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  1. 2019 Sierra SLT. Built in Mexico 07/2019. Discovered window leak beginning of 02/20. Entire window assembly has been replaced with the new updated window part number. Keeping a constant eye for any new leaks
  2. The TSB is useless if the glass frame is cracked. I would push for a new window installed by a glass company
  3. Well ...haha the spoiler is attached and its on there tight so I'm hoping theres new hardware on there now.
  4. Also, does anyone know where these go? They were left on the roof of my truck after the install. Hoping its old hardware from the damaged window and that they were replaced lol
  5. Here is my window that was just recently installed as of last Thursday Feb 13th
  6. Just picked up my truck, and from what i can see, looks like the dealer/window installer did a good job. Headliner and trim pieces look good. The part number of my new window is the FAYUO 43R-000072. The same that other members have received. So time will tell if this window leaks as well and as always will keep everyone posted
  7. Well thats a new one. With the way those lines are running above the slider, maybe an issue with the defroster? Either way please let us know what the dealer says. With the water leak issues and now this, not very encouraging with these rear glass issues
  8. Thank you for the clarification. Im interested to know what the possible changes/differences are as well
  9. Could these numbers on the window be lot numbers rather than model numbers? My window that is currently leaking has different numbers than the ones posted in this thread.
  10. My entire glass assembly should be arriving today and the dealer has a glass company they contract out to do the install. They also advised me that the truck will sit indoors after the install for 24 hours before I can pick it up. Im hoping this resolves the issue but like anything else ill be paranoid and keeping a constant eye on it all the time now
  11. So it seems that the only real hope is a brand new rear glass assembly. But even then..
  12. Just got a call from my dealer 2 hours later and they will be replacing the entire rear glass. They said that the glass is no longer on backorder and it should be in by tomorrow. They also told me that the truck will be stored indoors the whole time after the install to ensure that the adhesive cures properly. So ive got my fingers crossed that this works out. Im glad they are doing a full replacement instead of the resealing.
  13. Well I dropped my truck off this morning so lets see how well they can “fix” my truck. Has anyone had any success after a repair? Just out if curiosity
  14. This is so disheartening to read all these problems with this issue. Im hoping that my appointment with my dealer I can push for a full replacement glass. Can GM remedy this with a redesigned rear glass or is this a design flaw that cant be repaired?
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