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  1. There is no evidence body flex or what is seen in those pictures cause the window leak issue. Mine is a pavement queen and has leaked three times. There are others that go off road like above and never leak.
  2. Really enjoyed these pictures. Thank you for sharing!
  3. These may be the only people that really know what is going on with these windows:
  4. I have paper towels there on both sides that I check once a week or after big storms. But that still hasn't helped this issue.
  5. Just noticed the back seat brackets are rusting on both sides.... OMG $^%#! $&#&^!$ !!!!!!!!! Or is this a feature enhancement ? Any one else having this happen ????
  6. We have been set on the Grand Design, just waiting to save up some cash during the pandemic. But when we saw the Winne Voyage with Azdel, King Bed option, larger fridge, and super closet, we plan to go check it out. The quality and design concepts in pictures and videos make it look very comparable to the Grand Design. We've been to a few RV shows and nothing out there in the travel trailer class has looked as good to us as the GDs. ymmv. Edit to add: Not to mention, wife says whichever one we pick, has to have a fireplace. So that does limit our choices. lol
  7. My driver side was doing this today and I had to hold the up until it passed half way and then it went on its own.
  8. Too hot to open this time of year, but October through April, yeah, it's nice.
  9. I love my sunroof. Leaks less than the rear slider for sure.
  10. How much body flex is occurring when you pull in and out of a residential driveway ? In these example below, that is enough to cause this issue ?
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