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  1. Looking into the future.... the year is 2027 and the windows are still leaking....
  2. But when the time comes, it'll probably be a Tundra.
  3. I unloaded my 2019 LTZ Z71 with 17k miles on Saturday for 41k to Carmax. Carvana only offered 39.4k. After four window leaks, issues with 1-2 shift slam when cold, and random electrical anomalies, it wasn't worth keeping.
  4. I bought it because I loved the look. My favorite looking truck available. Sucks you think they don't look good. But let's not hijack this thread with that tangent. LOL
  5. I didn't pay cash, so in the end, I paid about 16k for 21mos of ownership, which includes TTL, interest, and insurance. But the aggravation was beyond measurable.
  6. 2019 LTZ Z71 with just under 17k mi
  7. Well guys, I just couldn't deal with it anymore. Carvana offered 39,600 and Carmax offered 41k. Waiting for wife to pick me up from Carmax right now. Check in hand. I do not plan to buy anything else at this time. The truck was a third vehicle. Don't really need one. I'll be sure to lurk this thread for years to come. Good luck to the rest of you still dealing with this and those who will be soon. Peace
  8. There sadly appears to only be one way to fix these leaks..... Sell it
  9. yeah - I haven't fully made up my mind. Even if they fix it this time, it would have to fail a fifth time by the end of March for the 24 mos lemon law for replacement or buy back. Then beyond that, March of 22 is the three year warranty. There really isn't another truck I'd want, not sure I want to keep this one, and if I go with a 2021, it'll probably leak too. Ugh. Back in August they said they used new clips and washers and also resealed the new window. Maybe they screwed that up like they did the previous two attempts.
  10. Not sure. They have done the sealant, then replacement, then sealant again. So now, I have to send GM a certified letter due to lemon law I suppose. I really don't want to dump this thing on Carvana, but I also don't want another slacker service guy scratching the interior panels or leaving sealant all over the outside. Just frustrated right now.
  11. Well, here we go again. I am now experiencing leak #4. Sigh
  12. Also, did you go with the E load LT version for towing to get more plys or stick with the SL load standard version ? https://www.falkentire.com/tires/light-truck-suv-cuv-tires/wildpeak-h/t02-tire
  13. If you want the vehicle to be flawless, keep it in Jay Leno's garage. Otherwise, just drive it and wash it when it gets dirty. You'll never stop every rock chip, scratch, bug splatter, or other nuisance that comes from actually driving a vehicle without going crazy.
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