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  1. Ya, that was my understanding. The tech that worked on it when I initially brought it in new what the issue was, but due to SOPs couldn't move forward with the repair since it didn't code as well. Codes hours after I left & went back home. The drive back is what did the camshaft in I'm sure. Fingers crossed the driver side stays for a few. At 48 now, dumping it by 58 prior to the 60 warranty just because of this. Maybe the Z72 will be out by then LOL.
  2. Just picked up my repaired truck. Passenger side lifter failed on cylinder 3. Replaced all 8 lifters on passenger side. Replaced 1 damaged push rode. Replaced 1 damaged camshaft. Along with some bolts, plugs, gaskets, & so on. Covered by warranty. All said & done probably around 10,000. with over a month of rental car charges. As of now, very happy with the repair & both the Service Director & main tech that worked on it were great to deal with. No issues on customer service at all. I understand SOPs & with delays it parts it was what is was. Oh, also replaced my leather steering wheel that was started to tear.
  3. Month update today. Was told at the beginning of the week, that the tech believes that my truck will be completed by tomorrow Friday. Not holding my breath but hopping for it to happen. Turned in my rental today & received a loaner truck from the dealership. At least I have truck for my camping trip coming up in a few weeks regardless. Still super disappointed that others on this forum have had the repairs completed in a week while mine is not at a month due to part availability. OK, it is what it is. Dealership has been great with keeping me updated daily regardless of the long delay in completing the repair.
  4. Update as of this morning. Just received the below from the Service Department. Good morning, I just spoke to the technician and he informed me, that he has to order a camshaft. He said that the procedure that GM makes them go is piece by piece. This what they make them do. I will keep you posted. So I replied with this. Thoughts? That's disappointing considering the tech more than likely diagnosed the camshaft needed replacement with his initial review & diagnose. Just want to confirm. Lifters along with Head Gasket were confirmed damaged on initial tech review & these parts were ordered/received per our text correspondence on 10-19-2021. With possible completion this week. With today's update the camshaft will now need to be replaced & part ordered. With this being mention after this step there is a likely high percentage that a new part may identified as damaged & need to be replaced for example a rod after the camshaft is replaced. Is it possible that the parts that were ordered & are currently on hand for my vehicle needs may now be utilized for another vehicle in need for repair hence extending the repair time of my vehicle? I do understand GMs SOP, but to see parts are now only being identified as approved to replace now is somewhat unacceptable. I do understand this is out of both yours & the techs hands at this time. Thanks again for providing all of the details. I appreciate it.
  5. Received a call from the service director yesterday stating that the parts are in & my truck should be completed (not using the word fixed.) by next week.
  6. Really don't even want to read all of these different threads on the same lifter issue anymore at all. So disappointed in this truck now. Should have stayed in my old one.
  7. Good luck, my dealership told me they couldn't/wouldn't do anything until it coded. They had it for 3 days & "couldn't replicate" the sounds. Told me sorry but you are going to have to drive it until it does. Very proactive knowing they agreed on what the issue was in the first place. Drove it home & on the way home it did more than just throw codes. OUT of my truck for a good while since lifters along with everything else is just sitting on the container ships in the LA port.
  8. Update, 1 Lifter failed, passenger side bank 2. No bent rods as of now. Parts on back order including lifters & head gasket. Living in CA, I see the over 100 container ships waiting to port from PCH. Going to be awhile for this repair to be completed.
  9. Lifters failed. Have not told me what ones or side. Asking for all 16 to be replaced since we all know I'll be back after they just replace the failed ones. Looks like I'm in a Rav4 for a few months. Bright side of things only $45 vs $85 to fill my truck.
  10. Well that didn't take long at home. 5 hours after I picked up my truck, I tried to drive to pick up my daughter. Pulled out, drove up a little hill is what I would call it & all hell broke loose. Sounded like a hammer hitting my engine & every light went on my dash board. Engine basically gave out. It's back at the dealership & the team is reviewing. Very helpful last night & stayed after hours to help me get it checked in & into a rental. Lets see what comes back. Regardless if its lifters or more (probably is) things are on back order for 1.5 months.
  11. Trust me I'm upset, I do not have the time for this at all. Just found out my dad has terminal pancreatic cancer stage 4 when I heard this noise & was headed to the ER to visit him. The video I posted here was loud & clear Friday night. Didn't drive it all weekend. When I dropped in of to them Monday morning, it wasn't making the noise for me as well. Even after the 30 minute drive to the dealership. They've had it for 3 days now trying to replicate. Watching it all on my app to see if they are starting/stopping the vehicle throughout the day. I was with them in the back for an hour this morning. Even drove it for about 15 minutes with the tech. 3 of them were right their when we returned, still no noise. Got back to work, still nothing with it. I'm sure it will hit tonight when I pick up my daughter from daycare.
  12. Just spent a hour with the Tech/Manager. Based on my two videos, in their eyes it the lifter. However since they can not duplicate it or get a code issued, I am basically out of luck. Drove it of the lot & will drive it until it finally seizes up of I hear heaver clunking going on. At 48k right now, under warranty until 60k so basically a year left. Supper bummed since they even stated they agree what it is but hands are tied with cooperate. So it's not a if, it's a when I go back with it.
  13. No luck on of this afternoon on the diagnostic report from the dealers tech team at Simpson in Lake Forest CA.
  14. Just wanted to through it out for you to hear for input. Just starting hearing this noise Friday when I picked up my daughter from daycare. Didn't drive it all weekend & dropped it off at the dealership this morning. Basically making a Tick/Chirp . This just started friday afternoon. I did not hear it Friday morning when I am loading my daughter it or over the days prior to that. Adding the videos for you to hear this & give thoughts on the possible scenarios. Thank you for any ideas. Video 1.movVideo 2.mov
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