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  1. I put wax on the top of my inserts. Won't wash away & does not attract dust/dirt.
  2. I'd be in for one as well. Hopefully someone designs one soon.
  3. Has anyone received their order from Shock Warehouse lately? I ordered Bilstein 5100's, for the front of my AT4, over 4 weeks ago. They took my payment right away, and haven't heard from them since. They won't answer the phone, emails, or the live chat. Getting ready to do a charge-back on my card.
  4. I got tired of the 70's Caddy bounce of the Ranchos on my AT4. Especially when towing. Have done the backs, waiting on the fronts to come in.
  5. I also have gotten the message of "adaptive cruise control has disengaged". It has only happened once, and it was on a stretch of road where I was driving somewhat in a valley and rounded a corner that faced me directly into the setting sun. The sudden transition blinded me, so I surmised that it must had temporarily blinded the forward vision system/camera that the adaptive cruise control uses. No problems since then.
  6. I recently installed 5100's on the rear of my AT4. I tow a 4,500+ lb Ranger bass boat. The Rancho's would "pogo" on me real bad. The 5100's cured that on the rear. Now I just need to do the fronts.
  7. Never again! My wife took her new Traverse in to the dealer for it's first oil change. She came home with oil smoke rolling out if the exhaust. Pulled the dipstick and the overfilled by 6 quarts! Yes, that's right, they double filled it. It was darn near coming out of the dipstick tube! Had them send a wrecker to pick it up, they wanted her to drive it back and I threw a fit. After rectifying the problem, I asked them for a service ticket saying that they had overfilled in case there were catalytic convertor problems, or seal issues, later in life. They did, but left out the fact of it being overfilled by 6 quarts. Again, I had to get ugly to get what I wanted. They failed to see the difference between it being overfilled by a quart vs 6 quarts. Like I said... Never AGAIN!
  8. I'm having an issue with a front brake chattering & grinding when performing a heavy stop after the brakes are cooled for a short period, or cold. Almost sounds like the rotor is grinding against the dust shield.
  9. Yep, same experience here. They got me for $100. Placed order May 8th. Never received product. Won't respond to emails or phone calls.
  10. Less than 900 miles on mine, and it was gushing trans fluid when I pulled in the driveway tonight. NOT happy. ?
  11. Count me as another with a transmission issue. 2020 AT4 with 3.0L Duramax. Just got back from a fishing tournament today only to find my boat coated in transmission fluid. Looked under the truck and it was gushing out from the back of the motor. I've ONLY had it for 3 weeks and has less than 900 miles!
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