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  1. I have them on a High Country not a TrailBoss and they lifted 1.5in on the middle setting(I think). Anyway they are about 20% harsher ride then the stockers but the 70's Caddy front end bounce is gone and they're significantly better towing. Towed about 400 miles this past weekend over CO mountains and the control was MUCH better all around.
  2. There is something differnet, I had the same lift on my 17' and set up the driveline angle and had zero vibration, did the same to the 19' and there is vibration.
  3. 15' and 19' trucks are not the same, stay with what you know.
  4. I put one on for towing and it makes a big difference with the , when not towing the truck handles better but with 34" tires that's not why I added it.
  5. I have a 19' and lifted it 1.5in in the rear and 1in in the front since my High Country came almost level from factory. After I didn't like the rake so ordered a 1in block instead of the 1.5in and WOW major vibration like you have, decel from 40 or so down. It was so bad I thought I had messed up the truck. Got it back and changed out to the 1.5in and it was gone well almost gone. Now that I know what it feels like I can still feel it when I decel, it's about 95% better but I can still feel it. So it seems like these things are VERY sensitive to driveline angle, I'm going to run up the street to look at an AT4 and see if the shim is in there and which way for mine. As for yours have you brought it back to the dealer?
  6. Right here from Grumpy Bear not you :"I love my Kings. Bounce like a Caddy? Not my experience." I said my stock shocks that are not Rancho's bounce Like a Caddy and he responded with that.
  7. Ya you're probably right, I'm towing in the CO Mountains next week and will get a good feel for the difference. Not sure I get how King shocks are the same as stockers but ok.
  8. So I haven't done any tow miles yet but the ride without towing is much harsher now but the 70's Cadillac front bounce is gone. We have some rough cement Interstate here in CO and the seems now make the bed bounce more, I may through the stockers on the rear to see if thats the right balance.
  9. I ordered from Shock Warehouse and had them in a week, no tracking in order email but I called them and they provided it. I did the install last night and it's pretty simle, I've done a few Toyotas and is was much easier than those. One thing to note the bottom mount on the front is much larger so if you have a stock lift spacer it won't fit, I had to redu my 5100 mount after finding that out. I'll report back on ride, I'm simply hoping to get rid of the bouncy front end when towing.
  10. Wow $200+ for the factory fogs? Maybe I should sell mine!
  11. I have a BAK Revolver X4 now and had a BAK MX4 Backflip on my 17', I like being able to see out the back window when the revolver is rolled up which I couldn't with the tri-fold. BUT the tri-fold was much more stout, the revolver kinda seems floppy and when it rains or snows I get a decent puddle in the middle of it.The tri-fold also would dent easily in the panels, I had about 30 hail size dents in it from who knows what since I was never in a hail storm. So pro's and con's for both but when I have our dirt bikes in the back and now being able to see them for possible tie down issues is huge for me.
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