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  1. Another Zone vs BDS Question

    Awesome info. It sounds more like it’s splitting hairs between the 2 and I can’t go wrong either way. I tried researching as much as possible, but just couldn’t find that really spelled out any major differences. I’ve also been in country for most of the past 5 months and stupidly didn’t favorite the info I had found. The benefit is I go to some bad places for extended times, so when I get back my wife is so happy she doesn’t complain about me spending a little money. Anyway, I’m back now and am trying to re-gather it and decided s### on this I’m just going to ask. Thanks for the info man.
  2. Another Zone vs BDS Question

    Thanks! I’m not running coil overs. That’s why I wanted to ask this question. It just didn’t seem like outside the warranty there was a big enough difference/benefit to going with the pricier kit over the cheaper.
  3. Another Zone vs BDS Question

    I’ve heard a few people mention issues with the stamped arms and running 35s and stock wheels. It seems like BDS mentions in the customize the kit option that it will only work on cast.
  4. Morning guys, I have a hypothetical Zone vs BDS question that might have been asked, but I don't think it has been asked this way. I have a 2018 Sierra with a 2.5" level now, but am looking to upgrade to a Zone 6.5" or BDS 6" (keeping stock wheels). For the record, I'm a cash buyer and don't trade every couple years...basically, I'll be keeping this truck a long time so I will buy whichever option is the best one in regards to quality/longevity. I was looking at prices for the BDS/Zone and the BDS comes in around $3k with the UCAs, Fox shocks, and add-a-leaf while the Zone comes in around $1300 for their kit with the add-a-leaf. I know the "no questions asked" warranty with the BDS is a BIG plus over the Zone -- although I have heard the Zone customer service is top notch. So, my hypothetical question is, if you strip both of those down to the base kits (no shocks, add-a-leaf, etc), is there an advantage outside of the BDS warranty that would make you choose it over Zone? By the way, I'm keeping the stock 20 snowflakes on the truck so I'm ordering cast UCAs. That might possibly answer my own question considering you can order them as part of the BDS kit, but I appreciate any responses.
  5. Joke Thread

    A man takes his wife, (who use to be an Auburn Cheerleader) hunting, and impresses on her again and again that "If you shoot a deer, don't let someone else claim that they shot it also and that since they killed it... it's their deer!" So ... he's in his stand hardly for 10 minutes when he hears his wife shooting nearby. He rushes over to her stand to find her pointing her gun at a man who is loudly yelling... "It's your deer lady..It's your deer... Just let me get my saddle off it!!!!"
  6. Hey, we could meet halfway in Kansas .
  7. I hear you. I had an 06 and it was one of my favorites. But yeah, I just don't care for these new ones.
  8. I like the look of the 6 spoke better. But, it’s funny you mention scratches because I found several on eBay that were scratched like crazy. My wife is going to murder me if I keep spending money on it though. I’ve convinced her I need to replace my level with a lift. I went engineer on her splainin’ angles and what not. She gave up the argument, but if I tell her I’m also looking at new wheels, she’ll stab me.
  9. This was last year and I’ve slept a few times since, but they went ahead gave me some discount they were offering for financing with one of the preferred lenders. When I say they gave me the discount, I just mean they took the amount off what I was going to pay. I can’t remember exactly, but I want to say it was $1500. That said, it was close to the end of the year and they had a ton of trucks left. On another note, I love my 20” snowflakes, but I’m thinking about finding some of the 6 spoke 20s.
  10. Lol yeah they were somewhere in the neighborhood of $3k higher than HB at the time. They aren’t nearly as big either.
  11. Thank you. I thought that was the case from info I had been given. Good ammo going into a negotiation with a car dealer. Bill Smith in Cullman, AL wouldn’t come off much even offering cash.
  12. They get large bonuses from selling a certain # of new though, right?
  13. They have A LOT of trucks. I mean A LOT. They started offering the $37k for the 2017s last year in late October. I showed up a week later and they didn’t have a 2017 left. But they were offering the same rebates on the 2018, so I bought one of those.
  14. I was going to mention the top 5 stat. I know absolutely nothing about the car business, but I have heard HB doesn’t make much on their trucks. Their biggest profit comes from moving them.
  15. It usually takes me awhile to warm up to new model Silverados, but I just don't think I will ever warm up to this one. Like you said, it's just an opinion, but mine is that this is the ugliest truck I've seen since the 2007 Tundra. Doesn't even look like a Chevy to me. My top are 1) mid-80s 2) 2006 and 3) 2014.

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