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  1. The first one looks like a camera? Do you have the 360 view? Second one is a plug that might go to a part that your truck was not fitted with (packages).
  2. If you have the patience, I just removed mine and painted them
  3. One person said they were able. GM does have a leaf spring pack available to purchase for lifts as it states.
  4. I need to look into this. It is annoying when you are moving the truck a few feet at a time.
  5. Just from my experience, Hard fold is very nice. I had the BakFlip MX4 and it was nice, looked nice, cleaned nice. Then it hailed for about 3-5 minutes and not a harsh hail. Just a light hail and there were dimples all over the cover. My truck at the time did not receive one dent. Bak Flip is a nice cover, but I would stay away from it if you are in a hail prone area or planning to place anything remotely heavy on it with sharp edges or corners. The undercover elite is also a good cover.
  6. My truck has that mono leaf spring. It weirded me out when I noticed it.
  7. I do not think it will fit, only due to offset. Clearance for the wheel barrel should be close but should still fit. I do believe that some 2019+ trucks come with 18s. The only difference is offset of said wheels.
  8. Install took me a few hours while watching TV. I would highly recommend taking the seats out. IT was much easier for me to maneuver around where I needed to
  9. however the axle gets closer to the frame, and shock bodies only go down to a certain length.
  10. Most, if not all, flip kits are six inches. A shock relocation can be done at a six inch drop. Also seven plus inches would be recommended to do a shock relocation. Shock extenders are good for 5-7" drops with drop shocks.
  11. Received email on 6/13 that the truck was at the states distribution lot. Truck arrived early AM today at the dealership. Just signed for it about an hour ago.
  12. hmm.. I have not had an issue with my illuminated badge. Though mine was not dealer installed.
  13. Emailed on 6/6 the truck has shipped and is on its way to the dealership. Though I did ask chat on 6/2 or 6/3 if they had any updates and they said it shipped and there was no last known place. Contacted the salesman at the dealership and he informed me that the next they hear is when it arrives at our states distribution lot.
  14. Im sure its 2 in the same, I ordered a GMC Sierra and go to the GMC website and start up the chat box. It starts as auto but it after it answers your question, it asks if it was helpful. I type no and then it gives the option for clarification or an advisor. I chose advisor and they get on the chat. The advisor seems to give more thorough information.
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