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  1. Funny you mention that, I do.. You can not predict a machine going down, someone getting sick or having a family emergency, getting Covid and having to shelter, half of the crew getting quarantined due to possible exposure, supplies low and on backorder etc.. While you are correct, in a perfect environment it is not psychics. You have to expect the unexpected and that’s not difficult to understand in today’s world.
  2. They may tell you 6 weeks and it may end up being 12.. then you may come on here saying something along the lines of them telling lies and they told me this and that and all that non sense. They can not give you a time frame because they can not tell the future. Personally, I would rather not have a timeframe as I would hold them to that “6 week” time and would be bugged if they missed it.
  3. They are legit Katzkin, I had them in my 09 Sierra CC and in my 2019 Challenger as well. Both were bought from EBay with no issues. if you want to save some money, install them yourself, it’s not that hard. I pulled both of my vehicles seats out and installed in my living room watching TV.
  4. It looks good, I have been debating about doing this but only with a 11 or 12.9”.. constructive criticism, flat or semi paint would have done wonders I think. That’s just my opinion though.
  5. Ah, my assumption was the plastic after the heat gun comment. Running boards/bumpers are steel.. sandblasting would take care of it. Although, a good 60/80 grit scuff and epoxy primer will be sufficient. Door molding around the windows are aluminum, Same as above.
  6. It’s just plastic for the grill/fog/mirror/door handles.
  7. It really depends on the dealer, any modification could be grounds for warranty void. A muffler delete pipe won’t affect anything negatively, but a dealer could argue the fact if any part of your drive train goes out. A delete should not affect your warranty and the dealer would have to show cause which is slim.
  8. I have had their A/S on two of our trucks.. no issues, hell of a brand and bang for the buck. Wear was good, no chipping.. I have nothing bad to say about them.
  9. It would, obviously adding more air means exiting air is just as important.
  10. I would suggest to anyone looking to flip your axle. Invest in a good set of helper bags.. it is not required, you don’t need it to drop your truck. But the helper bags will change your world when dropping a truck.
  11. I didn’t get a PM. I am not sure as I purchased for my 2020 as well and these had it. I think it is for the type of tailgate. I have the multipro which the description states that it is not for the multipro when I bought these.
  12. Maybe it’s the ricer in me, but I wouldn’t define these as fake brembos.. there was a time when 4 pistons were all you needed. Im thinking of painting mine blue, but I’m in no rush. You can never go wrong with red to be noticed. Black for those on the low..
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