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  1. Same issue here, happens way too often with XM. But I also have the issue where about once a week (and seems to be getting worse, didn't do this at all the first 4-5 months) I have NO SOUND at all, from ANY source (AM/FM/Sirius/USB Pandora, etc)...yesterday, it took 3 restarts until the sound would come back??
  2. I agree, sucks on a new truck, but just give them the TSB # and tell them to do it...it solved 90% of my noise. Call your service advisor or manager (sadly, I'm on first name basis with my Service MANAGER), tell them you want them to do a quick test drive with you (they have to confirm it is clunking), then tell them to order the parts required under the TSB. Once they get the parts in, have them call you, and you can be in and out in less than an hour. That's how I did it. I didn't even have to do the test drive part, but that is because I've had other big issues with truck and he wants to try to keep me happy...
  3. Air bags, or swap to aftermarket steel springs (Deaver, Alcan, etc). I'd just do the Air Lift bags.
  4. You need to get Gm Customer Service involved...the kit clearly states that the reflash is included with the kit from GM. Get your money back!
  5. My lifetime just went up to 13.1mpg (3300 miles) after a 700 mile roadtrip to Mammoth last weekend. Got about 17mpg on way up (cruising at 75, but continuous climb from sea level to 9000ft), and almost 22mpg on way home (75-80, almost all downhill, but got caught in traffic on Cajon Pass). It's just the around town that kills it...I average 12-13, and with my 4 year old in the truck, driving gingerly and no excessive throttle...it just is what it is. Disappointed it's not better than my 2010 with 6.2/6spd combo (which also had 3.73 gears with Max Tow!), but it's just an overall bigger and heavier beast.
  6. If you have a 2020 SLT, you don't have the Tech pkg, so you won't have any other HUD info showing up on windshield. Just that red brake warning. Tech pkg was NOT available on 2020 SLTs, so no HUD. Not sure about Spotify, I don't use it...
  7. And I'm sure you have thought of it, since you are actually asking the right questions and want to do the right thing - but the important thing is to STAY BELOW the maximums (TW, GVCR, payloads, etc) for LEGAL reasons. Yes, our trucks can (and many do) physically tow more than the printed numbers on our doorjambs, but should you get in an accident (your fault or not), and you were found to be over the specified limits for your truck, an attorney will sue you for everything you have! I always get the Max Tow pkg to give me more safety (and legal) margin, use a good WD hitch and weigh the setup. Most of us who tow often would be better off with a 2500, but we don't want to daily-drive one of them...so a little more homework on weights has to be done to keep everyone safe. Based on the weights, I'd vote for the GD trailer as well, considering we all load MORE than we think we will! Happy trailering!
  8. Sept 14th for Crew and Double cabs is what I read. We will see, waiting on one myself for a GM replacement...haven't heard anything since late July when order was placed.
  9. I am 6 months in on my 2020 SLT, and currently waiting for my '21 SLT...my truck was in shop for over 60 days in the first 3 months, GM offered right away to do a buyback or replacement. Because my situation was kind of unique due to Covid shutting everything down (had bad tranny leak that they couldn't get parts for after the 1st botched attempt), I am giving GMC another go on a '21 replacement truck. All I am waiting for is the new lease payment info (the process is totally backwards, they can't give you a price until their is a VIN#!) If the payment stays same or close to it, I will go ahead with the new '21 (has additional options like Tech pkg, tow mirrors, and a few deletions of stuff I don't use on my current truck - sunroof, etc). If the payment is not close to what I have now, I will just keep what I have. I also of course have the option of a straight Buyback. So yes, if your truck qualifies for your state's Lemon laws, GM can and will get you out of a lease.
  10. Of course it's going to get warmer in the sand! But 220 is fine...you start getting over 240-250, the fluid starts breaking down faster and you should change the fluid more often than the factory calls for. Sand has huge amount of resistance, gonna build heat in the tranny very quick. Are you shifting "manually", as in, using the shift buttons to hold gears? That should help a bit, but the torque converter is gonna build up lots of heat in that environment. Frankly, I'm impressed it only went to 220 with what you describe.
  11. Yeah, you need to use real c-clamps as lapoolboy said. Get them tight as close as you can to the pin.
  12. If you look closer, it appears that the entire door is just a smidge low at the rear...dealer should be able to shim it, or maybe adjust striker a hair up?
  13. Love mine, tows easy, rides pretty well unloaded considering. Doesn't seem like the difference between stock 3.23 gears and the NHT 3.42s is that great, but my fuel mileage is nowhere near what a lot of guys claim their 6.2s get...over my first 2300 miles, averaging 12.2mpg. Lots of city stop and go, but I drive it like an old man trying to get better mpgs...my 2010 NHT w 6.2L and 3.73s (with only a 6 speed!) got much better mileage over its lifetime. But all in all it's nice to have that safety margin when towing...my '73 K5 rock crawler on an 18' car hauler is over 9,000lbs, and having the 1,700lbs of cargo capacity is necessary then... I am in that "probably should have a 2500 truck" category, but I like the ride of the 1500s for my daily driver, so going with NHT gets me in that sweet spot.
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