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  1. oh yeah, just noticed those E9 windows posted are the Vitro model. The E4 I posted is the Fuayo. So....
  2. oh wow. Now I'm wondering if all the spare E4's they are installing are no good. Again, we need someone to get GM on record with what the hell is going on here. not much consumer confidence.
  3. Yours looks like a solid window and not a slider.
  4. Take the cash and then refinance at a local credit union. Then pay it off early.
  5. This is a great picture @JohnCasey!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Do you have a picture of the model of the window they recently put in that leaked? E2 or E4? also be interested to know if the new window is leaking due to poor install or cracking in same spots.
  7. That's when I noticed it the first time and after the caulk job, it would only drip after morning dew, not rainstorms or washes. Haven't noticed any drips since the new E4 window last week or so.
  8. Don't do that. You'll kill your resell value.
  9. Went in today for them to replace the two pillar panels that got scratched to hell. Looks back to new. Also had them fix the middle seat belt anchor the first tech twisted up into a knot. They also did the second brake BCM reflash recall to fix the bad one applied in December. Truck almost feels whole again. But I'm having PTSD waiting to see if the replacement window will leak or not.
  10. Do you have power up tailgate and does it work with it well? Any closing issues?
  11. Which XR? Pro, One, or Powertrax? I have the Bakflip MX4 but need a way to load the kayaks and like your setup.
  12. Had the same problem in our Odyssey. Even though it took replacing the right axle seal and the seal between the engine and the tranny, they ended up replacing it due to fluid seaping through the aluminum casting, but that was after multiple trips over a couple years. I'd be happy they addressed yours so quickly.
  13. They all say this to ease your concerns. Then when it leaks again from the window, they will replace the window. If it was from the spoiler, the solid glass windows would also leak and they wouldn't be replacing so many windows.
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