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  1. 6 inch or 4.5

    Interested in hearing more about the UCAs. So what you're telling me is that in your opinion the upgraded coilover kit will help the ride. If thats the case it seems odd that the customer service from BDS told me twice that I wouldn't see much of any on road improvement. I would think they want to sell me stuff, and if it was better they would happily say so. If you have any recommendations for specific setups I'm all ears. I don't know the specific details about the BDS kit but I know it's a knuckle drop kit and I'd imagine they are all similar in setup.
  2. That is the biggest thing people don't think about. Consumer electronics don't have to deal with the potential fluctuations that happen out of doors. I like the idea of an ipad mount if thats something you really need. I could see it being helpful for things like topo maps when off road but beyond that I can't think of much an android/ios device could do that you need in a vehicle. Maybe I'm lacking in creativity here, I just don't see the need to run angry birds or facebook while I'm driving.
  3. Another RC 2019 Silverado 6" Lift Video

    Wonder what size tires you can fit with a 6" in these new silverados. Assuming those are 35s it looks like there may be space for 37". I think 35s and 4" may be the sweet spot for these new trucks.
  4. I'm Out!

    Congrats on the new truck man. I really wanted to like the new Tundra but felt like for the money the GMs were just a much better value. When I test drove the Tundra it just felt cheap which is odd considering how much the things cost. That and their over use of the cheap plastic killed me.
  5. 6 inch or 4.5

    It's the spring/shock setup from the BDS non coilover 6" lift. I believe it only changes the front strut and the spring stays the same. Factory UCA. I believe the aluminum ones but can't be certain (I can check later today) rear leaf spring is the upgrade kit from BDS (not add a leaf, part #001559) Fox 2.0 rear shocks 36 psi in front, 34 in rear (figured it would be better to have the rear with less pis since it's normally unloaded except for the cover) Open to recommendations here.
  6. 6 inch or 4.5

    Well I'm currently running a BDS 6" lift which is supposedly a solid brand with great engineering. Have any thoughts on how to soften the ride because mine def rides harsher than stock.
  7. In channel vent visors

    Assuming the year is the same I don't think there is any difference in the cab between the GMC and Chevy. I'm pretty sure the cabs are the same across all the 1500-3500 GMs.
  8. 6 inch or 4.5

    Thats legit my same setup. It's def the nicest riding lifted truck I've ridden in (although I'm very interested in riding in one of the ram 1500s with the air ride and lift) but I wouldn't consider the lift to be equal or better to the factory ride. You located in the north east by any chance?
  9. 6 inch or 4.5

    What is your tire and rim setup and what is the tire PSI?
  10. White Grill?

    I've never seen one but I can't imagine it's too hard to have it painted.
  11. 6 inch or 4.5

    Happy to help a fellow hunter
  12. 6 inch or 4.5

    I didn't purchase the coilovers, so that's my recommendation. Nothing wrong with a nice hunting vehicle. I recommend some seat covers.
  13. 6 inch or 4.5

    It's not the same as stock, but it's not terrible. A large part of it is the size wheels and what load rating tire and what tread. For me it's a truck and I'm ok with a little rougher ride. That said, I daily drive 100 miles for a work commute plus whatever else my day involves locally and it's not bothersome outside the MPG loss.
  14. 6 inch or 4.5

    I was looking at both the 4" and 6" BDS kits before I chose my 6" BDS. I went with the 6" because I wanted the option to run 37" wheels. As for coilovers, I've spoken to BDS twice on this and they only feedback I've heard is off road performance. I know a lot of people may swear by the performance increase they give for on road, I can't comment as I've only had the default option. If I go 37" I may look into it just as a way to control the larger tires, but who knows.
  15. I'd steer WAY clear if it were me. There are quite a few companies reselling these and specs are god awful. 2GB of ram to run a 12" tablet. Most modern android phones are running 4-6GB of ram and when you consider this has to interface with a full boot of some custom written GM integration I have low expectations of performance. You can run android auto/apple carplay with the 8" unit, if your unit doesn't have it you can get it from one of the GM unlock resellers (I forget the company thats part of the forum) What do you need to tether? You can tether from your phone to any tablet/laptop you've got, or get data on the stock unit if you prefer. What additional inputs do you get with this? You get USB and 3.5mm in addition to bluetooth with your stock unit. You can prob get a USB to whatever converter that may work for others. Internal storage, for what? USB drive gives you the same for a fraction of the price. I think the look is neat but the UI looks like trash. To be fair I'm a UX/UI guy by trade so there is that. They don't even have the vol/temp on the right sides though. Vol should be closer to the user than ac controls. If you give it a shot wait a few months, especially if it gets cold where you live. Changes are it dies quick. Saw another one of these and said average boot time was 3-8 seconds. That was surprising to say the least.

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