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  1. Scared of the K2

    Like others haves said, you’ll hear about the problems more than the good on these forums. The back seat of the 19’s? You’re right, your kids won’t notice. The 5.3 is not underpowered. Yes the 6.2 has more than the 5.3 but again, are you towing something heavy? If so, consider the 6.2. But the 6.2 DOES NOT GET BETTER GAS MILEAGE THAN THE 5.3. It gets about the same. However, if you want to feel and test the power frequently, it will get less MPG than the 5.3. These are trucks; not 1/4 mile hot rods and a 6.2 won’t pull your face back when you punch it either. 8 speed trans is fine. Remember, you have 100K mile powertrain warranty. lastly is body style. Which one do you like? For me, I’m glad I didn’t wait for the new one. .......Oh ya...don’t buy a Dodge. That’s my personal opinion. We have a couple at the office and whenever I drive one of them, I’m glad I have what I have.
  2. Agreed. An extended warranty is nothing but an insurance policy. For a few it pays off but for most, they're throwing their money away. Service agreements (extended warranties) are a HUGE money maker for the dealership and the carrier. Personally I never, ever buy service contracts. Take the $35/month and put it in the bank and you'll be way ahead.

    I just don't want my rear window shattering. My heated seats seem to randomly heat with remote start but I think maybe they turn on to "Low" which isn't very noticeable.

    Thanks for that. I checked and you're right, it's under Climate and Air Quality and that's where I have it turned off. There's no option for it under Remote Start. Could have sworn it was though....

    Thanks. I see that other guys have auto on turned off in settings too. Hopefully a firmware update will follow.
  6. I don't want my rear defog to come on during remote start. I've gone into settings, vehicle, remote start, auto rear defog "off" but it still automatically comes on when the outside temp is below a certain number. Anyone else have this issue?
  7. Shudder/Vibration Issue

    Were you in Tow-Haul mode maybe?
  8. Damn! How fast were you going?
  9. The variable output alternator actually doesn't have anything to do with this. If your battery is low, it'll put out full voltage until the battery gets charged. It will then lower its output to maintain what the electrical system is requiring. It's designed to increase fuel mileage since the drag on the engine is decreased when the alternator isn't working at full capacity.
  10. EVAP system. It's a pump that's on a timer.
  11. Is it really THAT big of a deal to hit the OK button? Jeeez!
  12. Why only those selected States? Fortunately mine seems okay...for now anyway with 15,000 miles.
  13. They say that spacers are not a good idea as they put extra loads on the wheel bearings but I'm not so sure I agree with that. Offset wheels will do the same thing as far as geometry goes. Personally, I wouldn't go over a 2" level using the stock control arms due to ball joint angles. I have a 2" and I had a slight amount of rub at full lock backing up but has gone away probably due to tire wear. I'd try it without spacers first and then maybe try a 1/4" and see how that goes. I'm liking the Eibach adjustable shocks with new coil springs kit; that with new UCA's is what I'll probably end up doing if I don't do a 4" with diff drop.

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