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  1. It's just crazy now because of inventory, I traded my 19' 1500 High Country in that I paid 53k for and got 47500 but saved 3800 in taxes on the trade. So it was like I got 51,300 for it after 2 years and 19k miles, they certified it and put it back out for 53k same I paid for it new. https://www.autonationbuickgmcparkmeadows.com/VehicleDetails/certified-2019-Chevrolet-Silverado_1500-Crew_Cab_Short_Box_4_Wheel_Drive_High_Country-Lone_Tree-CO/4752043393
  2. What Kylant said, mine was leaning to the driver side a full inch, I did 6 turns on driver side and it brought that side up to within 3/4 in of rear gap and brought the pass side up to same so it's exactly at a 3/4 inch rake now. You could do more but I think it would look nose high, ride is the same.
  3. Did you check with GM to see how many sensors the factory unit will store? I only ask as my old Tundra only stored 4 so GM might only store 8.
  4. I had ordered a gas as well but it from what my dealer told me there a chip issue and it would be a while, he didn't have the details but we needed a new truck before the 3-4 months it would take for the order. Good luck with your order hopefully something changes on wait times!
  5. Can't help with volume but I just bought a 21' black 3500 AT4 and I can tell you in CO the dealers aren't dealing much due to inventory. I didn't want another White truck and thats the only in stock units for 1000 miles other than this black one. I do get the GM Supplier discount but this is what I paid. MSRP: 80,300 Package Discount: 1000 Supplier Discount: 5221 Factory Rebate: 250 Total: 73,829 I took the $250 rebate and 0% for 72 mo. instead of $1900 rebate.
  6. I've always sold mine on CList for 500-600, on my last truck(1500) the wheels were nice but the light gray looked bad with White so I got some black Fuels and kept the stockers. When I got the HD I swapped back and have been trying to sell the Fuels but have had ZERO inquireies in 2 weeks exept for someone asking if I still had the stockers for sale. Anyway 1st and last time I'll keep them.
  7. I wanted the 6.6 gas but ended up getting a Duramax since they don't make Gas in higher trims unless you order and thats as bad as trying to find parts like this. I'm assuming they gave you a loaner, not sure how they make something like this right? I had a 17' Duramax and had the heater go out once which they fixed and the DPF go into reduced power 3 times which they did nothing for. The DPF would eventually fix itseld but no go with heater. I'm crossing my fingers I don't have these issues with this new 21'
  8. I had the same order as you Pacific Blue AT4 3500 but I wanted a gasser, after waiting 4 weeks and hearing it could be 3-4 more months I bought a Diesel AT4 in black. In CO the only options are white and black for in stock inventory and I got the last black one in the area.
  9. I have a like new set of Fuel Hardline Wheels removed from my 20' Chevrolet High Country that have less than 2000 Miles. These wheels have zero wear and no scratches or chips and look new. They will clear the new GM brake calipers for 2019+ GM trucks. Also included is a full set of locking lugs. These should also fit many other trucks as the wheels have 2 sets of lug holes drilled. http://www.fueloffroad.com/wheel/10913/fuel-1-piece-wheels-hardline-d620/?finishID=329&lugs=5
  10. Taken off with les =s than 100 miles, locate in Denver CO $650.
  11. I have the exact same truck as you, picked it up last Friday. I also came out of a 1500 I had a 19' High Country, crazy thing is my Console Vault, Amp Powersteps, and Husky Floor mats all fit the 3500. I have installed all 3 now so confirmed same so I think the cabs on the 1500 and 2500/3500 are the same. Got the door windows tinted already too, makes it look much better!
  12. Just got my 21' Diesel Crew Cad SRW Short box 3500 AT4, Max Payload is 3723.
  13. Finally picked mine up Friday.
  14. Just picked up my 21' 3500 short bed Friday for our new Lance camper coming and I'm doing Torklifts as well. Can you tell me if the front mount is in the way of the front jack, this is how it was on our last TC and I was hoping it wasn't that way for this one.
  15. Let us know what they say, not sure I'll get mine this month but I was hoping for Supplier plus 0% as well. For my area incentives went down but the supplier price only went up a couple hundred bucks.
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