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  1. You don’t need a tune to keep the CEL off. a $15 defouler will do the trick... it has to be one to fully pull the sensor out exhaust flow (not short).
  2. In theory you will free up more power, just buy a de fouler for the second sensor and you will be good, stinky but good..
  3. You can get the flip kit and buy a raised shackle to get you that 4” drop you are looking for.
  4. You can do it yourself for about 2-300. it’s not difficult at all
  5. My wife is a RN and with that, she got just shy of 4100 with the first responder discount. I still over paid.
  6. I have thought about it, the thing is that the front is one piece and the rear is multi piece emblems. I did order the front and I already have the plan of “testing” it on the rear as well. My other idea to is to gut the letters out of the emblem and replace with lexan and figure how to add the lighting.
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