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  1. Stacking wheel weights?

    Appreciate the feedback everyone. It's good to hear that I wasn't crazy with my initial thoughts. She rides pretty smooth without any weights, so I'm pretty surprised that they used over 2lbs in weights. I had this done on Friday, called on Saturday, still haven't heard back. Likely their service manager will get a little chat with me. I've got no issue with someone screwing up, life happens people aren't perfect. The fact that they didn't even try and solve the problem for me and haven't returned my calls is the part that annoys me.
  2. Stacking wheel weights?

    The tech said it was a bag they toss in the tire, once the wheel gets to speed the bag breaks apart and the sand settles where it should to balance the wheel. Guy seemed very knowledgable about the subject and said he does them often for that size and up. I don't know the specific brand but I've heard of a few variations of this idea.
  3. I brought my truck into the stealership on Friday for a 50k oil change and service. Cost a small fortune but that's a different story. As part of the service I asked to have my tires balanced and rotated. I've had to get into the habit of doing this pretty much every oil change interval (the balance) since the weights never seem to stick. Well I got it on the highway headed home and past 60 the thing shook like crazy. I'm used to a bit of vibration, these are 35" RT tires after all. This however was insane. I thought a steering or suspension component went out, till I got home and checked the weights. Ignoring the mud as I had been off road to the range after noticing the shake. I've never once seen weights double stacked. I've never seen weights triple stacked. Outside the fact that there are a million of the little things on there is this normal? I pulled them off until a local shop can get me in to do the "sand bag" balancing. Total was 2.25 lbs across the 4, that seems a bit excessive.
  4. Bushwhacker Trail Armor

    Looks like a magnet for rust to me. You can DIY it with raptor, seems to come out nice.
  5. 2014+ Suspension Lifts

    That is a great looking truck. What is your setup?
  6. I have seen some of that guys posts on instagram or something, drives me nuts. Personally, I don't understand how it's entertaining watching him do stupid shit to his truck like smash the windshield, the exhaust, mirrors, etc. He just keeps smashing the truck then fixing it then smashing it. I question the people that find entertainment in it but hey its your time.
  7. What have you done to your K2 today?

    I don't see how it's "false". He goes over why the current aftermarket covers aren't good, shows the fluid dynamics of them, shows aeration, talks about how some of them aren't getting oil to the front pinion. When he has shown the lower half of his cover it's clearly different from the others on the market. BD has the most similar except it achieves the additional oil level with an added cavity on the bottom which is clearly going to cause issue with the fluid dynamics. Now I don't know if his diff cover will be available for the smaller axels in our 1500s but it seems incorrect to say his info is wrong simply because he is planning to make his own. Additionally, having yourself and a buddy without issues doesn't speak much to long term wear or performance. To be clear, I don't think a diff cover is going to make or break anything in the short term, but in the longer term it may be responsible for additional wear and tear.
  8. What have you done to your K2 today?

    Regarding all the diff covers convo. Banks power did a pretty interesting series of videos on how the flat backed covers mess with fluid dynamics and heat up the fluid, while overfilling or filling more than the 4qt set amount can cause excessive aeration in the fluid which weakens it's performance. Seems like the most performant setup for longevity, regardless of towing or not, is to keep the stock cover.
  9. Interesting. I had exactly the opposite experience. The peeps at Quirk had done the whole pressure tactic from the start, wouldn't give me straight info on trade in, and kept bouncing around on price of what they could do. It felt like such shady sales that I went to Banks and was much happier. Straight info on trade that was better than the hmm and haw I got at Quirk. Hopefully your experience there was better than mine. If anyone from Quirk is happening to read this, please change your practice of trying to get all my info before we look at anything and scatter your sales force. Nothing puts a bad taste in my mouth like walking past the front desk and wading through a sea of sales guys only to sit down and try and get my current sales guy to try and get all my info and monthly payment plan before even looking at a truck. Maybe I'm in the minority but I know what my financial state is like and know what I want. It's your job to show me the options and tell me why chevy is better than the competition. /rant
  10. @MikeNH Surprised you went to quirk rather than banks. I find the staff, options and pricing at banks is worlds better than quirk personally. That said I'm right down the road from there so I tend to use that dealer for basic service stuff. GMC side seems less intense than the chevy side somehow.
  11. I assume LD stands for "light duty". As for why the carryover, my assumption is that it's two primary reasons. #1 so they can keep pumping out trucks before they change over the second factory as they tend to flood the market prior to a change in order to have enough trucks for demand. #2 is to offer some of the lower trim better priced trucks. When a new generation comes out you tend to see the higher spec trucks on the market with less incentive, so they still want to have some trucks with steep discounts and lesser options. Not everyone wants to spend the cash on the high country with every single option.
  12. Ebay grille

    I have basically the same thing on my GMC, sans the chevy bar obviously. Fit and finish is a 7/10. Doesn't align quite as nicely as the factory giving a little extra room on one side. Additionally the lights that some with it look SUPER cheap. One of mine didn't even line up properly. I haven't hooked them up, and the connections look solid, but I wouldn't count on the lights for long term. Overall I like the style, especially for the price. I might try and fiddle with the connections to get it aligned more closely to factory and if I do I'll eventually have it painted. Alignment, painting the surround and replacing the lights should come to around $300 including the grille I think. So it would still be one of the best bang for buck grilles out there. I do love the grillecraft grills and the denali grilles from the 14-15 trucks, but they don't have options for 16+ GMCs. Personally for me, unless you get a surround that is painted and plastic like the factory they look weird on the silverados. Just those "wings" on the bottom, especially on the metal grilles, look so odd. If it were me I'd look at getting a replacement of just the inner grille or shaving down/blacking out the bowtie in the middle. Just my thoughts.
  13. Bulbs for overhead console

    Yeah, just ordered some. At first I was thinking depending on the film it might not, but those things are crazy hot so no little led will ever get that hot.
  14. Bulbs for overhead console

    Wow, I literally used the search function like 3 times looking for this and never saw it. God I'm blind. Thanks! Ordered some gel, good to know they are LEDs, will be a pretty easy fix.
  15. Bulbs for overhead console

    Film would work as well, I figured there had to be some LEDs out there I can swap to. I only worry about the film against the halogen bulbs with the added heat reducing life on the bulb or burning the film. Anyone know where I can find the bulb size? There has to be replacement parts which means there is likely a bulb replacement available. In that case I could switch to LED and add film if that is my only option.

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