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  1. so I had the ECM updated on mine while in for an oil change last week and it has totally solved my issue. I was very clear about them making sure they did the ECM flash and the crank relearn.
  2. So I did this swap over the weekend. I went with part number 13540312. Got the harness freed pretty easily by using a hair dryer. I did break the clips on the mirror cover insert so I had to order a new one of those. I will say I haven't really notice the mirror working. I've read others say it's not as noticeable as others, but I also haven't driven at night yet. The closest I had was this morning when the sun was coming up. I also have my windows tinted. Anybody else have something similar? Wondering if the mirror I got isn't good? Thanks for the feedback.
  3. Thanks for this as well. It's been driving me crazy trying to figure out what this is. I need an oil change and will be asking them to look at it this as well.
  4. @Firehawk99 didn't see your second question at the end about drone. Honestly the interior noise at speed wasn't that bad. I was amazed at how loud it was during acceleration, but so quiet at cruising speed. I could hear my tires more than the exhaust cruising at 60 mph, and I ditched the loud Duratracs so I have much quieter tires on it now. The DFM was a lot more noticeable. Really made the truck sound like a diesel when it kicked in at low speeds. I'm happy with the touring after going back to it, but loved the sound the s type made. I wish there was something in between them, but that's not the case.
  5. So since I went with the S-type it's only the muffler that's different. I think the 6.2 come with the resonator, not the 5.3. If you look at the instructions for the Touring / s Type, they are all the same. Only difference is the muffler section.
  6. So I recently went through this. I have a 2021 5.3 10 Speed Trail Boss. I previously had a 2020 RST which I installed the Borla Touring exhaust on it. I was happy with it. I installed the same exhaust system on my TB, and for some reason wasn't as happy with it. I blamed it on the 10 speed which shifts much more, and keeps the RPMs down better than the 8 speed. A co-worker put a new exhaust on his truck, and it made mine sound stock...so last month I contacted Borla and asked if I could buy the S Type Muffler. They sold it to me, and I installed it about a week ago. 15 minute job, just swap out one section. Initially I loved it, but after a couple weeks I went back to the Touring. It sounds good, but it's pretty loud outside the truck. Inside it was remarkably quiet for the noise it made outside. Really impressed with what Borla can do as far as drone. I'm happy back on the Touring system now. My motivation was I wanted it a little louder than the Touring, but the s type ended up being more than what I wanted.. I loved the sound, but I just felt for me it was too loud for my daily. I have an s type system on my C5 Corvette and LOVE IT. On a side note, anyone with a GM Performance Cat Back or Touring that wants to upgrade to the S Type let me know. I have the muffler sitting in my garage that I need to get rid of.
  7. Top or Bottom? I tried to take the bottom one out but couldn't get it to come out. I pushed in the tabs and got it to hang down but couldn't figure out how to remove it.
  8. So I got everything working but the air duct. I could not figure out where it goes. Anybody got pictures of where it's supposed to go, or how it connects? Would greatly appreciate it.
  9. I swear I have this issue and I have been looking for a good way to describe it. I've searched a lot of different things and came up with nothing. It doesn't happen all the time and it feels like the rear is going over rumble strips. I don't feel it everywhere, but when turning into my neighborhood, it seems to happen all the time. In that situation the road is slightly down hill. It seems to do it there every time. I am also turning in that situation as well and I feel it then also. Truck is a stock Trail Boss. You think the washers alone might be worth a shot? Any idea what size washers you bought?
  10. Installed mine before Christmas. I love it. Need to do the wireless charging swap in the spring when it gets warmer. I did try the carplay2air adapter that others have mentioned but it never worked well with my truck. I think it has a lot to do with the radio powering on before starting the engine, so it didn't work consistently. I am using it in my 03 Corvette with an aftermarket radio and it works perfect. Others have had success with their trucks, but the WAMS solution is clean and works perfectly for me. I also didn't have navigation so it was an upgrade of both navigation and wireless carplay. Not bad when you look at it that way.
  11. Plastic with a metal "cap" on the center part if that makes sense. All the clips are plastic and it's like there is a thin metal dome over the exterior part you see in the wheel. Hope that helps.
  12. Got mine today as well. Everything is installed and working great. Customer Service at WAMS is great. Had a few questions and they worked through everything with me. I didn't have navigation before so it's nice to have in addition to wireless Carplay which was the main thing I wanted.
  13. Ordered as well. Any idea how quickly these will ship out?
  14. Yes. You use one existing hole and then you need to drill one new one to finish mounting the brackets. It’s easy. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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