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  1. When I test drove a couple trucks the last few days, I liked being able to put my phone on landscape mode on the console without the wireless charger in the little trough. Seemed like it sat up at a better angle than one the wireless console. But I want the camera trailer package, so have to get the wireless. Doh.
  2. Not sure what's the point of wireless charging if it's slow and can't be used for Android auto. When I did a test drive, it said charging slowly, and didn't think to test AA. Now thinking/wishing it wasn't included with Conv Pkg 2 on the LTZ.
  3. What happens if you're plugged into usb-c and place it on the wireless charger at the same time? Does Android Auto work with the wireless charger? Still debating which packages to get. Thanks
  4. Go to Chevy.com, shopping tools, download brochure
  5. That 6.2 kills your payload due to its weight over the 5.3
  6. Depends on the config. See capture from brochure.
  7. I don't ever care what the dealer, battery, tire, or toilet paper fee is. I only care about the out the door price when comparing dealer pricing on the same vehicle config.
  8. Weird site behavior

    Awesome, thank you
  9. What did you pay for your truck?

    My credit union has 48mos at 3.49 and 60mos at 3.79, so if it's over 4% via GM, I'd take the cash for three months of higher interest and then flip it.
  10. Silverado/Sierra vs. Tahoe/Yukon

    Don't know if you have mulch up there, but here in Florida, I'm loading mulch in our Odyssey with the seats out or the Outback multiple times a year. Buying a 19 Silverado in the next month or two. It's a must have as a home owner.
  11. What did you pay for your truck?

    Could always refi at the local credit union the next month I suppose.
  12. Weird site behavior

    Am I the only one?????
  13. It may be a pixel issue. I had the 2xl and upgraded to the 3xl due to issues with it. I've even replaced the 3xl with a second one due to continual Bluetooth issues. Coming from iPhones before that for years, Bluetooth problems have been the only issues I've had with the Android experience. I'm not using AA, but basic Bluetooth in my other cars and it's extremely buggy. I'm almost at the point of not getting the pixel 4 this fall and considering a LG or dreaded Samsung. I'll even go to a flip phone before getting forced back into iTunes. Sorry for the hijack, but I really think Google has Bluetooth issues and there are a bunch of issues reported in the Google forums.
  14. RCSB sighting

    Why would anyone want a regular cab? Whyyyyyyyyyyy?????? 😕
  15. What did you pay for your truck?

    Look what's posted on the chevy.com homepage for February! The discounts are starting to increase....

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