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  1. Just got my 2019 sierra back from getting the TSB for the spoiler bolts done and low and behold it still leaks. I guess they didn't even check it before telling me it was fixed. It will be going back Monday morning. Looks like this is going to be a long aggravating road. I knew I should have just bought another Honda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Like "No Coast Rider" said I am lucky to get 17 and that is taking it easy. I do live in east TN. Guess since there have been so many positive comments on this new range device I'll bite and give one a try.
  3. I have never seen the kind of mileage everyone talks about. My best was 19 but it is usually 16-18 so now I am debating getting one of these now. I can't handle that kind of mileage loss
  4. I've been looking as well and haven't found anything i like well enough or that doesn't take away from the front ends of these trucks
  5. I have the Under Cover Armor Flex and love it. Does not interfere with the tail got function at all. You can push button open and close with the top completely closed. I have only had a few drops of water enter the bed once and it was after driving in the pouring rain for two hours. It was right in the corners of the back of the bed where the top of the gate and bed cover meet
  6. What superduper said. You can not do it from the app. You have to go into the actual website and change your password to make it work.
  7. 2019 Sierra 5.3. I have clamped the flapper open and taped/covered the screens up. I am super happy with the sound and have been asked what exhaust I was running. They are surprised when I tell them it is factory exhaust lol. The only thing I do not like is that you can see the tape through the fender well when standing beside the truck.
  8. 2019 sierra 1500 SLT. Thought I got lucky but noticed it leaking down both sides of the rear window. Dealer said that the four bolts holding the rear spoiler were the wrong bolts from the assembly line and not pulling it tight enough to seal. They have the bolts ordered for the repair so we will see. After seeing what they are going to have to go through to replace them I am dreading it. I HATE IT when they have to work on anything.
  9. Wished I would have waited. Bought a leftover 19 in January. Now could get a 20 for almost as much with a way cheaper payment.
  10. I also removed the badges on the tail gate except for the GMC logo and the door SIERRA on the doors. I am super happy with the cleaner look.
  11. It may be the truck. I just got an armor flex and it is the same way. Mine you can only really tell from the back but it is noticeable. Other than that I really like it so far.
  12. Does anyone have any pictures of the AVS window vents installed? Thoughts and opinions on these?
  13. I have had it in for the brake recall and brought this up. They told me everything was fine and the delay was normal. I have read so much about these two different systems my head hurts. It does seam the largest issues was with not alternating dead cylinders vs it always being the same ones.
  14. I notice it every time I drive the truck and hate it. I can hear and feel when the thing drops cylinders. While having dropped cylinders waiting the 3-5 seconds it takes to figure out what to do when I want to mash the peddle to take off or pass a car is just ridiculous. I will be having this option looped out of the program if Range does not come up with something soon. Like the auto stop/start function. It is a gimmick. I ran two tanks with and two tanks without making the same exact trips and there was zero difference in fuel consumption. I have heard the same goes for the fuel management system from almost everyone who had the AFM system. I am new to all this so there may be something I'm missing.
  15. Hello everyone. After poking around on here for a while Range seams to be the only manufacturer in this market. Did I by chance over look someone? I messaged them and after several days someone finally got back with me stating it would be at least a few months before something could be ready.
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