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  1. I'm in SoCal and ran into the same issue. Took the 6K GMC was offering and an addition $4,998 dealer incentive but that was it for negotiating. Very hard to find SLT Premium Plus with a standard bed. Everyone in California wants short beds so not many standard beds to go around.
  2. I have a CM261 for sale. Fits Canyon or Colorado 2015 to 2020. Rails installed then removed but otherwise like new. Prefer local in SoCal but will ship at buyers expense . $200 obo
  3. This is correct. You can only split screen with the default infotainment apps and music
  4. So I ordered my Roll N Lock cover today and was looking at the cargo manager. Like the way it integrates with the cover and has numerous locking spots and the ability to flip up or just be removed. Anyone have one and care to chime in. Cargo Manager
  5. 2020 Sierra SLT -Summit White Noticed a small paint chip on the back of the cab on the driver's side. Truck is band new but stuff is bound to happen. Only went through first layer so it could have been worse. Do I get it touched up or live with it.
  6. Has anyone put a ceramic coating on your new truck. It is supposed to last "forever" so no need to wax. Runs around $1K here for cars. Have not checked on truck prices yet. https://bdautodetailing.com/index.php/ceramic-coating-detailing/
  7. OOS Not sure about returns because it doesn't look like a Prime sale Sent from my SM-N975U1 using Tapatalk
  8. Got it. HUD may have not been the best word to describe it. More like lights flashed in front of you instead of a display. Thanks to all of you for the responses. Now to start looking at accessories.
  9. So I just picked up my 2020 Sierra SLT with the Premium Plus Package and I'm loving it but I have a few question. 1. I saw the salesman set the collision alert and there was a settings for distance. I can't find how to adjust that distance now. 2. I've seen some red light from the HUD area when braking near a car in front of me. What other items will display on the HUD. 3. When listening to the downloaded Spotify app I notice the lack of phone notifications even though I'm connected to BT. I'm sure Ill have more later but thanks in advance for answers.
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