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  1. Thanks. Got your PM but I have to wait for Big C to respond first. If he’s unsure, it’s yours. John
  2. I’ll check but my guess is $20. You were first to reply but heiner921 wants it for sure. If you’re unsure he gets it unless you give me a commitment. PayPal is fine.
  3. I wonder if the reason the T-stat is there is to get the trans fluid hot enough to burn off any condensation in the fluid for shorter trips when the fluid doesn't have a chance to get hot enough. The T-stat bypass won't be of any advantage once the trans temp gets up to the operating range anyway because it'll be all the way open; that's the same effect as having the bypass done.
  4. So sorry to hear but fight like you've never fought before..Wish you the best.
  5. What did you do with your stock wheels? Looks great, BTW.
  6. This man is a genius....pure genius.
  7. Kinda like Corvette guys. How many C drivers track them? I'm just messing with ya. C6 Z06 here and never have tracked it.
  8. A tune and a catch can are on different sides of the world. A tune will allow the engine to exceed its specified operating parameters. A catch can is for preventive maintenance. I would have no ethical problem with removing my catch can for fear I'd be denied a warranty claim...which would never happen anyway.
  9. What he's getting at is if the PCV system is iced up, there's no route for the crankcase pressure to escape and it would continue to build up. I find it hard to believe that it popped a rear main though.
  10. Over pressurization caused by ice would be EXTREMELY rare. If you locate the can near the exhaust manifold ie: bracket mounted to the brake booster, it will thaw very quickly in the rare event that it ever froze. What froze anyway? Oil won't freeze. If the condensation froze, that would be in the bottom of the can and wouldn't affect the air flow anyway. And... I don't believe a catch can would ever be the cause of a warranty denial. If a service manager denies a claim because of a catch can, he'll deny a claim for any bogus reason.
  11. True. This subject lends itself to a lot of overthinking. Fact is, they can’t hurt and there’s that much LESS oil going into the intake port.
  12. So Perfect...Notice much power loss with the 34's? 3:42 rear?
  13. Looks really good. What offset did you go with on the wheels?
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