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  1. I've got 60k on mine and the brakes are ok but rotors have warped. Likely because of larger tires.
  2. Agreed. I think it's a general thing now. The market has moved toward buying brake pads and rotors, rather than just pads. I think the last successful rotor I was able to save was on my 93 blazer.
  3. My truck has recently started to develop a "bad" shake when braking, very noticeable when braking from highway speeds to an off ramp, sometimes noticeable around surface roads but generally not unless the speed exceeds 50 or I have to hard brake. My brakes looked find and a shop claimed they had 50% left in them, however when inspecting the rotors you can see where a lip is starting to form on the outside. My guess is that when the truck was in the shop and at some point needed brakes (almost at 60k miles, although I don't recall authorizing brakes) they simply swapped the pads, never the rotors. I'm wanting to upgrade the rotors to better performance slotted rotors and upgrade the brake pads while I'm at it. I was looking at going with the Duralast GT Street Brake Rotor and Duralast GT Street Carbon Fiber Brake Pads as I've had good experience with Duralast in the past. That said, I'm totally open to recommendations for what to replace with, as long as we keep it around $500. I'm not looking at upgrading to crazy brembo or wilwood. I've got a 6" lift on 35s so really just looking for better stoping performance, this is not a track truck. So all this is to say, before I dump cash here does anyone have an idea if this is accurate? Is a shake/vibration in the wheel/pedals while hard braking a sign of warped rotors? I'd hate to drop $500 on brakes only to find out that my X (fill in other potential issue) is actually the issue.
  4. I'm a little afraid to bring this topic back to life after reading the last page of back and forth but here goes. I watch some of Engineering Explained's videos online from time to time. Mostly binge watch them. I find his information entertaining and informative, and somewhat makes me regret not following my fathers footsteps as an engineer but I digress. I thought it was good information from a trusted third party source online. Seems to concur with a lot of the points made on this thread and others and I personally will be looking into buying one in the coming week(s) after looking into having my intake walnut blasted.
  5. If someone puts a gun in your face auto-door locks don't really mean anything.
  6. Are there directions for any of this? I've been reading through this, and am trying to figure it out although admittedly this is my first stab at anything like this. I seem to have the pins in the junction box, but beyond that I've got no idea what else there is to this, outside needing the new upfitter switches.
  7. @e.p. It looks like the current recall is to pull the fuse simply to prevent any fires from happening. You should receive a follow up on a full fix sometime in the future, at least according to GM Authority.
  8. Agreed with @HeySkippyDog. If you got a steal on the topper, and want it color matched, have it done by a pro. Otherwise you seriously risk it coming out incorrect and as noticeable or worse than when you first got it. Alternative options: Leave it slightly mismatched Paint it white for that slammin' 70s vibe that seems to be all the rage now Linex/rhino liner it for added durability and strength raptor line it yourself Put stickers all over it
  9. I don't know if it's just the angle of the photo but it looks like its got a little squat to it?
  10. I don't know why you're keeping it in 5 just to avoid having it go into v4 mode. I have to think that would be worse for the engine and trans than letting it get into v4. If you're that worried you should at least tune it out, can't say it would have saved your trans but by God it sure wouldn't have hurt.
  11. Did you decide to replace with non-AFM lifters? If so I'd be interested in the total cost to you as well as your experience over time.
  12. I don't think the AFM issue on these trucks is as bad as the previous generation, but that said I still don't trust them. I had mine tuned out but if it becomes a problem I'm gonna swap with non-AFM lifters. Personally, I'd have your current engine lifters swapped and cam checked. Although unlikely you don't know if the salvage engine will have the same issue in the future, so you may be just delaying this issue not fixing it. As was said, you can prob find a local mechanic that will do it for less. I see that as the best option. If you decide to tune the current/future engine there are a few options out there but the consensus on this forum seems to be Black Bear performance or Diablew tuned diablo tuner.
  13. My experience came from the heat in the sun, not from shooting. Lowers don't hear up from shooting really.
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