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  1. Depending on your Android version, but volume up or down and then the site to expand the volume options. If you don't see it there then hit the gear icon after you hit the arrow.
  2. Well that blows. Kind of a pain to change media device venery time I get into the car. Oh well
  3. It's is a 2020 Sierra SLT so no wireless Android Auto. When I do use it, using a cable, notifications work fine. It's when I listen to the radio or satellite, the phone still connects via Bluetooth but notification sound don't play since I'm listening to something other than Bluetooth audio.
  4. I've noticed that when I'm listening to the radio or satellite radio, I don't hear my phone notifications. The phone is connected using Bluetooth but if I'm not listening to music via Bluetooth, I don't hear my phone notifications for text, email etc. Phone calls worry though.
  5. I have noticed that sometimes when I have my android phone connected using Android auto, my phone will reboot when I go from reverse back to drive. Hapoens when I get home and back into my driveway. Anyone else have there phone just reboot when connected to Android auto? 2019 Sierra SLT
  6. So far so good after the Sunday SoCal rain. This is the second repair and it involved a whole new rear window. Going to wait to have it tinted again until after another set of rain, which should be this Friday.
  7. Had my serving fix done a few weeks ago. Going to get a good test here in SoCal. It is supposed to rain for pretty much a week.
  8. According to the article MQE replaced M5U but was a revised transmission with changes. Probably didn't fix the issue but I have not yet had it happen to me. Snippet from article - https://gmauthority.com/blog/2019/06/the-gm-8-speed-transmission-just-needs-to-go-away-asap/ "Following a litany of complaints, GM tried to “improve” the 8-speed in the 2019 Silverado and 2019 Sierra. In a press release, the automaker said it made “enhancements designed to improve shift quality, while also adding a new centrifugal pendulum absorber torque converter” to improve smoothness. The new revised transmission was assigned RPO code MQE, replacing the M5U 8-speed unit on the half-ton Silverado and Sierra, but not (yet) on other GM products like full-size SUVs or mid-size pickups."
  9. I don't have the issue in my 2020 Sierra SLT 8spd but I also have the revised RPO. The new revised transmission was assigned RPO code MQE, replacing the M5U 8-speed unit on the half-ton Silverado and Sierra
  10. Called in to apply promo code and they just dropped my Remote Access to $7.99/mon for a year. They told me to call back before it expires and they will try to renew at same price or give me a better deal.
  11. Where did you go to get these prices? Costco or On-Star. I'm an executive member at Costco.
  12. If I knew I could get at least $600 for my current radio, I would probably do it. I already have HD Radio and Nav. The only thing I would be getting out of this would be the wireless carplay. Any idea what used radios fetch.
  13. Picked up my 2020 SLT after dropping off for second round. They replaced the whole frame and glass. Work was done by 3rd party glass company. Now I just need it to rain or sit out there with a water hose.
  14. Did you wash by hand or use a carwash? A drive through carwash does not let water sit long enough to start leaking. Usually sitting in the rain for at least an hour lets enough water pool to start leaking. Cross your fingers.
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