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  1. I have had one on my truck since 2020 and it works great. No issues what so ever.
  2. I bought a Revolver x4s and Installed it myself and it only leaks at the tailgate, however, its not much. I made it loose at the tailgate end so that the tailgate would still drop when I hit the release button. Either way, I am happy with it!
  3. So far so good on my end, it's been hot and I have been doing a lot of driving... no sounds! No I have to figure out why my rear brakes are making noise
  4. Could you pull part numbers off of the Multimatic DSSV front and rear shocks?
  5. Better than metal? Honestly I don't think there will be a difference as far as strength is concerned. It just won't resonate sound like metal would. What the slinger is running on, who knows.
  6. Here is an old picture of what it looked like before any repairs were done.
  7. Edit, you can see the slinger just by looking. See attached photo.
  8. Alright, from what I can tell is the metal slinger that covers the bearing is now made of a polycarbonate or plastic material. It also looks like it was glued to the stub shaft as well. I think the logic here is that the metal one was resonating as the stub shaft shifted which caused the noise. You can see the "wear ring" on the inside of the metal slinger which is where I believe it was rubbing on the housing. I will try to keep updating this as I continue to drive more. Edit: I would like to also add that whole looking back old photos, the clip that fits on the stub shaft "looks" bigger on the new one than the old one did.
  9. New stub shaft pic, I'm waiting for the tear down to compare the different parts. Truck just got on the lift.
  10. I have an appointment set for Monday to get the work done. Parts just came in today from what my buddy told me. I should have some pictures then and will update as soon as I can.
  11. Yeah they replaced mine too when they did the fix a year ago as well.
  12. So the problem with the "fix" they did before this revision is they used a rubber o-ring under the clip that holds the stub shaft in the diff. This was done to put pressure on the clip to hold the axle in place. This will fail over time and from what I am being told is this revision does not use an "o-ring" to prop the clip up for extra tension. The chirping sound is a lot softer since I had the stub shaft initially replaced a year ago but it came back shortly after (500~ miles). I still have to drive at least 30 miles to get it chirping in warmer weather though. We are going to pull the diff cover when the parts come in to check everything for any abnormal wear. Like I said, I will post pictures of whatever I can so others can see.
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