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  1. it's a 2019 Ram 2500 with the 6.7 cummins. It's got basically every option except the sunroof. One of my favorite things is that both front windows have auto up/down. Not sure why they all don't Toyota seems to do all of them but still a huge step up from just driver.
  2. Well I'll test my luck I guess since I already traded mine and signed papers. I do agree though, everything nowadays seems designed for the dump.
  3. Well, sort of "did" something to my K2. Traded her in for a new cummins powered Ram 2500. I've wanted a diesel truck for forever, always loved the sound of them and seeing them tow ****** as a kid. I should have gone with a 2500 duramax when I bought mine but I let the money get to me and didn't buy it, regret that now as it's ending up costing me a lot more but couldn't be happier. Drove the GMC and was all around pretty impressed but a few things steered me away: the L5P, while an awesome engine from all accounts is super locked down and it's encryption is so challenging to break that unless someone finds some crazy backdoor I expect it to cost a huge amount of money to do any meaningful tuning on them. For whatever reason chevy still designs their wheel wells in an odd way and you can't get too much larger a tire without jacking it to the sky. I don't be lifting my new truck 6" nor do I want to, but I want a bit of a larger tire for the look, performance, protection and comfort of more tire sidewall. Wanted to not go back to IFS. While they do ride nicer than a solid front axel I wanted a bit more in durability for the larger tires I planned to run. Even just running the 35s and 20s on my 1500 I could tell the ball joints were going pretty fast. I understand there was a price to play but since I knew I would be doing that from the start, and not minding if it rode a bit more like a truck, I felt it was a "compromise" I was willing to make. the GMC has a good look but sort of a lot going on. There are a lot of small accent pieces, trim, angles, etc. There is just a lot. I think the Chevy is dog ****** ugly (What happened! How did we go from the squarebody to this?) so it was really Ford or Ram from the looks dept. I like the look of the Ford enough but I could see the interior becoming dated quick and the quality of the plastics just didn't seem as nice as Ram/GM. The Ram was sort of the all around package for me. I love how it looks sort of reminiscent of a big rig with the hood that scallops down to lights. The side is clean and while I dislike that you can't easily strip off the ram logo I like the look enough that it doesn't bother me. The 2500 diesel is vastly overkill for me, and for what I plan to buy for a travel trailer in the near future. Time will tell if the horror stories I hear about FCAs electrical problems are real or mostly ironed out (I bought my wife a new Wrangler JL a year and a half ago and it hasn't had any issues) so time will tell. I have to say, turning the keys over and saying goodbye was pretty bittersweet. I do love these trucks a lot but I was always looking at diesel trucks. Time will tell if it's one of those "the grass is greener" things or if I'm really happy with it. Excited to learn about a new platform and oil burner and the tuning and such. At the very least, I got a great deal and since diesels seem to hold their value and the cummins guys are diehard I can always come back without too much pain to the wallet. I'll still prob be around poking now and then but figured I'd share since this forum has been such a large part of my truck build and deepened my knowledge by such a huge amount.
  4. Yeah, thats a fair point. I'll reduce the scope a bit so I don't get in over my head, which was part of my concern. Worse comes to it I can always trade the truck if necessary but I think I'm not quite there, as much as I want a HD diesel it seems unnecessary at the moment.
  5. I somehow missed that, however I saw the 2017 here and I don't see the gcwr anywhere on it. I figured that since there was no change between 2016 and 2017 it would be the same but I couldn't find it in that guide. I'm aware of the owners manual, but I somehow missed it when I was looking at it this morning. Perhaps it was too early and my coffee hadn't kicked in, but I'm seeing it in the digital version now. I lifted with a suspension kit from BDS. I'm not seeing anything on their site about towing with their kit. My assumption here is just that I'm losing gearing because of the larger tires and a further reduction in MPG due to the hight of the truck. Assuming that I have the correct tow mount drop I'm unsure if there is anything else I should be aware of. Makes sense to lower my towing due to the larger tires. I've thought about renting, prob gonna give that a whirl first, but even still not sure what size I could (or should) look at renting. Hence this post. I'm curious to what your experience or any feedback about the trailer life is. What makes it not a kodak moment? Hadn't thought about this. Good call. I'll do that as a first step. Yeah, I hadn't seen it this morning but apparently I'm just thick. Thanks! Sure, but I'm unsure of to what extent? Have I reduced my towing ability to 10%? 20? 50? I've got no clue here. Well that is disappointing to hear. Some of the trailers we were looking at were in the 7-8k size. I also don't want to get ahead of myself so perhaps its best that I start smaller anyway.
  6. Hey all, The wife and I have started to look at buying a travel trailer for trips. We like to camp and hike and take trips mainly around New England but with 2 dogs and a new baby it's getting to a point where we want to have a bit more of a dedicated unit. Also looking at taking a few trips out west so we would like something we can use as a sort of home base. Anyway, long story short I've never towed a travel trailer, or anything beyond a little jetski trailer. I'm trying to understand my trucks realistic max towing capability but it's less than simple. I can't for the life of me find the GCWR of my truck. So far I've found that my truck (2016 1500 CC short bed, 5.3 4x4, no max tow with 3.42 gears) has a max tow of 9100lbs (I think). I can't for the life of me find the GCWR of my truck. I've got no freaking clue what I can realistically tow, I checked on an rv sales website and it said my max weight was 7k lbs, which I suppose removing payload makes sense, but that is also "MAX". I assume I should be prepared to add some margin of padding, say 20%, which would bring me down to 5400lbs. Now add into the mix that because I'm basically a 10 year old I've got a 6" lift and 35s that may hurt my ability to tow a bit? I'm sure it's gonna hurt my acceleration, prob my braking too, so perhaps I need a higher margin for safety? Additionally, what happens if I get pulled over? I can't imagine a trooper is gonna sit here and do all this math. Do they just look at the sticker on the trailer and the sticker on the doorjam plus the trucks listed max tow? Appreciate the help as I flounder around here.
  7. I don't know how you didn't switch brands. I would have left GM had that happened to me.
  8. I wish I had the patience for that, it looks amazing.
  9. My first job was at a hobby shop (selling rc cars/trucks, models, etc.) and I had one of those on my keychain from something that was turned in defective. At the time I thought chicks would ask me about it since I was young and thought chicks digged cars and car guys. Wasn't till I was well into my 20s that I realized 99% of chicks couldn't tell you the model of the car if they were staring right at it.
  10. Great looking truck man! I like the wheel setup.
  11. Great looking truck man. What wheel/tire setup you running? Happen to have any side profile shots?
  12. I didn't even think about the tires. I just did but it's a little hard to tell since there is a fair amount of space between treads. I did look and it looks like there may be come cupping going on. I may need yet another alignment. Thanks man, I think that may be the issue.
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