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  1. I bought my truck at Banks. Have been happy with their service dept so far and the sales staff is mostly solid. The guys washing the trucks after service are (as usual) rather disappointing. Great dealer overall and the Harley shop next door is pretty solid too!
  2. I test drove a F250 when I was looking at full size diesel trucks and really liked the tow mirrors as you could see so much more when changing lanes and navigating around tight places in city locals. I ended up getting them for that reason and that I like how they look with a lifted truck. That said I totally agree with you. I've had more than once where I'm going to turn from a slow or merge and almost miss a person or vehicle the mirror was covering. I've got to be extra careful about that now and I tend to stop for an extra second or two just to make sure nothing is there before moving. Scared the crap out of me the first time.
  3. @Mike GMC There is a difference between overlanding and trail trucks. As you stated full size trucks are challenging as they are basically terrible in every way on most trails. However trail trucks are normally built to do trails and it's not uncommon to see them trailered to a trail. Overlanding trucks are more about going long distances in rugged terrain while living out of the truck. You don't see any of it in the north east really outside of a few parts of VT/NH/ME, even so it's not really the area to do it. Mostly a western state thing. Usually it's a rather small lift (2-3") with 33" or so tires. MPG becomes something you want to consider when traveling long distances off road and camping in the middle of nowhere.
  4. Can you mount a rooftop tend on those caps? I like the utility but am not sure what the weight restriction would be moving/off-road vs static.
  5. I've got to imagine those hood pods are going to be crazy loud for any wind noise on the highway. If it doesn't bother you then by all means, but it would drive me insane.
  6. Load Causes F150 Aluminum Bed to Break

    Hard to tell what he was carrying or how it was tied down (if it way). Regardless the tear strength on aluminum isn't great from my understanding so its likely just a bunch of poor decisions or series of bad events that lead to this. That said I'd like to think that steel may have faired better. Who knows.
  7. All these trucks are beautiful. Wish I had the time for another project.
  8. Ah, so it came from the factory like that! My bad, thought you did it after. Looks great.
  9. @bc-chris Got any more photos of that '89? Interior looks amazing.
  10. Yeah, sorry I was asking what brand. DIY or professional?
  11. Line-X? Looks great. I saw a GMC with this done from a local dealer. I loved the look, thought about doing it to mine but still back and forth on an aftermarket bumper.
  12. Hello, experts I am on the market for New rims and tires I have a 2012 Chevrolet Silverado 4x4 LT , I want to get Mud terrain tires with Rims that stick out , I don't or will not like to get a lift on it but was giving the idea of a leveling kit please help me on choosing the correct size tires and rims that will go with my truck Thank you

  13. How do those work? They turn the head unit on when the directional turns on? Maybe backing up too?
  14. I've been wondering this as well, I can't see any visual difference except the 16+ has the "scoop" out of the top. May be mounted different but I don't know why that would be the case. I'd say give it a shot, worst case you can report back to help the next guy.
  15. Where did you get those smoked lenses? Are they OEM or do they fit OEM? I also swapped with pgamboa's wiring and couldn't be happier.

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