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  1. Level?

    I have a 2" level. To the eye it looks pretty level, sometimes it even looks a bit nose high. When i measure it im about an inch or so lower in the front.
  2. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    When installing the lower strut spacer to level your truck, has anyone just unbolted the bottom bolts, compress the strut and insert the spacer? Is that possible or do you have to go through all the steps and unbolt the linkage, ball joints ect?
  3. Best tonneau cover?

    I have the truck gear (line x) version of the bakflip mx4 and i would not buy it again. It looks great but it does leak. I have solved most of the leaking issues but there is still water that gets in somewhere. Also when it is folded all the way against the cab, the foam bumper doesnt line up right and the cover rubs and squeaks against the 3rd brake light. The hinges also slip no matter what when the cover is folded all the way up and i have to stop periodically to retighten them so it doesnt smack the cab.
  4. Tailgate LED light bars

    The harness is the same as that one just has one extra pin for reverse. All hidden behind the bumper.
  5. Tailgate LED light bars

    The 5 pin harness that i asked about does go behind the bumper just like the one that that you used does. I was wondering what to use to allow the 4 pin connector plus the reverse wire to be able to plug into the 5 pin harness.
  6. Tailgate LED light bars

    How do you connect the reverse wire to this harness?
  7. Ive noticed that most leveling kits are 2". My understanding is that it still leaves the truck a little nose heavy. Does a 2.5" kit cause that much more wear or problems over the 2"? I have a 2018 silverado crew cab. It has stamped steel UCA and wasnt sure if that extra half inch would cause more issues or not. Thanks for your help!
  8. No i get some water in the bed. Im not sure where its coming from. I definitely get some by the tailgate. If it rains i always have water on the sides of the bed.
  9. I believe its the stealth.
  10. I have one. Its the same thing as the Bak mx4 but with a lifetime warranty. Its a nice cover but it does leak some on the sides.
  11. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    Those of you doing 2.5" levels on stamped UCA, are you having any issues? I wanted to do 2.5" on my 2018 but im not sure if the UCA would be ok? Thanks for the help!
  12. I have a 2018 silverado. I was considering a motofab 2.5 top strut spacer and leaving the stock 20" wheels and tires for now. Will there be any issues? Will the stock stamped UCA work with it? Thanks!
  13. I meant the actual plug. I have seen some that plug into the trailer connections next to the license plate. I dont want that. I am looking for all wiring to be hidden behind the bumper and still have access to the trailer plugs.
  14. Thank you for your replies! Does the module from OPT7 hide the wiring behind the bumper or would i still have to plug it in on the outside of the bumper? I dont want to see any plugs or wiring.

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