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  1. Kinda like Corvette guys. How many C drivers track them? I'm just messing with ya. C6 Z06 here and never have tracked it.
  2. Catch Can Skeptic

    A tune and a catch can are on different sides of the world. A tune will allow the engine to exceed its specified operating parameters. A catch can is for preventive maintenance. I would have no ethical problem with removing my catch can for fear I'd be denied a warranty claim...which would never happen anyway.
  3. Catch Can Skeptic

    What he's getting at is if the PCV system is iced up, there's no route for the crankcase pressure to escape and it would continue to build up. I find it hard to believe that it popped a rear main though.
  4. Catch Can Skeptic

    Over pressurization caused by ice would be EXTREMELY rare. If you locate the can near the exhaust manifold ie: bracket mounted to the brake booster, it will thaw very quickly in the rare event that it ever froze. What froze anyway? Oil won't freeze. If the condensation froze, that would be in the bottom of the can and wouldn't affect the air flow anyway. And... I don't believe a catch can would ever be the cause of a warranty denial. If a service manager denies a claim because of a catch can, he'll deny a claim for any bogus reason.
  5. Catch Can Skeptic

    True. This subject lends itself to a lot of overthinking. Fact is, they can’t hurt and there’s that much LESS oil going into the intake port.
  6. So Perfect...Notice much power loss with the 34's? 3:42 rear?
  7. Looks really good. What offset did you go with on the wheels?
  8. How are the CV angles? I see a diff drop in the kit.
  9. If it's a bad injector, you'd notice a miss; especially if it's open all the time, you'd notice a miss during idle for sure. Probably not rings with so few miles although not impossible. My bet is the HPFP.
  10. Catch Can Skeptic

    I agree that it would be nice to see a study on this. I'm a believer, I have an E2 on mine. The question is how much of the oil in the crankcase vapors is actually caught with a catch can. It might look like a lot but that question has never been answered. That milky substance that many seem to think is REALLY bad for the motor, isn't. That is just condensation that's mixed with the oil that hasn't been heated enough to evaporate yet. Moisture won't hurt anything once it's in the combustion chamber and once the oil heats up enough, the condensation just evaporates, burns in the CC and goes down the line and out the pipe.
  11. Scared of the K2

    Like others haves said, you’ll hear about the problems more than the good on these forums. The back seat of the 19’s? You’re right, your kids won’t notice. The 5.3 is not underpowered. Yes the 6.2 has more than the 5.3 but again, are you towing something heavy? If so, consider the 6.2. But the 6.2 DOES NOT GET BETTER GAS MILEAGE THAN THE 5.3. It gets about the same. However, if you want to feel and test the power frequently, it will get less MPG than the 5.3. These are trucks; not 1/4 mile hot rods and a 6.2 won’t pull your face back when you punch it either. 8 speed trans is fine. Remember, you have 100K mile powertrain warranty. lastly is body style. Which one do you like? For me, I’m glad I didn’t wait for the new one. .......Oh ya...don’t buy a Dodge. That’s my personal opinion. We have a couple at the office and whenever I drive one of them, I’m glad I have what I have.
  12. Agreed. An extended warranty is nothing but an insurance policy. For a few it pays off but for most, they're throwing their money away. Service agreements (extended warranties) are a HUGE money maker for the dealership and the carrier. Personally I never, ever buy service contracts. Take the $35/month and put it in the bank and you'll be way ahead.

    I just don't want my rear window shattering. My heated seats seem to randomly heat with remote start but I think maybe they turn on to "Low" which isn't very noticeable.

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