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  1. Received email on 6/13 that the truck was at the states distribution lot. Truck arrived early AM today at the dealership. Just signed for it about an hour ago.
  2. hmm.. I have not had an issue with my illuminated badge. Though mine was not dealer installed.
  3. Emailed on 6/6 the truck has shipped and is on its way to the dealership. Though I did ask chat on 6/2 or 6/3 if they had any updates and they said it shipped and there was no last known place. Contacted the salesman at the dealership and he informed me that the next they hear is when it arrives at our states distribution lot.
  4. Im sure its 2 in the same, I ordered a GMC Sierra and go to the GMC website and start up the chat box. It starts as auto but it after it answers your question, it asks if it was helpful. I type no and then it gives the option for clarification or an advisor. I chose advisor and they get on the chat. The advisor seems to give more thorough information.
  5. I gave my email upon ordering the truck at the dealer.
  6. 5/31 Received an email this morning that the truck was built and going through the quality inspection. Contacted GM chat and they said it was in Indiana in the shipping process.
  7. Ordered 4/21 Elevation with Standard Box Accepted 5/7 - Denied Standard Box and given Short Box Changing my order today for SLT Standard Box
  8. Maybe it just needed a break? Give it a week, problems may creep back up or maybe weather in Mesa has been cooler this week than normal. Sometimes the issues fix themselves and we never know what the fix was. Pretty much like hitting the steering wheel or dash in certain situations. Apologies for the randomness of the post, haha
  9. It is all dependent on the dealer you use. Some will let you get away with the mods listed and honor a warranty. It also depends on the type/amount of warranty work the dealership/manufacturer is willing to cover. GM has an exhaust, this should at least be covered. It may be covered if the dealerships installs, might not be if you DIY.
  10. Most spindles require at minimum 17" wheels BUT one would need to shave the ball joint down flush with the nut before installing the wheel. No reading was done..
  11. Grab a measuring tape and measure an added 2 inches from top of wheel well, full turn left and right..
  12. Just wire it in to come up with your headlights? The plug is convenient but the gist of the harness is just a red and black wire.
  13. Was it mentioned why it would not fit on a 2019 AT4? From what I can tell in the GM websites, there is no mention of 2019 at all. Was this when the body style changed half year like it usually does for GM?
  14. I have 2 black illuminated emblems for sale. I will post an ad, but the response notification reminded me of them.
  15. I’m sure the angle of the spokes is more important than the offset . From a stock 20 to a stock 22 tire, there is still some height difference, all I am saying is, you will not rub on a 285/45. Also, you will not rub on a 275/50/22 as it is stock for a 19/21 Sierra, better?
  16. Just make sure the offset is below +29. 2018 and down will fit with a 3mm or 5mm spacer. You will not rub on 285/45. I have a 2wd 2020 and have no issues.
  17. I would not suggest that location unless you have some air flow (if your amp has a cooling fan) or if you install some mini fans for airflow.. That spot is a good way to overheat and blow your amp. Nice little fire location as well
  18. Plus, the added weight of the wheels and tires, 30” lifts it higher, messes more with the aerodynamics (I know the truck already doesn’t have aero). The V6 already has enough of an issue trying to move the heavy weight of the extended cab truck around, stock. You need torque to break the driveshaft/axle shaft or gears.. yeah the V6 doesn’t have that.
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