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  1. Installed mine before Christmas. I love it. Need to do the wireless charging swap in the spring when it gets warmer. I did try the carplay2air adapter that others have mentioned but it never worked well with my truck. I think it has a lot to do with the radio powering on before starting the engine, so it didn't work consistently. I am using it in my 03 Corvette with an aftermarket radio and it works perfect. Others have had success with their trucks, but the WAMS solution is clean and works perfectly for me. I also didn't have navigation so it was an upgrade
  2. Plastic with a metal "cap" on the center part if that makes sense. All the clips are plastic and it's like there is a thin metal dome over the exterior part you see in the wheel. Hope that helps.
  3. Got mine today as well. Everything is installed and working great. Customer Service at WAMS is great. Had a few questions and they worked through everything with me. I didn't have navigation before so it's nice to have in addition to wireless Carplay which was the main thing I wanted.
  4. Ordered as well. Any idea how quickly these will ship out?
  5. Yes. You use one existing hole and then you need to drill one new one to finish mounting the brackets. It’s easy. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  6. I installed one on mine. Went with the rounded one also. Took 20 minutes to put together and install. I don't use it for hauling bikes like you want, but its very handy and easy to flip and out and then store in the bed.
  7. Bought these to see if I liked the look of black wheels on my truck before upgrading. They work really well for what they are. Don’t need them anymore and wanted to offer them up here. Normally they are like $90 but I will sell them for $40 plus shipping. Only used them for about 300 miles. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  8. I had 5100s on my 2009 Silverado and they were night and day difference. I will want to put them on my 2020 soon. The bouncing is pretty annoying. If it makes that much difference in the rear I might pull the trigger on those.
  9. It could be that it happens but the majority of this issue seems to be isolated to the SU4 axle. GM even calls out only that axle on the PIP document. Not saying it can’t happen to the other but the reporting from everyone who has the issue overwhelmingly points to the SU4. Just curious if the SU5 axle is only for the single speed transfer case. Most of the issues seem to be either LT or RST. Anybody with the single speed case have this issue? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  10. I had the same issue but there were more codes with it that showed it was the brake controller staying on after shutting off the truck and it detected wheel movement. When it happens are you parked on an incline any time? There is a software update for it that and it solved my issues. It happened to me with 40 miles on the truck. After the update haven’t had any more lights. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  11. I'm eyeing those currently. That's exactly what I want to do with black emblems for the tail gate as well.
  12. It’s tied to the build codes that are on the door. I think those are related to the vin number. So if you took your truck to another dealer that didn’t know they replaced your axle with another and they pull your vin from the system it’s going to show the old Axle based off their cross referencing the build codes. It wouldn’t change your VIN but the link your build codes would be off and they wouldn’t know what parts to use. GM will send your the build sheet for any gm vehicle if you ask them and it will pull all the options based on your VIN. So the trucks with the problems are SU4 build co
  13. I think if you look up the SU5 Axles don't have this issue, only the SU4s. I've been doing some research and trying to find out which models have the SU4s or if it just depends on where the truck is made. Mine was built in Indiana. If you go look at them and scan the barcode on the B pillar you can see the build code. I'm going to make sure when I get rid of this one that it doesn't have the SU4 axle in the new one.
  14. So got the truck back yesterday and didn't get to drive it much. Took it for a longish drive tonight after dinner and it's back. Made it 40ish miles. It's not nearly as loud at lower speed, but at 40+ it's clear it's back. Already left angry voice mail with my GM Customer Service Rep. Only thing I am no sure is if they did the full repair in the PIP (not that I think it will work), because the O-ring is missing from the parts installed list. Going to confirm with the dealer tomorrow to make sure they did it. Disappointed but not surprised based on the documented hist
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