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  1. Agreed, getting my vehicle replaced has been a nightmare and there is immediate solution for me. No dealer in Colorado wants to give up an AT4 for me to complete the replacement process, which is understandable given the market. I wish Transwest or King would help since they have the most in the state right now.
  2. I looked at mine with the diff cover off, it was flush with the center pin
  3. I figured this and had not intention of believing it would work in the first place.
  4. The stub shaft isnt "falling" to a low point, its moving laterally causing it to hit the center pin. The o ring is keeping the "clip" expanded so nothing moves... If anything, im going to buy the SU5 axle and just replace it myself.
  5. Im really hoping they come up with a better solution than a .02 o ring that will need to be replaced over time... Good things its a PIP and not a TSB at this point... I am really hoping...
  6. So I just read over the updated PIP5653G and I am shocked at how they are attempting to fixing this. They are putting a O-RING on the stub shaft first and then a retainer ring. They essentially want the O-RING to push up on the retainer ring so it will be forced into the diff housings notch to prevent lateral movement of the stub shaft... Am I crazy or does this sound absolutely retarded?
  7. Remember, GM has a ECM update if you add the intake and the exhaust to your truck. I’m pretty sure it’s to recalibrate the fuel tables due to increased airflow...
  8. Well update from my end... approved a replacement vehicle, should be simple right? GM won’t let me order one and says I need to get one from dealer inventory. My dealer is saying I can’t pull from inventory and I need to order one. The dealers in my state won’t give up inventory since AT4 are guaranteed sellers and hard to come by... Ughhh!!!! I’m starting to think GM just wants me to walk from everything to start over and make me pay a premium for what I want...
  9. Update, GM called me today and they are replacing my vehicle.... just have to figure out how they are going to do the loan and GAP piece... 2020 truck ordering is cut off and I have to wait till the beginning of August to order a 2021...
  10. About 100-125 miles after they replaced the parts per the PIP... Its back!
  11. Understand, but why would you buy a truck that doesn’t meet the requirements of your drive? If you knew the tank was small and still bought it, then
  12. I honestly don’t know why anyone is still complaining about this. GM is doing what is best based off of their own market research into the matter. When consumers see a smaller fuel tank, they think it’s more affordable. For example, years ago when I was looking at a F150, my wife was turned away at the fact that every single truck had a 36 gallon tank. GM doesn’t care about feelings, they want the money of masses, not the 1%.
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