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  1. Driving in rain. Actually, it's a new one and yes, you can include music in it.
  2. Though my previous Chevy Trax didn't handle curves with ease but its not a regret. With that low price, it was okay for me.
  3. It is looking like a saggy seat cover or maybe have fitting issues. I think you should definitely consult with dealer and ask about this problem. To remove saggy appearance of leather seats, usually YouTube tutorials suggest to apply hot air from hair dryer with custom settings and then application of leather seat conditioners like this ( https://leather-toolkits.com/reviews/best-car-leather-cleaners-and-conditioners/ ) could be a better idea. However, as your leather covers are entirely new that's why it is better to consult with dealer. Mayhap, it is a fitting issue as compared to wrinkles. On the other hand, it could also an issue related to your seat foam. Yes, maybe your seat foam was used and old and it didn't support the cover in appropriate manner. Dealer will tell you such issues in detail.
  4. I prefer to take a portable Bluetooth speaker instead to upgrade my audio system.
  5. My husband just upgraded the old headlights with new HID kit to increase the beam a few months ago. But, due to fog, it is again looking dim and this time we are planning to exchange them with LED lights due to good beam and brightness.
  6. I really like this photo with cool panorama.
  7. I was willing to see the night view of these vehicles.
  8. I love Starwood Motors new Operation Edition F150.
  9. Good to see sunshine there.
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