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  1. Trail Boss MPG Competition

    At about 2500 total miles on LTZ Z71 5.3 33" GY trailrunner ATs and a bakflip MX4, still averaging 17-18 suburbia and 18-19 hwy. In the southeast, unless your doing 10-15 over posted, you're getting passed. I can't drive 55 like some of you guys.
  2. What's your payload sticker show? Do you have any concerns with sway going down the road or slowing the rig on hills?
  3. The 2670mk is our preferred TT, but thinking it may be too much for just two of us. We have the 5.3/8sp with 1755lb payload. So we're thinking about maybe the 2250rk.
  4. Which Imagine to you have? We've been looking at them for a while.
  5. Yeah, the MX4 does leak at the front corners. But, for me, this cover is more for hiding things that can get wet vs storing paper products in my opinion. Ex. Camping chairs, firewood, coolers, maybe suitcases.

    I live in FL. Trucks sold here have snow-mode deleted from the factory.
  7. Sounds like some of the "Why is this coffee so hot when I spill it on myself" crowd. 😏
  8. Story behind the multipro tailgate. Good read! 👍 https://www.freep.com/story/money/cars/general-motors/2019/05/18/gm-multipro-tailgate-pickup-sierra-denali/3669381002/
  9. GM Financing - Early refinance

    Finally got my payoff letter today. Yeet!
  10. Front Plate

    I love the clean look of no plate. Too bad they don't attach like on our Odyssey from underneath so it doesn't leave visible holes. Since a plate isn't needed here in FL, I'd love to put something personal on the front, but I'm going to put holes in this pretty face. Haha.
  11. The cameras only show for 7secs before going back to main content if over ~5mph. When normal driving, those views are only for a few seconds. If rolling with almost no gas pedal, they'll show continuously.
  12. They ran out of electrical tape so they didn't use any to cover that area up.
  13. There are a few brake & DIC indicator threads already. The monitor system isn't accurate. Best thing to do it check actual pad thickness and disable this view from the DIC.

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