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  1. I'm interested... Hopefully someone has some info on this.
  2. I have a pop sound in my seat. Also have another popping sound coming from the steering column. Subscribed.
  3. I also did the Xpel on the hood, headlights, fog lights, front and rear bumper and i believe the 4 door handles. It ran me $1500. I like it. I haven't had any issues with it. Had it about 8 months or so.
  4. Mine wasn't leaking to bad actually. Maybe a dime size of oil overnight. It was leaking right in front where it connects to the engine. Ill see if i can upload some pics once I get home from work.
  5. Yup! They couldn't fix the leak. They replaced seals and it continued leaking. Replaced with a brand new one.
  6. 10 speed. GM replaced it and so far no issues. Knock on wood.
  7. I had a similar issue. Mine was fuzzy and white. I took it to the dealer and they took the entire rear view camera and the headliner off while troubleshooting. They had to order parts (cant remember what it was they ordered) but I finally got feed up waiting for about 2 weeks. The dealership kept saying that the parts were back ordered due to the strike. I had the put the truck back together and we agreed that I would bring it back once the parts arrived. I get my truck back and the rear view mirror is working. No issues since then. Been a few months. I never took it back once the parts arrive
  8. My 2019 AT4 is at the dealership waiting for a new transmission. Mine only has a leak that they can't fix. Did you get your truck back? any issues? if so how long did it take? I know that the GM strike caused a delay on parts. I had to wait about a month to get the seals when they tried to fix the leak the first time.
  9. Bought a brand new 2019 GMC AT4 with the 6.2 the truck has 5500 miles and it has a transmission leak. Took into the dealership and they replaced a seal. I get it back and put about 100 miles on it. Look under and its leaking again. Take it back to the dealership and they start troubleshooting. They call me 2 days later and say they have to replace the entire transmission. I'm kinda disappointed. New truck not been abused and already having to replace the transmission. Anyone else having issues with their 10 speed transmissions?
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