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  1. Where's the best place to pick up some touch up paint in the pen/brush style? Dealer or online? If online, what/where do you recommend? Received a rock chip on the hood last road trip and need to touch it up.
  2. #@$&&@$ Climate Off is back ten days later grrrrrr
  3. Don't worry about it. Just change the oil responsibly and enjoy the truck. Drive it until you're tired of it.
  4. And since I use multiple calendars on my pixel, what it read out wasn't accurate. I'm only using Waze, podcast addict, and Pandora. Otherwise I use sxm via regular head unit.
  5. It was just there at first notice. I haven't changed any icons yet
  6. I have remote start cooled seats with the newest update
  7. https://www.androidpolice.com/2019/08/16/tip-if-you-still-dont-have-the-new-android-auto-check-your-app-settings/ Just saw this article above and boom, I got the new AA.
  8. That's some crap right there brother. I'd be on someone at GM.
  9. I have a Pixel 3XL with the August patches and am still on the legacy AA app. No changes here yet.
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