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  1. We have sold quite a few sets of the red, here is a set on a gray Silverado: -Official Powder Coating
  2. PabloK- If this was one of ours, please email me at [email protected] and I'll arrange to have this exchanged for a new set. This should not have happened.
  3. We sell these powder coated. Several colors as well. We have sold MANY sets! We are also the Ebay sellers. https://www.officialpowder.com/shop-online/2019-2020-silveradosierra-exhaust-bezels
  4. Web site is available to take payments! Thanks!
  5. Here are a couple in other colors. Satin Steel (matches body color) and Red (matches tow hooks).
  6. Yes, we will take your old tips. Shipped back to us, we will give you a $50 refund back to PayPal.
  7. These are still available. We do these in Red Hot, Satin Steel and Matte Black. https://www.officialpowder.com/shop-online/2019-2020-silveradosierra-exhaust-bezels
  8. Sorry for the delays everyone. I do have several more sets that will be ready to ship next week. Please contact me directly for a quicker response! Thanks again! Also if you'd like a custom color (white, charcoal, heck, even red!) we can do that as well.
  9. Brand new GM (ID 2253506 and 2254202, 1122RH, 1121 LH). 2019 or 2020 Chevy Silverado or GMC Sierra exhaust tips. Professionally powder coated gloss black. These are OEM dealer take offs, never used. Free Shipping. $150.
  10. http://blackbearperformance.com/IntakeTestResults_2016.asp
  11. Oil change, trans flush, tire rotation. Nothing I could think of that would affect the lights.
  12. So I have LED bulbs in all my exterior sockets (2015 Sierra SLT) except fogs and head lights. All have load resistors installed. Everything came from Super Bright LED's. Last week I had my truck serviced and when I got it back I noticed the passenger front parking light wasn't working, when I used the key fob to lock the doors and used the turn signals the bulb worked fine. It flashed, but no light when the headlights were on. I got a new bulb (exactly the same) and replaced it. Now when using the turn signals, either left or right the opposite sides parking lights flash. Everything except the mirror flashes on the opposite side being used. Its like the hazards are on, only the side that I'm not calling for is dim. This is in Auto headlight mode. If I turn on the parking lights/headlights the flashers work correctly. I re did the load resistors on the passenger side but no luck. Anyone have any ideas?
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