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  1. Well the kit is more than just new UCAs so yeah makes sense why it’s more. I think all RC stuff is garbage. They look a cheaper ball joint that’s all, not the cheapest but just not the highest quality.
  2. Yes I am, zero complaints. I didn’t add the rear block as I have Bilsteins and didn’t want to over extend them and I’m not a fan of shock extenders.
  3. I have the ReadyLift arms and they are very solid, only weak point I see is maybe the ball joint but it’s fully greasable. I had a set of Cognito arms on my old truck and those were indestructible however I didn’t feel like dropping that much for UCAs as I bought the RL SST kit.
  4. Wow tough crowd, personally I like the “look” of them and have had them on all my trucks and knock on wood never had an issue. I’ve had them with 33’s to 40” tires and only have 1 issue which was my fault as I didn’t loctite the lugs. what’s more idiotic is guys cutting fender and mudflaps to fit a 35” on a damn leveling kit! Meaning don’t troll and be a dbag, guy was just showing his truck with spacers.
  5. Hahah! Only if it was that easy, 70 hours a week at work, 2 kids under 4, and it’s effffing cold out! Might be sitting until spring
  6. Man! I have my kit sitting in the box in the garage and it kills me to see your truck cause we will have the same setup.
  7. Which leveling kit are you running? Do anything to the rear or just the front?
  8. Happen to remember the pages or even better would be pin locations you tapped into...
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