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  1. I would not suggest that location unless you have some air flow (if your amp has a cooling fan) or if you install some mini fans for airflow.. That spot is a good way to overheat and blow your amp. Nice little fire location as well
  2. Plus, the added weight of the wheels and tires, 30” lifts it higher, messes more with the aerodynamics (I know the truck already doesn’t have aero). The V6 already has enough of an issue trying to move the heavy weight of the extended cab truck around, stock. You need torque to break the driveshaft/axle shaft or gears.. yeah the V6 doesn’t have that.
  3. Not to mention the hazard of doing this, it just takes one good bump/dip/crack in the road to rip the threads out of the bolt.
  4. Because people are cheap.. they expect something like this to be less than $50 dollars with a lifetime warranty even if the consumer messes up on the installation. And they want it before they order it knowing full well it’s hand made and OP probably has a life. I am not even going to mention install instructions....
  5. 285/40 or 285/35 might give you what you are looking for, have you done a size comparison? 295 or 305 are the common go to. 285 would provide a bit of stretch to help with rubbing. I do not own 24s but just trying to help out
  6. If you or the shop disconnected the driveshaft from the axle, was it marked so it went back on the same way it came off? Was the driveshaft dropped hard in any way? Maybe it needs to be rebalanced?
  7. America is not any better at the moment, history is repeating itself. However in the time of autocorrect, it still makes me laugh when people talk of lower standards.
  8. Tire size? Do you rub in the front? Mind if you can get a picture of how close the front tire is to the inner fender?  The front wheel, is it centered in the wheel well?
  9. Tire size? Do you rub in the front? Mind if you can get a picture of how close the front tire is to the inner fender? I am back forth about 22s and I am glad I finally see a picture (albeit 3/5)
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