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  1. I went from standard mirrors to towing mirrors with @pgamboa's harness. As mentioned before it wasn't that long a job. One thing to note is that towing mirrors come with an additional bolt, so there will be an extra hole if you swap. No big deal, just know it's there so you don't freak out thinking you're missing one. I don't notice any huge differences between driving with and without them. Personally I switched to two mirrors because I liked the larger split setup of the tow mirror and liked the look. I've found the tow mirrors give me less blind spots, but it could be how I have the split setup. I'd say use the tow mirrors for a few months, if you can't stand them you can probably swap with someone with standard mirrors for free or get cash on the trade. As for the engine, I just passed 60k miles but so far the engine has been fine. I do the maintenance when it needs to be done and don't fret. I have heard some guys suffer from lifter failure but it seems to be a pretty minor number. I tuned my V4 mode out for peace of mind and because I like the way the V8 sounds with my exhaust. I didn't buy the truck for good MPGs as the highest priority so I was fine with the trade off. There are also companies that make kits that swap out the "adaptive lifters" (or whatever they are called) with standard lifters, thus mechanically turning it into an always on V8. If you're not doing the work on your own, or as part of other engine work, it's probably not worth the cost but again you can in an abundance of caution. From my understanding these 5.3l Vortec engines are basically the same thing with refinements. The AFM system in the 14-18 trucks is miles ahead of the 07-13 system but outside that it's the same thing thats tired and true. You see a lot of guys here with over 200k miles, so assuming you treat it right you should have no problem seeing that. (although to be fair, I'd argue that most modern vehicles should be able to hit that without breaking stride)
  2. They are like half the price of the fox shocks so I'm very interested in how they perform for daily driving. If I can smoothen up my trucks ride a bit I'd be a pretty happy camper.
  3. OP, how do you like those shocks? I've heard good things about them.
  4. @ducklawyer Great looking pup you got there. Sunglasses are a nice touch, haha.
  5. I could be very wrong but I do not see that happening. Although the ZR2 model seemed to receive a lot of praise from reviewers I don't know that the sales numbers justified the investment (no data). I see RAM taking a stab with their new truck as a direct competitor to the Raptor, and it looks to be exciting if it resembles anything close to their concept truck. (I hear it's going to have the 6.2L supercharged hellcat motor in it, let's pray to god that is true) GM sadly has a history of pretty crappy off road editions of trucks. I think the cyclone was the last real edition of a truck that was a justified model. Generally they slap on some crappy shocks and call it off road, even the AT4, which looks nice and all, is just a glorified 2" spacer lift from my understanding. Really hope I'm wrong. Would love to see something comparable from GM that has the 6.2L v8 with a supercharger, upgraded axels and slight lift (3" maybe?) with flares so you can fit 35/37s. I don't expect it to happen but I hope I'm wrong.
  6. I've got the M18, have been pretty impressed with it, although I've noticed that the orbital sander chews through the smaller batteries, but the larger one lasts forever. Pretty happy with the Milwaukee line of tools in the few years I've had them honestly.
  7. I was told by my local Lowes that you can only exchange Craftsman tools purchased there.
  8. I've noticed that my Craftsman sockets have started to have a higher chance to round bolts. I wasn't sure why initially but I'm starting to think that the sockets are just cheap which is causing them to extend past the original sizes. I need to get a spec and measure to get a better sense of this but it's partly what started me looking at new tools.
  9. Hey all, I recently came across garagejournal while poking around looking at info for building a garage (which I hope to do in the next 2-3 years to start some bigger projects). Boy oh boy are those some opinionated folks over there. While I've got a lot more poking around to do I have been looking at a lot of the reviews for the new HF Icon line of tools, and everything looks real solid about them. I bought a torque wrench to replace my crappy Craftsman one and have been impressed with it's initial quality (time will tell how it holds up). I know HF seemed to have exclusively garbage in the past but seem to have really turned things around in the past few years with many more quality items. I'm curious to know what tool brand you would all recommend. I refuse to spend money on Snap-On/Mac/etc. I just don't use them for a living and can't justify the cost. I've been bitten a few times by Husky and Kobalt (although maybe they have turned around in recent years as well) and Craftsman is pretty much dead to me. I'm not looking for used tools because I don't want to go through the hassle of QCing everything and worrying about where to find X or Y, I'd rather just buy new and preferably from the same spot, but I don't need everything matching, just makes life simpler. Anyway, what are everyones thoughts here? People still live by Craftsman? Snap-On or nothing? What is your recommendation for solid middle of the road tools?
  10. Thanks for the info man. I'm still quite a ways off from doing anything here. I want to build a garage/shop in the next few years in order to have a spot to work in the new england weather. I'd love to do a frame up rebuild on a previous gen diesel but the conversation on the EAP with diesels recently made me wonder on this.
  11. Yeah, thats prob what I'll have to do. I'm more partial to the GMs of that gen, well I guess GM in general. Although the 2nd/3rd gen super dutys with the extended cab are some pretty sexy trucks.
  12. More of a hypothetical, say I bought a 2008, which should have the DEF and all that, when it becomes 20 years old will I be able to legally delete it? I honestly don't know much about the federal rules here. From my understanding with the new EPA ruling that came around delete kits became federally illegal to sell, even for track only trucks. So the safest bet is to probably buy an 06 or older because they didn't come with that shit from the factory.
  13. So, just for a minute let's ignore everyones personal feelings on the morality of deleting a diesel and talk about the law. I understand new diesel engines have federal requirements for the DEF kit and all, but what about "antique" vehicles. I know that state to state when a vehicle reaches a certain age the requirements for them start to get loosened a bit. I'm curious if it would be federally legal to delete a diesel truck that is 20+ years of age. My understanding currently is that if it came with DEF from the factory then it must stay, but I'm unsure if that also applies to vehicles that are considered antiques. I honestly don't even know if there is such a designation at the federal level.
  14. What facts do I need to get straight? If your intent it to tough guy intimidate me it's not working. If your intent is to school me provide something counter to my "facts", which to be clear aren't "facts" they are my opinion.
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