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  1. Installed Stillen and I feel the cold dense air has increased my gas mileage. I diid clearance the Stillen around the center actuators on shutters. Also clearance both right and left top shutter where the 2 vertical supports are on the Stillen. Was making noise good now.
  2. Get a magnet the tailgate is aluminum. Will flex more would think.
  3. My Brand new Trailboss had the same failure leaving from my purchase. Not real happy. They found 2 ground bolts behind Air Cleaner that weren't torqued properly. No codes since repair.
  4. Pretty sure they are still there only on 6.2L Bose systems. I have 2 mic's above driver and passenger seats. On 2020 Trail Boss.
  5. Well I have joined the crowd with Brake issues. Just purchased 2020 Trail Boss LT yesterday and left it at the Dealer yesterday. Have Service Brake Assist and Engine light. Drove back to dealer and they said they forgot to reset fault after software load, good to go. I also drove the truck 40 miles before warning came on. So forgetting to reset fault is BS. Well I made it 2 1/2 mile and the warning returned , back to Dealer and they gave me another new truck as a loaner it has acted good so far. No news today from Dealer. GM needs to fess up and fix these issues!!!! The waiting game begins.
  6. Well I just purchased 2020 Trail Boss today. Didn’t get 40 miles on a brand new truck and got message that brake assist system issue and check engine light on. Right back to Dealer they said they forgot to reset code after software update. They reset and claimed to be OK. I said I drove 40 miles with no issues. Now all of a sudden it needs reset from software load???? Well I made it 2 miles and there fix broke again. Left truck at Dealer, they did give me a loaner. Will see how the saga continues!
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