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  1. Finally have my lift done & tires installed. Fabtech 6” Gen II along with 35x12.50R20 Toyo Open Country AT IIIs on 20x10 -18 Fuel Rebel wheels.
  2. No resolution yet. After the last visit the dealership could not find what’s causing the issue this time. Luckily it’s no longer as frequent as it was in the past, however it still happens every few weeks. The service writer said they’ll need to bring in a GM field service engineer to look at it. Don’t know when that’s going to happen & was told it might be a while before the engineer is available
  3. Finally bit the bullet, made a decision and ordered my parts. Now have a Fabtech 6” Gen II Magneride lift, set of grey Fuel Rebel 20x10 -18 wheels wrapped with 35x12.50r20 Toyo Open Country AT III’s headed my way. Cost me a little more than what I originally planned to spend, but it'll be worth it in the end. I’m terribly impatient so the wait for the stuff to arrive is gonna kill me. Different truck but my '17 GMC Denali should look similar to this when done...
  4. Finally bit the bullet, made a decision and ordered my parts. Now have a Fabtech 6” Gen II Magneride lift, set of grey Fuel Rebel 20x10 -18 wheels wrapped with 35x12.50r20 Toyo Open Country AT III’s. I’m terribly impatient so the wait for the stuff to arrive is gonna kill me.
  5. 35's with only a 4" lift? That leaves me with some questions... Which lift did you go with & what are you specs on the tire/wheel package? Was advertised as a 4" lift or was the the actual amount of lift your got from the kit?
  6. What size tire do you have, what’s offset of your wheels & did ya have to trim much to make clearance for the tires?
  7. Nice clean looking setup. Any rubbing or trimming required to fit those?
  8. LOL! $6000 + $1500 for install wasn't exactly within my budget. More like $3500 for lift & tires is more like it for me. Staying with the stock wheels for now. That can be changed later on if I change my mind on the look & save me some cash for exhaust that I'll need next. Labor cost will be only for the alignment once installed as I'll do the actual lift myself. Nice truck you got though...
  9. Hi All, I've got a 2017 GMC 1500 Denali, 5.3L, that's got a 2" RC level kit with 285/55r20 on stock chrome 20" Denali wheels. Looking to upgrade & put a true lift on it. But I'm torn on which way to go. Here are the three options I'm considering... 4" Fabtech Uniball Magride and 305/55r20s - At first I thought for sure this would be the way I'd like to go. Nice mild lift with 33" tires that shouldn't really have much of any performance issues for the truck. This 4" lift is one of if not the only Magride compatible lift at this level. The problem is that the 305/55r20's are actually only about 3/4" taller than my current set up. Fabtech's website states that this lift would fit up to a 295/55r20 tire which kind of surprises me & is maybe 1/2" more tire than my current 285's. Some pics I've found show some trucks looking just like I'd like, some even running 35's, but others looking like there's almost no change to the truck's stance. 6" Fabtech Gen 2 Magride & 35x12.50r20s - Saw a truck this weekend with a sim set up & it looks just about right to what I'd like my truck to look like. This Fabtech lift also doesn't offset the front like many other lifts which may be a plus. Don't know how well this would work with stock 20" wheels. 6" BDS Denali lift with 35x12.50r20's - Seems to be a very popular lift. Little more expensive than the 6" Fabtech but not terribly so. Does offset front end a bit & requires 2" spacers for the rear to match if i'm not mistaken. So, with all that said, what'd you choose & why? Any pics of these set ups would be helpful, especially from those with the 4" Fabtech lift.
  10. Anyone on here run a Fabtech 4” Uniball lift for Denali pickups with Magride? I have a ‘17 Denali and looking for a 4” lift & would like to keep my stock 20” Denali chrome wheels. The Fabtech website says that their lift isn’t compatible with stock wheels, but I’m assuming that with 1 1/2” spacers I should still be able to keep em. Also, looking to run 305/55r20 BFG KO2s. However the Fabtech site lists a 295/55r20 tire size would fit with minor plastic trimming. Anyone run the 4” Fabtech lift with something larger that the 295’s?
  11. Question for those with lifts. I’ve got a ‘17 GMC Denali with the Magride system & just undecided on which lift to go with. I’m pretty sure the that the Fabtech 4” Uniball lift is for me but part of me wonders if the 6”BDS lift is worth it too. Don’t know why BDS doesn’t have a 4” lift available for the Denali trucks & only their 6” lift is compatible with the Magride system. Looking to run 305/55R20 BFG KO2’s. The Fabtech website states that their lift would fit 295/55r20. Anyone know for sure if the 295’s are the max for their 4” lift or will 305’s fit? For reference, my truck has a 2” front level & 285/55r20’s on it right now. EDIT: The more I look around the more I’m thinking a 6” lift & 35’s is what I want. Any ride advantages of the 6” BDS over say the Fabtech 6” Gen 2? I do like that the Fabtech doesn’t increase front track width.
  12. Well ******! Error is back again. At least I went 7 weeks before this error came back to haunt me. Got another appointment scheduled at the dealership tomorrow morning. Will this ever end ?
  13. still working & no new message for nearly a month now. So? I'm getting my hopes up that this issue may actually be resolved.
  14. Not just yet... Just started back up again with the last two fill ups, the last one being worse the than the previous fill up. Going to see what my next fill up later this week looks like before calling the dealership again.
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