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  1. got mines in yesterday nice now its part of the club
  2. thank you for the info i'm still waiting by the mail box for to be delivered haha and i'mn copy an paste this information when I do mines and i'll post my experience thank you james
  3. thank you C I found the instruction I look back on it and I feel confident paying on the money and knowing it will fit a 2019 gmc and I loooove the shit out of my truck just trying make it outstanding driving down the road thanks... james
  4. no I hav not where can I read this thread sir and no i'm not taking you has a dick but being schooled thank you james
  5. hello GMC Sierra Illuminated Front Grille Emblem 84741559 Black OEM is or does it fit on a 2019 gmc trk 1500 slt gillie and does have instruction on wiring and replacing the stock emblem on the gillie thank you james
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