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  1. EVAP system. It's a pump that's on a timer.
  2. Is it really THAT big of a deal to hit the OK button? Jeeez!
  3. Why only those selected States? Fortunately mine seems okay...for now anyway with 15,000 miles.
  4. They say that spacers are not a good idea as they put extra loads on the wheel bearings but I'm not so sure I agree with that. Offset wheels will do the same thing as far as geometry goes. Personally, I wouldn't go over a 2" level using the stock control arms due to ball joint angles. I have a 2" and I had a slight amount of rub at full lock backing up but has gone away probably due to tire wear. I'd try it without spacers first and then maybe try a 1/4" and see how that goes. I'm liking the Eibach adjustable shocks with new coil springs kit; that with new UCA's is what I'll probably end up doing if I don't do a 4" with diff drop.
  5. $750! Ouch! It's is a good looking scoop but I have to agree with the recent posts from the other guys...personally, I wouldn't put it on. You truck looks nice the way it is.
  6. Collision detection .

    It’s actually a button on your steering wheel.
  7. The feature has to "see" the lanes on the road in order for it to work. When you have LKA switched to on and once it spots the lanes on the road, you'll get a green icon on your display (looks like a highway with a lane in the middle). That's when it is active and will steer you back toward the middle of your lane. The icon will also turn yellow before it takes control of your steering. It will periodically not see the lanes on the road and the icon will disappear when that happens. The Lane departure warning is part of that same option and it either beeps, vibrates the seat or does nothing depending on how you have it set.
  8. Mileage dropped off suddenly

    True that cold air is more dense than warm air and you CAN make more power but for a given volume of air there is a given amount of fuel (AFR). WOT you'll see an increase in power though and less MPG. Your ECM controls the AFR from data received from the O2 sensors and Mass Air Flow sensor to keep the specified fuel tables in check. True on the parasitic drag too with your new trans.
  9. 2014 Silverado Squatting

    I just installed Air-Lift air bags with a wireless on board compressor. I'm 100% satisfied with the ride and the function. I can independently adjust right and left if it's an off balanced load too. I load my 900+ lb Harley and never even know it's back there.
  10. Auto 4x4

    When you say display you mean "Off Road" mode on your DIC? It won't change when AWD becomes active (kicks in) but when AWD has been selected, it should say AWD on the OffRoad display.
  11. Auto 4x4

    Nice Video. I also believe that when engaging AWD mode, the front differential makes a shift to engage the front driveshaft because in 2WD, the front driveshaft does not turn.
  12. Air-Lift has pucks for lifted trucks and those air bags are great. I just installed them on mine with a wireless controlled compressor.
  13. Auto 4x4

    I use AWD only when I see random ice or snow on the roads. When you hit dry or even slightly wet pavement and you're in 4WD, you can get driveline wind up once you turn even slightly. You could even have a tire that is worn down more than the other three and that will also tighten up the driveline. When it's said that the front axles engage in AWD, that is actually incorrect. The axles are always engaged; always turning with the wheels. We don't have locking/unlocking hubs anymore. It's the front drive shaft that starts turning when AWD (and 4WD) is selected. That synchronizes the front drive system in the transfer case to the rear drive but is still disengaged until A) clutch pack engages due to tire speed differentiation or B) 4WD is manually selected.

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