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  1. Hey all. I ordered a 2020 sierra which was supposed to be produced in late August however it got bumped to a 2021. I haven't been given an update from the dealer yet and was wondering if anyone has heard of when the 21s are supposed to go into production? Thanks for any info
  2. I have been in the process of trying to purchase an AT4 since March. Due to the configuration I want, I haven't been able to locate what I want so the dealer suggested a custom order. My order was placed back in June I believe when orders started being accepted again. I was given a build week of 8/20 but heard from the dealer last week that GMC would stop building 2020s and start making 2021s which is what mine will end up being. Has anyone heard anything similar or in the same situation? If so have you been told how long it would be to get the truck? Thanks for any input, this has been a frustrating process.
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