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  1. Also, if 5 out of 50 trucks had a lifter problem that is 10% , which is a lot.
  2. Someone above misunderstood me about mileage. I was getting 21 mpg and after the Range delete it went to 17 mpg.
  3. I wanted to know if anyone had any real data on the percentage of lifter failures on the 5.3 engine. I purchased a Range DFM delete a post about 4 miles to the gallon. That's about 100 miles for a tank of gas. I like how it drives, no hesitation and smoother overall but with fuel prices going up I wondered if I should just let the DMV do it's thing. Is there any real data out there? I know people have had trouble with their lifters but I know a couple of guys at work who haven't ever had a problem. I could pick any vehicle out there and find people who had problems. Is the failure rate that high or overblown? Anyone have any real info?
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