was sticking and hanging up, my solution was to rapidly turn the offending dial all the way to "Hi" and "LO" several times. This method worked for me and the problem has not returned......worth a try.
  2. Same here, I don't fold the mirrors anymore, I'm afraid they will hang up.
  3. So, I thought I would give this a try, about $1:45 a gallon cheaper than regular pump gas, 100+ octane too. It really woke things up, I did not expect it, instant HP.. I didn't know 100 octane was offered with E85, what about in your area and your experience? I live in So Cal. https://ibb.co/JcfSgHS
  4. While vacuuming I found two more hidden grounds, one under driver and passenger seats under the vents. Mine were clean and tight, no insulation to deal with.
  5. FYI there's also a ground point under the drivers side area that needs attention.
  6. Seat......are you pushing the Set and Number button at the same time and waiting for the beep??
  7. Let's not re-invent the wheel here. I would like to see documented iron clad proof ( not hear say or "I read it on the internet somewhere") of a case about an oil related engine failure caused by brands x, y or Z. Does not include never changing it or allowing it to run too low. I'll be waiting.................
  8. Mine started doing the exact same thing, driver side warm, I can "fix it" by turning the temp control to full warm and back to cold. 2014 SLT, looks like another actuator problem.
  9. Thanks for posting, I've spent the last 6 years searching for that drain plug. Looks difficult to access though. My method for servicing the cooling system is to drain the overflow tank once a year and refill with 2/3 gallon 50/50 Dexcool...........good enough for me.
  10. In case it hasn't been posted yet, while changing oil today I found another ground connection that needs attention, driver side frame next to the E-Brake cable. Same wax issue.
  11. In the past I used to routinely rotate my tires in the recommended criss cross pattern but I always noticed afterwards the vehicle would either pull to the left or right and/or tires would act out of balance and so on. Never had any luck with that method. Now I rotate them front to back same side when their about half worn down and I still get excellent life out of them with no funny business.
  12. I have the same on my white '14 SLT, I prefer chrome accents and bright work, some don't, that's ok too. I also added this to the ugly black tailgate handle. https://ibb.co/r7ct8Jk
  13. 2014 SLT purchased new. Shortly after, started having issues with power mirrors not folding, power pedals not working, power lumbar stopped working (dealer replaced it twice) bottom of driver power seat stopped working. Returned to dealer several times, they were able to get them working but stopped again after just a few days. Since then these items would intermittently begin working again, then stop. When I try to operate them, I can hear a relay somewhere clicking but no action. These are not life and death issues that I absolutely need to have work since I'm the only driver, my concern is a catastrophic electrical failure leaving me stranded on the the road somewhere. Any ideas ? Thanks
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