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  1. You have to replace the whole front clip. The lower part of the grille on the 16+ is angles, where as the 14-15 has a more rectangle look. I think you would have to replace the upper valance at least, possibly the bumper as well.
  2. I've been back and forth on doing these. I like the idea of tossing all my straps and such in them, but there are some larger items I want to keep (fire extinguisher, snow broom and shovel, etc.) that I think would work better mounted to the bed. I really like what Builtright offers but they are only on the Ford trucks at the moment. I've got one of the rear seat storage bins now, but I keep leaning towards putting a sub box back there.
  3. I'm gonna go out on a limb and assume @BlueSilvyZ71 was talking about his/non-black colored trucks. I agree with you though, the murdered out look is way overdone, that said I still love it and my truck is working toward being blacked out Blue, you can always photoshop it but I can't say I've seen any. Color matched seemed to be the thing with our gen trucks, outside the obvious chrome. I can't say that I'm a fan of the black bumper but you do you.
  4. +1 to reach out to @pgamboa on the mirrors. I went with OEM power tow mirrors and his harness because I didn't want to risk any rattle (tow mirrors are already bound to shake a little because of their size and placement), up to you if it's worth the cash though. I've generally found that cheaping out on parts nets you with cheap parts. As far as the wrap, I doubt it could be any worse than the factory paint but I don't know how durable it would be. I think wrapping a bumper around me is a few hundred bucks with material and work, cheaper to do it yourself obviously but a pro will be able to handle the material better generally.
  5. I don't know how common an issue but I feel like I see more posts complaining about something with the 6.2 or it's 8spd trans more than the 5.3. I feel like at this point in the game the 5.3 is a pretty bulletproof engine outside the AFM stuff which is pretty easily rectified in a number of ways. I probably shouldn't have said anything since I don't have enough knowledge on the 6.2 to speak to why, it's just something I've noticed. 6.2 requires premium fuel where as the 5.3 can take regular for what it's worth.
  6. Toyota's reasoning for that is it's "better" for offroading, and people eat it up. Like everything people drink the koolaid they are fondest of. I find the Toyota crew to have an Apple like cult following, I also find it somewhat ironic that a lot of the big Toyota guys I know seem to have a new one every few years, which kind of goes against the whole reliability thing, but hey.
  7. I think as with most things user perception changes slowly over time. Think about how many people still change their oil at 3k miles, regardless of if it makes sense to or not. I still hear from one of my relatives that they would never purchase a used vehicle because they "don't want to inherit someone else's problems" even though todays vehicles are vastly more reliable, we aren't talking about carbureted engines or anything. I know that I've read again and again with how Toyota focused on reliability above all else, they wait till tech is very mature before they integrate it. Toyota has built their brand on reliability, and it's well earned, but I think at this point most of the other automakers have mostly caught up. Honestly Toyotas may last twice as long as a competitive vehicle, but most people don't keep them so long as to notice in the first place. I'm still partial to Toyotas knowing how reliable they are, I'm clearly susceptible to it too I guess. That said, I still went with a GMC because for the price I was just getting so so much more in perceived value than what I would have gotten with a Toyota. Sure it's possible that the Toyota would last me twice as long but considering that tech would have changed so much between now and then I can't say I'd have kept it anyway, but who knows. Maybe I'll find myself in a 4runner sooner than I think, or maybe an at4 2500…
  8. Before I bought my 2016 Sierra 1500 I looked at everything and I mean everything. I test drove just about every truck and SUV that was body on frame and even a few that were not and landed to where I am today. I liked the look of the 4runner and Tacoma a lot, however I remember having a Scion tC back in the day and was not impressed with the interior quality over time. The amount of squeaks and rattles that the thing developed was stunning. I know about the whole Toyota reliability thing and I do believe there is (or was) some truth to it but I think generally speaking if you're doing you're maintenance on schedule it's not an issue and pretty much any vehicle produced today should see 200k pretty easily. At the time I was debating between the three sizes of truck and landed on "full size" mainly because of 3 factors. One was cost, at the time they weren't discounting the mid size trucks like they are today, I could get a better equipped full size for the same or less. The MPG difference between the v6 in the midsize and v8 in the full was basically nothing. I wanted something I could grow a family into. I've got two dogs and now a kid on the way so wanted to have something big enough for us. I'll also be honest and say that I lifted it up and put giant tires on it and I hate parking it in new england. I drove into Boston daily and could only park in 1 garage, and even around rural NH pulling into the gym or walmart parking lot means parking away from others. Not a huge deal, and honestly part of me wants to get a HD diesel because I love them. That said every time I drive my wifes wrangler it makes me miss mine and I have to tell myself that I'm not trading it or switching over to a 4runner.
  9. In my experience the whole buying something prior to needing it generally never works out. I'd wait till you outgrow a camper before you look into a 2500 for that alone. That said, just to be frank, any truck off the lot today is gonna drive and be relatively reliable all things considered. Understand you're going through issues now but honestly, just drive them both back to back, make a pros and cons and pull the trigger. The internet will be no help here as you're comparing apples and oranges.
  10. I'll start with a few things I'd try if you have any interest in trying to salvage your truck: Visit another dealer, maybe multiple dealers away or a larger dealer and get a second opinion See if there is an option for lemon law, perhaps this is a candidate for that If you're comfortable, get it tuned, I've heard it work wonders for the 8spd From the sound of it though, you're pretty done with it, and while I understand that from an emotional perspective, it does seem like a potentially poor financial decision. It sounds like the 2500 is far more truck than you need, and while there isn't anything wrong with that, you're also gonna pay a ton for something that isn't necessary. If you're a big truck guy, and you really enjoy that, then do it up. If a truck is something you enjoy but not a huge lifestyle thing I'd steer clear. Outside of being more expensive, they are larger, ride harsher and are harder to park. I'd also steer clear of the new motor if you're looking for longevity. I'm sure it's a great engine and all but it's brand new and I wouldn't want to risk it. I don't have anything bad to say about Toyota, they make a reliable product. That said, they have always felt cheap to me, the road noise, door feel, poor interior plastics and quality all steered me away. When you realize that their engine isn't nearly as fuel efficient, they aren't using a fully boxed frame, etc. I really really like Toyota for reliability, and their trucks are made in the USA which I also like, but I was kind of steered away. If I were to pull the trigger again today I may have gone Tundra, Tacoma or even 4runner. Just don't expect it to be nearly as nice, and in my experience the interior gets worse with age.
  11. I went from standard mirrors to towing mirrors with @pgamboa's harness. As mentioned before it wasn't that long a job. One thing to note is that towing mirrors come with an additional bolt, so there will be an extra hole if you swap. No big deal, just know it's there so you don't freak out thinking you're missing one. I don't notice any huge differences between driving with and without them. Personally I switched to two mirrors because I liked the larger split setup of the tow mirror and liked the look. I've found the tow mirrors give me less blind spots, but it could be how I have the split setup. I'd say use the tow mirrors for a few months, if you can't stand them you can probably swap with someone with standard mirrors for free or get cash on the trade. As for the engine, I just passed 60k miles but so far the engine has been fine. I do the maintenance when it needs to be done and don't fret. I have heard some guys suffer from lifter failure but it seems to be a pretty minor number. I tuned my V4 mode out for peace of mind and because I like the way the V8 sounds with my exhaust. I didn't buy the truck for good MPGs as the highest priority so I was fine with the trade off. There are also companies that make kits that swap out the "adaptive lifters" (or whatever they are called) with standard lifters, thus mechanically turning it into an always on V8. If you're not doing the work on your own, or as part of other engine work, it's probably not worth the cost but again you can in an abundance of caution. From my understanding these 5.3l Vortec engines are basically the same thing with refinements. The AFM system in the 14-18 trucks is miles ahead of the 07-13 system but outside that it's the same thing thats tired and true. You see a lot of guys here with over 200k miles, so assuming you treat it right you should have no problem seeing that. (although to be fair, I'd argue that most modern vehicles should be able to hit that without breaking stride)
  12. They are like half the price of the fox shocks so I'm very interested in how they perform for daily driving. If I can smoothen up my trucks ride a bit I'd be a pretty happy camper.
  13. OP, how do you like those shocks? I've heard good things about them.
  14. @ducklawyer Great looking pup you got there. Sunglasses are a nice touch, haha.
  15. I could be very wrong but I do not see that happening. Although the ZR2 model seemed to receive a lot of praise from reviewers I don't know that the sales numbers justified the investment (no data). I see RAM taking a stab with their new truck as a direct competitor to the Raptor, and it looks to be exciting if it resembles anything close to their concept truck. (I hear it's going to have the 6.2L supercharged hellcat motor in it, let's pray to god that is true) GM sadly has a history of pretty crappy off road editions of trucks. I think the cyclone was the last real edition of a truck that was a justified model. Generally they slap on some crappy shocks and call it off road, even the AT4, which looks nice and all, is just a glorified 2" spacer lift from my understanding. Really hope I'm wrong. Would love to see something comparable from GM that has the 6.2L v8 with a supercharger, upgraded axels and slight lift (3" maybe?) with flares so you can fit 35/37s. I don't expect it to happen but I hope I'm wrong.
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