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  1. 165,000 is very impressive. And no catch can? Impossible! LOL!
  2. Mine also broke recently. I used a stainless steel screw, washer and nut.
  3. That dash is a little too distracting......and there's still that silly knob for the transmission.
  4. I use one of those magnetic key holders. I found a place where it's well hidden and easy to access. It's still there after 4 years. I also have one on my old Buick but I forgot where I put it. BTW, the doors will not lock if the keys are in the ignition.
  5. I got tired of the endless DJ chatter. I let my subscription expire last month and just listening to broadcast radio now, not much difference plus it's free.
  6. Same with my '14. Stop and go traffic can be a real b*&%#!.
  7. How could it possibly last that long without a catch can???
  8. I just saw this on the local news. A new recall involving 2011-2015 full size GMC/ Silverados, it involves a fuel tank issue, no other details.
  9. Batteries can fail without warning. I change mine every 4 years no matter how well it spins over. .............mileage means nothing.
  10. Do whatever your comfortable with. I ignore the OLM. I do a lot of local short drives, sometimes the engine does not even get up to temp. Since I have no intention of ever selling my truck, I change oil and filter twice a year. GM has their schedule, I have mine.
  11. My battery was over 4 years old and still worked fine, but I had the dealer replace it anyway because at that age they're living on borrowed time and can fail without any warning.

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