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  1. I bought them. The brackets don’t fit my AT4. It think they’re the Silverado brackets. Waiting for the dealer to call me to see what they find out. It’s BS that GMC accessories site sells them, says they are compatible with my VIN number and then they don’t even fit.
  2. I just bought the GM upfitter switch kit (from an online parts store) and then I used point to get the Baja Designs pillar lights off the GMC accessories page. Like a fool i figured they would come with the wiring the kit. I'm definitely not interested in a 3rd party wiring kit with a key fob that gm claims is Baja Designs. I want to find an official baja designs wiring kit that doesn't come with the key fob (the last thing i need is another frigging key fob) that can be wired into the gm upfitter switches. It sounds like you bought a wiring kit from Baja and then successfully hooked it into your upffiters. Can you tell me how you did that? Any pics? If no pics, can you do a quick description of how the wires were wired? Specially, i assume the kit had mulitple wires, one that you connected to the GM switch and the other wire complete the circuit, did you connect it to the negative terminal on the batter or just to good ground?
  3. Anyone get these? I’m thinking about it myself. Just ordered the upffitter switch kit
  4. So did the GM CAI increase or decrease you MPG? I assume it does not truly affect MPG but if you’re putting more air into the engine, wouldn’t it also need more fuel to use the additional air?
  5. The bags made all the difference. I can tow the trailer without any sag and load up up the bed. I couldn’t even load up the bed after leveling it without a lot of sag.
  6. The backend came up about an 1” bc I bought the one with internal jounce bumper. It should come back down once they’re broken in. Made it look like a lifted truck since it was already leveled. I like the jounce bc it protects the bags. 4wheel parts said they don’t install ones with jounce bc it raises truck back unless consumer wants them.
  7. I’m In same boat with airlift. I installed it. I left old the ignition line at first. I could hook to same one as my sub amp I installed but would prefer to go to the location you described. Just so I’m clear, where you’re saying I need to use the appropriate size fuse and not a 50, you’re not saying I need to do anything with the 50 that’s in there. I just need to make sure when I connect to the exposed male end in the pic next to the 50 that I’m doing it with a female connected to an inline fuse with the appropriate amperage for the airlift ignition line (I’ll check but I’m sure it 5-10). When I say online I’m talking about one like this picture I’m including. Forgive me for being slow on this. I installed the airlift, I have sound deadened the whole truck, I have been installing stereos in my trucks for 15 years but sometimes I don’t trust myself when it comes to the fuse boxes. Especially on these new trucks.
  8. That definitely looks rough. I put the airlift airbags on my 2020 AT4. They have a kit specific to the At4. The spacers are built in and part of the package. The base for them looks a lot sturdier on airlift versus the ones in your pic. I’ve never installed airbags before but they went on pretty easily. Only downside is that I have the readylift level kit and they seemed to push the back end up off level without being inflated more than the minimum. Good news is that the readylift almost pushed the front end too high. I actually on had to add a 1/4” wedge ont the blocks to keep it from looking like the bed was sagging. The readylift level with the airbags essentially gave me the option to take it feom a level kit to making it look like the readylift sst 2” kit minus the 1/4” difference in the front. I just use the airlift app the goes with their wireless pump and bam... I have a lift in the back too. https://www.airliftcompany.com/shop/88388/
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