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  1. Wow $200+ for the factory fogs? Maybe I should sell mine!
  2. I have a BAK Revolver X4 now and had a BAK MX4 Backflip on my 17', I like being able to see out the back window when the revolver is rolled up which I couldn't with the tri-fold. BUT the tri-fold was much more stout, the revolver kinda seems floppy and when it rains or snows I get a decent puddle in the middle of it.The tri-fold also would dent easily in the panels, I had about 30 hail size dents in it from who knows what since I was never in a hail storm. So pro's and con's for both but when I have our dirt bikes in the back and now being able to see them for possible tie down issues is huge for me.
  3. Thanks for letting me know, I wont recomend them again!
  4. I heard these guys are better than Carmax: givemethevin.com
  5. Did you ever get this to work, also do you have the PN for the receptacle?
  6. Mine run off the factory fog light wires with no issue and come on when the high beams are on with a jumper wire.
  7. I had one on my F250, it's very strong and secure if you're going to be putting valubles in the back like guns. BUT it's a major pain to take off and on. I have Dirt bikes in the back of mine alot and you can't do it with a DB. If you have no need to take off or on it's ptobably the best cover out there.
  8. Hey guys thought I would just share some shake info. I have a 19' HC that I just put new tires, a 1in front, 1.5 in rear lift on and still no shake drove smooth as butter with and without the minor lift.. I originally only had .75 of rake is the reason for the 1.5 in rear, I tow and have dirt bikes in the back alot so need some rake. Anyway the 1.5 in block was just a bit much for me so I thought I'd swap them out to just a 1in block to level back to where it was. I completed the swap yesterday and when I took it out for a test drive it shook/vibrated badly from 40 mph to 20mph coasting, if I gave it gas it went away and braking had no effect. I got up early this morning as it was bugging the crap out of me and re-checked everything which was good. So I took the 1in blocks back out and put the 1.5in blocks in and it's smooth as butter again. These trucks are very finicky to the pinion angle!
  9. Thanks, definately thinking of going this route, 1200 is a little bit tough to swallow though.
  10. So how is it cruising in the cab, my concern is it will be too loud towing?
  11. Hey Guys - I've been reading but can't seem to find my answer, can I add the trailer camera plug in the bumper, I mean is it wired up to that point and I simply need the trailer camera port plu instead of the dual trailer hook up plug? My goal is to add a rear camera to my trailer that I can see with my dash display. Thanks for any help!
  12. Yes the headlights are a little bit whiter, you can see this as the driving lights shine on the ground more. Doesn't bother me like it did on my last truck with Halogen to these.
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