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  1. Over 4k mi and I don't have any of those on mine
  2. First oil change

    We have fumotos on all our vehicles. Wouldn't have a vehicle without it.
  3. After the free three mos, I called and said $150/yr is too much for remote start, cancel it all. They offered $99/yr and I paid it. With it being 100* in FL for the last two months, it is very much worth it. On another note, have any of you parked the truck, left it running, but locked it and took the fob with you into a convenience store or quick 10mins away from the truck to keep it running vs turn off and then remote start? I did this Saturday running into the pet food store. I'm thinking from a theft perspective, doing the remote start would prevent someone from taking the truck. Or would they still be able to step on the brake and go without the fob?
  4. Totally misread the camper part. Lol.
  5. We usually put our kayaks on top of our Outback, but thinking about using one of these. About $60 at harbor freight or home depot. https://www.harborfreight.com/truck-bed-extender-69650.html
  6. I'm up to about 10 experiences now with this issue. 4k miles. It happens every couple days.
  7. 18-19mpg '19LTZ 33" GY ATs
  8. AndroidAuto

    Pixel 3XL and 19LTZ here. Use AA 100% of the time. Have had the truck since March and got 4k miles. Have not had any of those issues OP.
  9. Haven't seen any software updates in over 2 months
  10. Happened again yesterday afternoon, this time adjusting blower speed.
  11. Shouldn't make a difference. It's a refi classification. My credit union classified mine as a refi since they weren't used at point of purchase. Still got 2.49%

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