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  1. https://www.cnet.com/roadshow/news/chevrolet-full-scale-lego-silverado-detroit-auto-show/ Looks like a crew cab standard bed.
  2. Chevy site states 9500lb for short bed and 9400lb for standard bed. So not much difference.
  3. For the Trail Boss, how does the 10" longer standard bed (and wheelbase?) affect towing specs for towing, tongue, and payload compared to the short bed? Since I'll probably order vs get off the lot, I'm intrigued by this option.
  4. A new vehicle will depreciate faster than a used one. It's more financially sound to keep your truck for 10+ yrs and buy used ones that are 2-3yrs old. Then again, no one lives forever, so if you want to spend money that you otherwise could invest or use for other purposes, it's your choice. At the end of the day, it's only money and we can't take it with us. If you're happily married, get your spouse's pulse on it and trust their council. The decision really isn't one that could be considered logical either way, it's an emotional one. If you do make the move, I wouldn't recommend making a habit of it unless you're Jay Leno or have a paid off house and a few hundred k in the bank. I'm also not saying don't do it. But if you do, make sure it's with good intentions. Interested in other's opinions as well.
  5. Trail Boss Towing

    Hey @greatmizzou - thanks for the detailed reply!!! Yeah, already considering the Hensley or ProPride hitch. Even though it's like $2k, a few ppl I know swear by them. At 10mpg, we should be to run 3-4hrs between fueling. Our bladders don't last that long on road trips. Definitely considering carrying a 5gals gas can for road trips. The max loaded weight rating of the 2670mk is 8500. There isn't much boondocking options in the southeast and I think we'd be at campgrounds unless overnighting in a Walmart lot, hah. We've looked at the 24-28' units but fear we'll feel like they are too small within the first year of ownership. Looked at 2250rk & 2600rb. Also, don't want HD or diesel truck that only tows 6-8 trips a year. Looking at getting TB late spring and TT end of year. Plenty of time to keep doing research.
  6. I'm looking at getting a LT Trail Boss and the specs are 9500lbs towing. I'm wanting to pair it with a 6800lb (dry) grand design travel trailer (2670mk model). It'll just be wifey and I and we'll take it out probably 6-8 times a year for less than 1 week runs, mostly in the southeast, so I don't think we'll have load/towing issues. Interested in anyone's feedback, especially those who currently or plan to tow with their Trail Boss. Thanks in advance.

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