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  1. As stated above, no, your AT4 cannot have the NHT Max Trailering pkg. But since GM is so wise, your AT4 COULD be optioned with the Trailering mirrors, plus the Tech package that has all of the cool trailer camera provisions...but, my SLT, which does have NHT Max Trailering CANNOT be ordered with the trailering mirrors or the tech pkg with the trailering camera stuff...weird, huh? My old '10 LTZ Silverado, the NHT got you the 6.2L, the upgraded axle, cooling and the mirrors...I guess GMC thinks Denali and AT4 guys want the mirrors and SLT with NHT doesn't? Oh well...
  2. Just to clarify, the noise is ALWAYS there, it's just that if I crank the stereo up enough, I won't hear it, keeps me from uttering more swear words!
  3. I was the guy who started that post referenced above, and like you, I have the "bowling ball rolling around bed" noise in exact same scenarios! Anytime radio is off, it's constantly making the noise. I found that my u-bolts were very loose, but even after tightening them, it's still the same. There have been other posts about having different rubber/plastic isolators put in between the leaves, TSB 19-NA-129. I have yet to go back to the dealer for this supposed fix, as my truck was in the service center for 65 days getting the transmission fixed...so I am shying away from having it parked there again! But the sound drives me nuts, sounds like my '73 K5!
  4. Took them 65 days to fix my 10 speed trans leak on my 2020 SLT with 6.2! Yes, part of problem was covid shutdowns, but like you, was multiple trips and parts thrown at it to fix the leak. Mine had 280 miles on it when I noticed the leak, was probably leaking from factory. Knock on wood, finally seems fixed, have had it back for 3 weeks and still dry. GM actually is buying the truck back, am ordering a '21 SLT with same setup next week. Not same motor, but my friend has a '20 SLE with the 2.7L turbo 4 and he had engine oil AND trans leaks (8 speed) 2 months in! Weird...
  5. That is really odd...my '20 SLT (with NHT also) has all 4...
  6. The other issue with the console vault is that the top of it is obviously just metal...so if you put stuff in there (like flashlight, knife, etc), it clanks around on top of the vault. Sure, you could argue that one would want to get quick access to a stored firearm, etc, but the only time I'd really lock it in there is if I was going somewhere I couldn't carry. In any case, I wish there was at least some kind of rubberized pad that fit on top of it, but I am just going to make one myself.
  7. Well, I have truck back. They replaced the front case cover, front seal and torque converter. They drove it about 25 miles and so far no leaks. Fingers crossed that this 66 day saga is over and I can just enjoy the truck. Hopefully this is not a widespread problem for others. They did at least follow my request, and they did a full detail on the truck, plus filled it with gas. They really want their completely satisfied review!
  8. I can tell you (but not show you, since truck is at dealer getting transmission fixed) that the console vault makes the console fairly useless for storage! Yes, it's nice to be able to put my weapons in there should I choose, but you lose so much depth. No coin holder either. Mine was also a dealer trade, and was excited at first to get the gun vault, but in retrospect I don't like losing the storage space. These trucks have so little storage to begin with! They need to take the Ram's in floor storage trick, and/or the Ramboxes in the bed.
  9. So, after 65 days out of service, the dealer called and says the transmission is fixed. Going to pick it up tomorrow and find out. I am going to drive it a few weeks and see if all is good, then decide what to have GM do. I'll either get it replaced (was approved for buyback/replacement last month), or get GM to compensate me for my 4 payments already made. Not much inventory to pick from on the replacement end, so we will see. I really just want to drive the damn thing and enjoy it. Fingers crossed. I'll let you know what the actual service receipt says was replaced, as the service writer has no clue. All I know is it is NOT a brand new transmission, as there aren't any available at the moment.
  10. So, after viewing a few very disturbing videos of loser antifa thugs destroying people's cars (while the people are trapped inside because they blocked traffic), my first thought (after deciding the drivers probably weren't CCW holders) was, "Why not just run the jerkoffs over"? It got me thinking, would the automatic braking/pedestrian detection nannies in our trucks prevent us from taking drastic action like this? I'm not advocating wanton murder here, but if it's myself and my family vs. some antifa guy with a sledgehammer, I'm not gonna sit there and do nothing. Does anyone know if the system can be defeated? Would standing on the gas override it? I think I remember seeing something in the manual about turning the system off in some menu... Just something to think about...screwed up world, huh?
  11. Weird! Replaced a few of those in the 208 and 241 t cases in my K5s! Easy fix, glad they took care of you.
  12. Wow, that's much further back than mine...at least that's an easier fix. Good luck.
  13. Consider yourself lucky! At 270 miles, mine went in for leak, and they replaced the torque converter seal...few days later, it was brought back because it was still leaking! And now, my truck has been at the dealership for 63 DAYS AND COUNTING! They say they are waiting for a transmission pump. Service manager has requested a new transmission, but nothing from GM. GM has approved a buyback or replacement due to CA Lemon Law, but finding a similar truck (and getting a far away dealer to actually dealer-trade it to my dealer) has been impossible.
  14. Not the cooler lines, at least not on mine. Starting to think this 10spd has issues...go on the Ford forums and there's all kinds of complaints like this. Mine wasn't even the pan leaking, is something internal. If they ever actually fix it, I'll let you know what they come up with this time.
  15. Mine was 2/04/20 build, Mexico. 6.2L/10 spd. Still at dealer awaiting a pump, or a whole tranny, or whatever the hell they come up with next. I picked a replacement truck from their inventory last weekend, was told that the truck was "off the floor", was mine for the GM Replacement...later that day I get a call that the sales manager sold it from under me. Might just get my money back and tell them all to pound it.
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