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  1. OK, thank you! I appreciate the info.
  2. Yeah, it makes sense how they fit, I guess I was just wondering if it was possible to get the short one out without the tab breaking or if there was no choice, but to remove the VC. Thanks!
  3. I know.......extremely old post...lol. Does that stock short tube twist into the valve cover or press in and snap. I really want to try it, without removing the cover, but don't want to lose a pc of plastic down in the engine........new truck...400 miles on it... Thanks!
  4. Is it behind the door panel, or how do you get to it? I must go double check.......maybe I missed something. Thanks!
  5. Yeah............I'm a GM guy, but they do have some issues. I may tray to take it out (knowing the clips will break) and see what I can do. Thank you!!
  6. HI all.........got a new 2019 Sierra Limited and through all of the "excitement", I guess I missed this. It's like the window trim on the back door goes up hill a bit and doesn't align with the front door. Is there a way to get these straight or just deal with it? Thank you all. Appreciate any input.
  7. flyin99


    Has been SOLD. Thank you
  8. flyin99


    For sale. Used RX catch can, converted to a dual unit. Has Elite Engineering clean side separator and Air Raid intake tube attached, that goes with it all. Also has the hose that connects the two valve cover tube together. SOLD......SOLD...…..SOLD...…..
  9. We've got a good tuner down here, as well. If you're ever down this way (Central KY)....James Short...http://www.shortuning.com/...Look him up......really knows the LS stuff for sure. Love your truck, by the way!
  10. Hey Shane.... I know RPM Transmissions has done some 4L swaps into the new Camaros, as I've been in one. Looks completely factory, from the shifter and gear selector, etc. I don't know the cost, as I bet it was $$$$$$$, but I do know they are able to do them in Camaros. I inquired about this swap, for my 14 Silverado and was told it was indeed, NOT plug and play by any means, but.........."is" possible........may be expensive though...they just asked what power I was making and what I wanted to do with the truck, etc.....I haven't followed up any more than that....... Just fyi
  11. Here's mine.......I used the 07.5 to 13 style lights......just drilled round holes and silicone the heck out of them and the screws.
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