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  1. The look ain't me, but it is wicked looking nonetheless. Cheers, JS
  2. Hi Guys, I am impressed with some of your projects and your expertise. I am not so comfortable figuring out how wires should be installed and really appreciate step-by-step instructions at the level of a 6th grader. I recently upgraded my 2019 Silverado 1500 LD mirrors to towing mirrors with turn signals. Got it done because of the help of Mr. Gamboa's harness and instructions. Highly recommended. I would like to add a 30 inch LED light bar to the front of my truck. I would like to use the GM 23145158 switch bank (stolen picture attached). Currently my stock switch bank has only "traction control" & "cargo lights." I do not want to re-label the AUX switches, just want to wire a LED relayed wiring harness to AUX 1 to operate the LED bar. I would appreciate hearing from you if you can get down to my level. Selo
  3. Well, as I had figured, it was something simple I did not realize. Got it off....piece of cake. Thanks for the responses. Selo
  4. Selo


    Ryan, You are correct. I should have said of the "documented cases" the mortality rates are 0.1% for the flu and 3.4% for coronavirus. Keep in mind the documented worldwide cases are today 162,577 infected and 6069 deaths (3.7% mortality). On Feb, 15th these numbers were 69197 and 1669 (2.4% mortality). As you suggest there are lots of people with mild cases, but many not yet tested will have severe cases too. Older persons are more at risk, but there are young among the deaths as well. The issue is the virus is so contagious and so relatively deadly that way too many people are going to be seriously ill in a short time period and need care from completely overwhelmed hospitals. This is why so much discussion today from the CDC is about flattening the curve. Steps to flatten the curve are what states and the Feds are doing now, shutting down places with a higher likelihood of transmission. Exactly what I am doing by avoiding the same. Regardless, I appreciated your comments.
  5. Nalby thanks. I did not see a tab to press, but knowing there is something there to press I'll give it a try later this morning.
  6. Selo


    The flu has a mortality rate of 0.1% The coronavirus is more contagious and has a mortality rate of 3.4%. That's thirty-four times the mortality rate of the flu. In addition and particularly for those older, severe cases have no treatment. It is nice at this stage to be smug and make invalid comparisons, talk conspiracies, talk politics etc etc etc, but you best get ready. This is just getting started in the US. We ain't seen nothing yet.
  7. In the beginning steps of a tow mirror upgrade. I have a 2019 Silverado 1500 Legacy with stock DL8 (power adjust, heated) am upgrading to DL3 level tow mirrors (power adjust, heated, turn signal}. Received excellent help and wiring from Pgamboa, I think he is a member here. So today I removed the inside door panel on the passenger side to mount the mirror and access the wiring harness. The process requires removing the door speaker. Piece of cake.............until I got to the speaker wiring connector. I am embarrassed to say I am stumped as I can not get it to release. I am sure it something simple. The connector has a red component that can be moved up (see picture). I have moved it up but the connector will not dis-connect. I have refrained from trying to use too much force, don't want to damage it. In the picture I have lifted the red part of the connector. What am I missing?
  8. I just bought (1200 miles so far) a 2019 Silverado 1500 LD Legacy WT with full trailering package. I was installing fender liners and mud guards and noticed to my happy surprise, the truck has 4 wheel disk brakes. I had no clue. I have not seen one list of features for the model which indicates 4 wheel disks. Could one of you fellows educate me as to when 4 wheel disk brakes became standard equipment on 1500 work trucks? Pretty sure my 2010 1500 Silverado WT with trailering package did not have them. Pictures are prior to liners and mud guards. Towing mirrors got here today. Is this a sleek looking truck or what! Thanks for any info you may provide. Cheers, Selo
  9. Did you get the tailgate mat as well? If so, do you have to screw it down? Selo
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