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  1. Anyone running one? Trying to plan out a 6” total lift for the new truck I’m picking up. 3” Cognito Level kit with a body lift. Yeah I know these aren’t the most attractive as you see some frame but I have a buddy who can fab up the gap guards
  2. Where did you find the gloss +15 offset replicas? I can only find satin finish
  3. Curious to see how all you guys are liking the 4” SST. Picking up a new 20 and it will need to be lifted. I currently have a ‘17 with 295/60/20s and I want to have a similar setup. So just looking for an update on how this kit has been performing
  4. Yeah that one, I noticed a lot of people had the ReadyLify SST. I’ll do some digging on that system and see what most think. I’m assuming people like it cause there a lot of trucks on here with that system.
  5. Yeah I think I found it. Thanks! if anyone wants to buy this one off me let me know!
  6. For the guys who used harness number 22878806 what year truck do you have? I ordered this one and it will not plug in on my 2017....
  7. Following this..... Phil- how much for the connectors with leads? I’d toss ya some money
  8. I’m running 20x10 with -24 on 295/65R20s and I rub but nothing a grinder, Hammer, and some good paint won’t fix!
  9. Anyone running a set of these? I’ve found them on Putco’s website but don’t see many reviews on them. Looking for just some rocker protection now with the wider tires.
  10. Went bigger so no need for these. Brand new with stickers still on the tires. 275/65R20 - measure at 34.3” tall by 11.25” wide. load E tires Asking $1100 obo
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