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  1. I am planning on lifting my truck and changing the wheels in the very near future. I want to run 35" tires with a negative offset wheel so I need to lift 6 or more inches. I have a 2018 silverado rwd that im lifting for looks not off road performance. I know zone is very popular but id rather not widen the front track width. I read that fabtech gen II 6" and mcgaughys set at 7" do not widen that track width. Any others? Also i thought i saw the mcgaughys economy lift available before but now im unable to find it. Thank you for the help and info!
  2. I have a 2018 silverado 2wd. I want to lift it in the very near future purely for looks as my truck will not be going off road. I am debating on what to do since i have limited options being a 2wd. I know that zone is always recommended but i was wondering how it compares to mcgaughys lift? Do they both widen your stance? I want to run 35's so ill have to lift 6+ inches from my understanding. My biggest concern is the wheel width / offset. I personally do not want my wheels sticking way outside of the fenders. I do like a slightly aggressive stance but i want to avoid going overly wide. I was looking at a few 22" Hostile wheels and trying to decide on 10" and 12" wide wheels. Any thoughts and opinions are greatly appreciated!
  3. I do crossfit and am in the same situation as you, sweaty with no available shower. I change my shirt and i have a towel seat cover that clips around my seat. Not this exact one but very similar. towel seat cover
  4. I would love for this to be done as well! It has always bothered me that the volume is on the right.
  5. I used motofab also. Aluminum block, cheap and easy to install!
  6. I originally wanted a 2.5 or 3" level. The cons out weighed the pros for me. At 2" it looks level. The 1/2" or so difference front to back is not noticeable at all. The added stress on everything is what made me choose to skip the 2.5 or 3" and go with the 2". If i decide to go higher ill go with a full lift.
  7. I have a 2" motofab on the front of mine and couldnt be happier. Cheap and effective. I like that its an aluminum block. The ride didnt change at all.
  8. Factory is black in the glass, not tint. It doesnt reflect any heat. I tinted over the rear and just made the front two windows a darker tint to match. I believe i have 20% on the front and 35% on the rear and it matches well.
  9. Thanks! I was able to find them and save a few hundred on another site! I will hopefully be installing them later today!
  10. I am looking to buy Amp research running boards with plug and play. Are they pretty much $1500 all the time or does anyone know anywhere that sells them cheaper? Thanks!
  11. I have a 2" level. To the eye it looks pretty level, sometimes it even looks a bit nose high. When i measure it im about an inch or so lower in the front.
  12. When installing the lower strut spacer to level your truck, has anyone just unbolted the bottom bolts, compress the strut and insert the spacer? Is that possible or do you have to go through all the steps and unbolt the linkage, ball joints ect?
  13. I have the truck gear (line x) version of the bakflip mx4 and i would not buy it again. It looks great but it does leak. I have solved most of the leaking issues but there is still water that gets in somewhere. Also when it is folded all the way against the cab, the foam bumper doesnt line up right and the cover rubs and squeaks against the 3rd brake light. The hinges also slip no matter what when the cover is folded all the way up and i have to stop periodically to retighten them so it doesnt smack the cab.
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