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  1. GMC Service guy is not telling me that they're sure its a Body Control Module issue. Getting low voltage readings through the module even though the battery is fully charged. They've now got a new one on order to replace the one in the truck.
  2. Yup, I do that. However, the error returns within 7 to 10 days. Do you have to do that in your Camaro 4 to 5 times per month?
  3. Anyone get the “Action Required - Open Then Close Driver Window” error on your dash? I posted about this error and a few others that I was getting a few months ago. Dealership looked at the truck, had it for two days, and ended up replacing the battery. Fixed the other errors I was getting but I still get the “Action Required - Open Then Close Driver Window” error about once every 7 to 10 days. Truck is at the dealership again, but they haven't found the problem yet. Anyone else have this problem & did it get fixed? If so, what was your fix???
  4. Ride is pretty good for an all-terrain type tire. Rear end skips around occasionally when going though thru sharp mid-corner bumps. Not sure if that's the tires or the suspension though.
  5. Update... Still getting the “Action Required - Open Then Close Driver Window” message at times. Happens about once every other week or so. Also noticed that the volt meter on the dash does not vary as much as it did in the past. Almost always just a little above 14 on the gauge. Once in a while it'll drop a tiny little bit below 14, but never down in the 13.0-ish range as it did in the past. Anyone else experience this?
  6. no, haven't had the fluid exchange done. For me I haven't experience any shudder problems. Just a hard shift once in a while in slow stop n go traffic. I mentioned that the service guy & he gave me the typical "unfortunately that's normal" answer. He's got the same truck as mine with the same hard shift issues but gets more occurrences of that than I do. I asked about Mobil 1 fluid exchange and he said that he'd never heard about it but would look into it.
  7. Yup, many of these items had me thinking “HUH?”
  8. Just had my truck in for some service due to some error messages I’ve received. Got that stuff fixed so that part is good. However, the dealership also gave me a $500 quote for the 30,000 mile service that’s needed. I’ve got 31,400 on the clock. Most of this service includes check or inspect items such as brake line, hoses, pads, coolant and and washer fluid levels, etc. Easy stuff. There are a couple easy other things too. Items like INSTALL Premium Engine Oil Conditioner and Premium Universal Coolant Conditioner. However, there are a couple items I haven’t heard of before are things like “PERFORM Crankcase Oil Cleaning Service” or “PERFORM Fuel Injection Air Induction System Clean-up Service”. Has anyone done these services at home? Is the Crankcase Oil Cleaning Service just a fluid change? Not sure what’s involved in doing a Fuel Injection/Air Induction cleanup service. Anyone do that in their driveway?
  9. That was it... dealership replaced the battery under warranty.
  10. actually yes, its still on its original battery. Being the truck is only 2 1/2 years old, wouldn't have guessed that this could be a battery issue. Truck is at the dealership now and they're working on it. When they call back I'll ask about that if they don't bring it up first.
  11. I have a ‘17 GMC 1500 Sierra Denali and I’ve recently started getting some error messages. First, a couple weeks ago I got an error pop up on my info screen stating “Action Require - Open Then Close Driver Window”. I rolled down the window and had to manually roll it back up by holding the button. The one touch up wouldn’t work the first time. The 2nd time I tried it worked ok. Was ok for a few days but them came back later that week. Then there was this past weekend. Got the window error again, rolled window down like before. Was in a long line at the dump with a load of yard trash to dump when suddenly I got a “Service Brake Assist” error come up on the dash. Hit the dismiss and continued on my way. However, every time the line inched forward the brakes were very touchy and grabby when coming to a slow stop. Got the truck emptied at the dump and proceeded to continue on with some errands. Once home I was checking emails & found two “Advanced Diagnostics” emails from OnStar. The first stated that there was an “issue with the Antilock Braking System in your 2017 GMC Sierra”. The second one was “an issue with the StabiliTrak stability control system”. Both emails stated “Please service your vehicle within 7 days.” Just dropped off the vehicle at the dealership for them to check it out. hopefully I’ll hear back from them in the morning. Anyone have similar issues all come up at the same time? What was done to fix it?
  12. your 18" wheels may have a little less back spacing than the OEM 20" wheels.
  13. G2 Axle & Gear. Got 'em at Summit Racing. quality CNC'd hub-centric billet aluminum spacers.
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