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  1. Well freaking done! Just when I thought I was done now you have to go and show me this cool mod. Nice work!
  2. Finally got it installed, and I’ll say it does sound good. I just wanted some boom not tailgate rattling to piss but just a little extra bass and I am very happy with it. Kid loves it cause it vibrates her ass and wife doesn’t mind it either so it’s a win. I tried to take sound clips but my IPhone sound quality on playback sucks so I deleted the clips.
  3. My 2020 with 3000 miles has just developed a leak. Looks like the dealer is getting a call!
  4. My Kicker kit arrived as did the knob. With the Easter weekend here I doubt I’ll be able to carve out some time to get it installed. Might have to sneak in the garage and do it when everyone in the house is sleeping. The itch to get it done is now a full on skin clawing scratching!!!!
  5. Yeah, dealer wanted $400 to install it. I’ve done plenty of systems since I was 16 so this will be a piece of cake. Great idea, I’ll take a 30 second clip before and after with 2 different songs. Mostly listen to country and rock but might toss in a rap song as their beats are low and I’m guessing my audio quality on a iPhone might now be the greatest.
  6. Purchased my kit tonight, just the sub as I already have the Bose. Knob too, I’m assuming my knob will beat the Kicker unit but we will see. I’ll post some pictures of it when it’s in. stock Bose system sucks and need a bit more bass.
  7. I’ve bought probably 7-10 sets of tires and wheels off eBay. Literally comes down to the place your buying from, I’ve pretty much used the same 2 “stores” and gotten much better prices than my local ass tapping tire guys. heck discount tire has a store on eBay, you’ll be fine.
  8. I am also debating this as well, basically $600 shipped to me. Waiting to hear back from my dealer on cost with install to see if it’s worth it.
  9. Man I measured my door and I got 83” total to clear, however I’m sitting at 81-3/4” on my stock Duratracs....not sure why I’m taller....but I’m probably going with a 295/70 tire
  10. I did the Adams kit and I was very happy with it considering the cost by me is stupid high for them to ceramic coat. Washed the truck, clay barred it twice, then did the Adams Ceramic kit and like you said the water just beads right off. I’ve had it on for about 6 months and even through a bad Wisconsin winter the water still beads right off.
  11. Nvm found a previous post by you and you have the same SST kit as I do.
  12. Wait, you have just the stock TB lift on 35s or did you add a leveling kit too?
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