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  1. Anybody bought new tires on Ebay? Found some for a good price. Seller has good reviews. But I'm often skeptical of ebay. Wondered if anyone has done it before. Thanks!!
  2. Yeah for sure, I'm talking about with stock springs. Just changing the shocks.
  3. Ok needing some help deciding. I have a 2014 Sierra crew cab 5.3L z71. Right now I have a 2" level in front that mounts under the strut (1" in thickness for 2" lift). Nothing in the rear. I have 275/70/18 on stock rims. No rub noticed on pavement or off road. I have 1-1.25" of rake and I like the way the truck sits. But I want to change the shocks to either the bilstein 5100 or eibach pro truck sport. I'm keeping the stock springs and losing the spacer. I know what the literature states for what sort of height increase to expect. But I'd like some real world #s. I've read this thread and some seem to be getting more lift than the reported #s. Please let me know your rake with this setup. Thanks!!
  4. Those of you who have replaced your driveshafts, which one did you go with? Easy install? I'm probably going to have mine checked and see if it can be tinkered with if needed. But I'm already going down the replacement path. Thanks!
  5. Hey, new to the forum. Definitely have the shake in my 2014 Sierra. After watching videos, good grief, made me feel better about mine. Some of those are bad. Is it just a nuisance or does it hurt the vehicle long term? I can tolerate it but I worry the shake will cause other problems. Some of you who have had the shake for 100k or so I'd be interested in knowing what other complications you had. Thanks!
  6. Just joined, lurked on here to find this fix. Did the hose clamp with rubber fix recently. Worked well but now I'm seeing it doesn't last. Looking forward to the washer fix. Thanks everyone!
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