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  1. I have a set of chrome takeoffs for sale, if anyone is interested.
  2. I just sold them this morning, but thank you for the inquiry.
  3. I have a set for sale if you’re still looking.
  4. I just traded my ‘21 RST in for a ‘21 AT4. I unfortunately live on a dirt road and the tires love to toss the rocks....I’m looking for pictures of the WeatherTech mudflap’s on an AT4. I found a couple pictures of the Husky’s, but if someone has more ill take those as well.
  5. Thank you everyone for the replies. I think we will be exploring legal advice, at the very least they can clarify my what my options are to help persuade GM from idly sitting on their hands.
  6. Looking for some advice here, I’ve never had the experience of having a vehicle sitting broken at a dealership for an extended period of time. I apologize for the long post. I purchased my first GM product in December, a 2021 Silverado 1500 RST with the 3.0 Duramax. I only chose GM over Ford because I wanted to try this motor. Fast forward to the end of February, I get the “175 miles to 65MPH” screen with the engine light. I drop it at a dealership on February 26th (a Friday). Dealership gives me a loaner, but they only have Equinox’s and smaller for loaners (find out later it’s dealers discretion on what they have for loaners, and this is NOT the dealership I purchased the truck from, that dealership had an almost two week wait time to just look at the truck). Dealership calls me Monday and says the redundant module for the emissions system has failed, and they’re working on ordering a new one. Fast forward through the week and they can’t find one anywhere in North America. GM is telling them they won’t make just one module, it has to be a bulk order. The dealership escalates the part order to the highest priority in GM’s system, but they’re still being told no to one part being made by GM. The week of March 15th, I stop at the dealer for an update and they’re now being told even if GM wanted to make the part I need they now can’t because of the chip shortage. They give me the number to GM’s Customer Service line and tell me to contact them. I contact GM’s Customer Service and explain the situation, get assigned a senior advisor and a case number. After many pointless phone calls with that person (I understand they have a system and process to follow but if you can’t do anything but keep calling the dealership and ask them for updates daily what help are you...) I finally get a supervisor on the phone, this phone call was on March 22nd. That individual goes through their process and asks what they can do for me and says GM will do something to compensate me for my situation and would something to propose to me by March 29th at the latest. March 29th comes and goes, so I call back. Now I have a new senior advisor assigned to my case and they’re wanting to start over. I’m finally getting frustrated with their “process”, so I state what if I seek legal counsel to help them along. Their reply is if you do that we close this case and open a new one which will delay you more (anyone know if this is true???). I then state that I’m paying a lot of money for a truck to collect dust in a dealership parking lot, how about they start paying for it, “I’ll look into that”. Fast forward through a couple more pointless phone calls to yesterday, April 7th. The advisor calls and says they have no new updates, they’re going to switch to giving me one weekly update because they have no definitive timeline on my part appearing. I again ask for compensation as in pay last months payment and all the payments going forward that my truck sits broken, or give me a new truck. Advisor states when the truck is fixed and back in my possession that will be addressed. Basically I’m looking for a couple answers, first, if I was to pursue legal action of some type will that actually close my current case and open a new one? Possibly further delaying my part arriving someday. Second, is it standard GM practice to wait to settle up until your vehicle is fixed or are they bs’ing me. Any advice will be greatly appreciated, thank you.
  7. Okay, thank you. Is there any way to retain that feature with them automatically coming on with the headlights?
  8. Does the fog light symbol still come on the dash with this mod when on, or no?
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