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  1. Yes it’s under warranty and I have the upper piece trim on hand. I just rather have them, the body shop, do adjustments then holding onto my truck for a week while they repaint the whole front end.
  2. Mine is doing the same damn thing! My dealer thinks that tabs are malformed and ordered me a new upper trim piece. Im going to the body shop to see if they can fix it before doing a replacement... They would have to repaint the trim piece
  3. Just you wait, I had 15 reps over the course of a year before my issue was “somewhat” resolved. Funny part is I settled for a b2b warranty extension and a accessory voucher that they offered. They still haven’t even provided that to me yet....
  4. I have a 2020 Sierra 1500 AT4 that I bought in March of this year. Had the front axle jingle since 460~ miles on the truck and it has been into service 4 times trying to fix the issue. Dealer service confirmed the issue can’t be fixed at this time and to call GM. I filled a BBB Autoline case and called GM back in April to start this horrific process. July they offered to replace the truck but no dealer in my state had inventory or wanted to take part in the “buy back process”. I’m still trying to figure out a solution with GM... Total 7 months
  5. Yeah, no you have a rubber o ring where one shouldn’t be. It’s going to eventually break down and fall apart due to heat.
  6. Hahah, yeah my dealer put everything on one RO but it had dates on it that showed that it wasn’t just one visit. I’m just waiting till an actual fix comes out to do anything else regarding a repair. I had the slinger, bearing, and clip replaced back in June, which did nothing. I have been back and forth, like others, with GM over the matter. Still love the truck though.
  7. Yeah, same thing with mine on the first go around. I don’t think the diff will explode but I do think wear is a concern. The worst thing that you really could have happen in my opinion is premature bearing wear from the shaft walking. Heat is a big factor with getting my front diff to make sounds...
  8. So I had that happen to me the first time they attempted the repair. If you don’t have the right tool, the actual GM stub shaft puller, it doesn’t pull evenly and breaks the clip. They pulled the front diff cover and had to use a wedge to pop the shaft out.
  9. I need help, has anyone received a settlement from GM to keep your truck? If so please PM directly as I’m in a hard spot with dealing with them. Thanks!
  10. Agreed, getting my vehicle replaced has been a nightmare and there is immediate solution for me. No dealer in Colorado wants to give up an AT4 for me to complete the replacement process, which is understandable given the market. I wish Transwest or King would help since they have the most in the state right now.
  11. I looked at mine with the diff cover off, it was flush with the center pin
  12. I figured this and had not intention of believing it would work in the first place.
  13. The stub shaft isnt "falling" to a low point, its moving laterally causing it to hit the center pin. The o ring is keeping the "clip" expanded so nothing moves... If anything, im going to buy the SU5 axle and just replace it myself.
  14. Im really hoping they come up with a better solution than a .02 o ring that will need to be replaced over time... Good things its a PIP and not a TSB at this point... I am really hoping...
  15. So I just read over the updated PIP5653G and I am shocked at how they are attempting to fixing this. They are putting a O-RING on the stub shaft first and then a retainer ring. They essentially want the O-RING to push up on the retainer ring so it will be forced into the diff housings notch to prevent lateral movement of the stub shaft... Am I crazy or does this sound absolutely retarded?
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