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  1. Right on! Myself? Purchased my 2014 SLT new, sticker was 42K, got it for that out the door, including a few extras. Most importantly, I didn't finance it, simply wrote a check for the full amount and it was all mine, titled in my name from day one.
  2. Follow the cable down to the black knob, turn c/c to detach.
  3. Sorry, I can't tell by your photo. I did mine 5 years ago, I was apprehensive about disconnecting the cable too but I don't recall any problems.....wished I could provide more info.
  4. I did this mod a few years back.The cable disconnects just like a speedo cable. First, adjust pedals all the way to the floor, disconnect the cable, raise the pedal(s) with the switch about an inch, no more, connect the cable, then using the switch move to pedals towards the floor. Be aware you only gain maybe 1/4 to 1/2 inch, that's all that can be done. BTW, mines a '14, the newer ones may be different.
  5. While waiting for service on my '14, I sat in a '19. I'll admit it was only for less than a minute but I didn't want to be approached by some pushy salesman, lol. After adjusting the seat, ect., I found myself "reaching" for the dash knobs and switches. Maybe trivial to some but that alone would kill the deal. Besides, it looks too much like a Tundra, no thanks.
  6. My '14 SLT stickered at 42K, got it for that out the door with a few accessories added and I'm ok with it. I paid cash and did not have to hassle with financing, high interest rates, ect. Most important, it was titled in my name day one, not the finance Co.
  7. That schedule sounds reasonable. I plan on having my trans done every 50k, that's good enough.
  8. I used some black mouse pad material , carefully cut with rounded corners, attached with silicone adhesive, no more noise and hardly noticeable.
  9. 165,000 is very impressive. And no catch can? Impossible! LOL!
  10. Mine also broke recently. I used a stainless steel screw, washer and nut.
  11. That dash is a little too distracting......and there's still that silly knob for the transmission.
  12. I use one of those magnetic key holders. I found a place where it's well hidden and easy to access. It's still there after 4 years. I also have one on my old Buick but I forgot where I put it. BTW, the doors will not lock if the keys are in the ignition.
  13. I got tired of the endless DJ chatter. I let my subscription expire last month and just listening to broadcast radio now, not much difference plus it's free.
  14. Same with my '14. Stop and go traffic can be a real b*&%#!.
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