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  1. Use the cargo lights while driving.

    Any white lights on the rear of the vehicle while moving forward are illegal on the federal level I believe. I understand the desire to do a quick peek every now and again as a peace of mind thing. I've carried a few oddly shaped loads in the past of stuff that wasn't mine and wanted to make sure I didn't take a corner too hard or a slope too steep, would have been great to have a light more than just the few street lamps I passed. Again though, I think it's going to be a bit of work and if you are ever caught it's an almost guaranteed ticket. Do what you wanna do, just sharing.
  2. I walked away from buying a merc a few years ago for this exact reason, bought an audi instead. I don't think I'd ever get used to it
  3. Fuel tank size?

    Can't believe they didn't make a larger tank size an option for the 2019's. Like @MikeNH I travel a minimum of 400 miles a week, add in weekend trips and trips to the gym and such and I'm pushing over 600 easy. I feel like I'm at the gas station all the time. Does it help that I lifted it and put 35s on it? No. Would I gladly pay for a 2x gas tank? Yes. I see diesel aux tanks a lot but never see gas tanks. From what I've read there is issue with them leaking fumes and the lower flash point compared to diesel.
  4. Well I finally did it...

    Congrats man. Just as a heads up to all, dealers can choose which vehicles to certify. It's got to go through the process but the dealer basically spends the extra time to inspect it and GM warranties it for longer so you pay for that peace of mind. A demo can indeed be certified since it's technically "sold" to the dealer.
  5. What have you done to your K2 today?

    @2017_whitez71 I just got one of those myself, made a huge difference. No more stuff rolling around under the rear seat. Can't wait for my diamondback to get here with the cross bin storage. Going to have so much secure storage.
  6. What have you done to your K2 today?

    oh! Clever idea of using the plastidip as the base. I hadn't thought of that before. That's nice as it should make removal of paint both possible and easy (at least compared to paint alone).
  7. I'll start out by saying that visual design is often a subjective thing. That said, I enjoy the new background but it's busy and has made reading the core and user-nav incredibly challenging. I'd like to offer up a suggestion of darkening the background on the core nav from 0.4 opacity to 0.7. Additionally I'd like to suggest adding the same background color and style to the user-nav (top right with profile) that you have on the main bar. Again using the same opacity setting of 0.7 and adding 12px of padding and a border-radius to give it a nice modern look. To be frank I care less about the look and mostly about the functionality but I can understand putting your best foot forward with both.
  8. Help me choose

    Amber looks awesome with the tow mirrors in my opinion. I'm also going to do some sort of amber grille lighting (similar to the raptor) so I think it will tie nicely together. Even if you don't I say all the orange ties together well.
  9. Android Auto and mylink system

    His point, important thing in bold. My guess is that you can't watch video in motion via the mirror function (ie. not android auto), however I've never tried it. I'd be very surprised if GM didn't simply have a block for any videos while in motion. My guess is that there is code in the head unit something along the lines of: if (speed > 0) { delete.videoPlayback; } If there were as easy a way around I would be surprised.
  10. Android Auto and mylink system

    You can't watch video via andriod auto. You can watch video while parked from a flash/hard drive assuming the formatting is correct.
  11. What have you done to your K2 today?

    Added amber colored fog light covers. Covers seem like they are solid quality, but not all impressed with the cut. Would have much preferred to buy my own and cut to size. Look good on the truck though, can't wait to get the bumpers line-xed as it will really help with the look. (she also needs a bath, which she's getting tomorrow or Sunday.
  12. SarahGMC's 06 GMC Build

    Damn, I've heard of the paint rubbing but never thought about the rust. How long did you have the flares on for? Makes me second guess if I should still get them.
  13. One thing to note, the larger the rim the harsher the ride, generally speaking.
  14. The "Catch Can" Explained

    I don't doubt the quality of the machining is good, I'm less clear on the engineering. I may end up pulling the trigger as I plan to keep the truck well into the 200k range (we will see how long these trucks last), just don't want to do something that ends up being a bad choice in the end.
  15. What have you done to your K2 today?

    Don't have the headliner yet, thats prob a good 2 years down the road, toward the end of the mod list. I got the RB-20 over the 10s as I've heard they are less likely to get snow build up. The slit on the 10 is thin enough and faces forward so it's likely to catch a ton of snow on the highway. Once the snow packs in it can turn to ice and obviously that's an issue for traction. The RB20s should be less of a problem there as they are directly vertical holes rather than angles slits. This winter should help see if that's true or not. Fingers crossed but planning on buying some mudflaps regardless, should help protect the paint as well.

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