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  1. yeah, they are all the same. I've ordered from both. 5% back with Amazon card though.
  2. Can't speak for the 6.2, but this is the 5.3. It looks like it just hangs there, but there are other bars and things that are lower than it. It would take a seriously branch to push the lever to the side and then pull it down. If you're over branches that strong, then you're muffing up other things too. At that point, I'd be more worried about a filter puncture.
  3. I only use the best oil. It's Organic and First Cold Pressed. In all seriousness..... Walmart Supertech 0W-20 (used to use pennzoil platinum for years but switched over to Supertech last year for all vehicles). I installed a Supertech filter last change, but the cold PSI seems higher than normal. So switching back to AC Delco next change.
  4. I've been using a set of ramps like this for years for our Accord and Odyssey. Don't need for Outback since filter is on top. I used these ramps for the truck for the last change and worked fine. Can't say enough about fumoto valves. We have one on every vehicle and have been using them for over 15 years.
  5. known issue for cold vehicles. let it warm up first or hold pedal down lightly until in 2nd after initial go.
  6. Looks like the FUYAO E2 model (older glass model) based on the shape of the plastic above the drip.
  7. I have the Husky UVS100 by CoverCraft and don't have that issue at this time.
  8. It would be cool if you could post the identifier numbers from the new window they installed that they claim is a new design. Looking for the Brand, Circle-E#, and Model. Ex. FUYAO, E4, 43R-000072 I've often wondered this as well if opening and closing the window causes these stress cracks. Yes, in most cases the leaks occur months after purchase.
  9. I am saying that only GM knows and won't say.
  10. Nobody can answer until GM comes clean on why they are cracking.
  11. Checked today and showed oil life % first toggle. Put it back on Trip A before back to main screen. I should have my passengers take shots every time it isn't on Trip A on first check. Make it a drinking game based on which screen appears. LOL
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