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  1. This is a BCM reset function. When your truck looses the connection with the battery you'll get this message on the dash. Sometimes its just because the battery was just disconnected or changed. Other times it could be some sort of other connection such as short or loose ground. This issue I originally had was the connection in driver side door was getting wet due to poor sealing. That's been corrected for quite a while now & haven't had any issues since. Your issue may be different as my truck never died on me while driving.
  2. i've got a 6" lift & 35" tires and still fit in my garage. Barely but I fit with about 3/4" of room above the cab.
  3. with a 2" level kit on my 17 I was rubbing slightly with 285/55's on stock 20" wheels. Had to use spacers to get needed clearance. That's no longer on my truck as I now have a 6" Fabtech lift on it & aftermarket wheels with 35" tires
  4. Hi All, does anyone have experience with Fabtech's Dirt Logics coil overs and shocks? I've got a 2017 GMC Sierra with their 6" Gen II lift. My shocks are the stock Magneride shocks & one is now leaking. Expensive to replace and I'd like to get rid of the spacers and stock springs. Curious on how well these work vs other coil over set ups.
  5. Hi All, I've got 2017 GMC Sierra 1500 Denali that has a 6" Fabtech lift on it. My stock passenger side Magneride coil over is now leaking oil like crazy & its probably just a matter of time before it fails on me. Being that a single Magneride coil over is +$600, if I install myself, I was thinking of just getting a Mageride over-ride kit and replacing the coil overs & shocks with a more conventional system. Since I'm looking to do that, why not go with a 6" lift coil over and ditch the spacer that goes on top of them? However, finding a 6" coil over system isn't very easy to do. What are your suggestions?
  6. I’ve got a 2017 GMC Sierra 1500 Denali with the Magneride system. Also have a 6” Fabtech lift and 35” tires. Found that the front right strut is now leaking and pretty badly too. Anyone replace their Magneride system with a conventional system with 6” lift front struts and correct length shocks in the rear? If you did which manufacture did you use? I can find some Bilstein 5100’s but not more than a 2 3/4” lift
  7. I’ll have to give that a shot & see what happens. Thanks for the tip.
  8. I just started looking into this issue with my truck. I've got a 6" FabTech lift and running 35" tires. I'm also getting a groan under acceleration, say between 30 & 50mph, when in 4auto. Didn't think about it being the front driveshaft but maybe? Did you get your issue resolved?
  9. My issue hasn't returned and it does appear that it's been fixed... knock on wood...
  10. Any new updates on this issue? I’ve got a 2017 GMC Sierra Denali and have a similar issue. For me this only happens during the winter months. My dealership has worked on my truck each winter since purchasing the truck new in the summer of 17 trying to fix it. They do get the gauge working correctly, but it comes back as soon as the gas stations go back to winter blends. The dealership has said that they think its has something to do with Chevron, Shell, or Costco stations & their special winter blends. However, this year I’ve avoided those stations and the low fuel readings have come back anyway. I’ll be calling the dealership again, but my guess is that they’ll say I’m past my warranty period & they’ll not cover it this time around.
  11. Yes it did. Showed my pics to the service writer at my dealership and they cleaned it up. Would have done it myself but they also needed to replace the window tint so I had them take care of it. Been several months now since I've had this error come up... knock on wood...
  12. Unplugged the door harness & see a tiny bit of green something at the bottom of the connector. Could this be a little corrosion from getting wet? Wonder if a little dielectric grease might be a viable solution to my problem? BTW, I did notice that the wires for my truck are wrapped in a black cloth tape.
  13. Thanks, I'll have to take a look at this to see what I find. Won't help with the service department as they're not interested in what I think could be contributing factors, but I'll look anyway. Also, got my truck back today after it was sitting at the detailership for two weeks. They did remove the tint as they mentioned last week, but only from the driver's side front window & not the passenger side. Otherwise they didn't touch the truck. They don't want to call the Field Service Engineer back until it's been confirmed that removing the tint didn't fix my issue. I'm sure I'll be calling them later this week when the error message pops back up on my dash.
  14. wish this was that easy. This issue has been going on for over a year now & the battery has been replaced, BCM has been replaced, the window motor has been replaced, had computers reset, window stops reset multiple times, etc. still this issue won't go away. That's why they need a field services engineer flown in to look at the truck next
  15. Got another update for anyone that’s interested. The bullshit is getting deeper & deeper too. Finally got the field services engineer in town to look at my truck. He also took a look at the records & noted that GM’s Technical Assistance Center recommended that the window tint be removed from the front windows. My dealership did not do that & never mentioned it to me. Because of this the field services engineer won’t look at the truck until the tint is removed. Now the dealership is going to remove the tint. They are supposed to get me something in writing stating that they’ll reimburse me for re-tinting the truck if this doesn’t fix my issue. Complete bullshit I’m sure but I’m being told it’s the only way they can move forward with any attempts to fix it.
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