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  1. Finally had time to get the truck to the dealership today. Was told that there appears to be very common issue with fuel sending units this winter. Service mgr told me that there's some sort of additive in the fuel this winter that's creating the problems. In Reno NV we have oxygenated fuels, primarily ethenol + some other additives, that help reduce vehicle emissions during the winter months. This issue is so common that the dealership is having 15 to 20 vehicles per week with fuel sending units reading low. Most stop at about the 3/4 line on the fuel gauges. They're seeing vehicles from all GM lines coming in with the problem including GMC, Cadillac, Buick, etc. All being 2015 and newer vehicles. For now the fix may be to simply clean the fuel sending unit and electrical contacts and reinstall it. If the issue takes more than a quick cleaning then they'll order a new sending unit. May even order a new one regardless. We'll see how this goes. For the record, their story does kinda make sense. I took a road trip to Las Vegas in late January. On the return trip I topped off my gas tank in Tonopah NV, they don't have the same oxygenated fuel that is found in Reno or Las Vegas, and continued on my way home. Noticed about 100 miles from Tonopah that my gas guage was still reading about 3/4 of a tank. When i got home I filled up at my regular gas station and my guage read nearly full! WooHoo! Highest it read in more than about a month. Not quite full but very close. However, at the next fill up this past weekend it was back to just under 7/8 of a tank.
  2. thanks for the input. I've got to get the truck into the dealership anyway to fix a low reading fuel gauge so hopefully they can look into this as well. As intermittent as my issue is I'm not gonna count on them actually fixing it. But ya never know... I'll consider the tuner regardless...
  3. The thing is that this is very intermittent and doesn't happen very often. When it does it only lasts for 3 or 4 seconds & smooths out as quickly as it starts. Sometimes this'll happen once or twice during a 15 mile commute to work, sometimes it only happens once or twice in a whole week.
  4. stock idle speed? The idle is consistently at about 600 already according to my tach. I was thinking of getting a tuner after the warranty expires. May be more reason to get that sooner than later. Not sure about motor mounts being an issue. If that were the case wouldn't the rough idle be more consistent?
  5. Hi All, I have a 2017 GMC Sierra Denali 1500, 5.3L, 8 speed and about 30,000 miles. Over the last month or so it's started a wierd shudder that only happens at idle, after stopping and sitting at a light for about 15-20 seconds. Almost feels like the truck is about to stall or may be the transmission is shuddering? RPMs don't drop or change from it's normal idle reading. Only lasts about 3 to 5 seconds and goes away as quickly as it started. Doesn't happen at every stop or light, just once and a while. Might happen a couple times during a trip around town, might happen once or twice during an entire work week. Doesn't happen at all while moving. Anyone else ever experience this?
  6. May have to take it to the stealership to see what they can do. On my commute this morning the gauge started out between the 3/4 and 7/8 lines. 10 miles later it was below the 3/4 line. At lunchtime I headed out to run some errands and the gauge was back over the 3/4 line. Weird stuff...
  7. I have a 2017 GMC Sierra 1500 Denali that recently started having issues with the fuel gauge. Three fill ups ago I noticed that the fuel gauge didn’t quite get to the full line. A little driving & it got up to about the 7/8ths line, but didn’t get to full. Next fill up same thing. Yesterday it barely got to the same 7/8ths line & is dropping quickly. Only 30 miles into this latest tank & its already down to the 3/4 line. Anyone else have or had this issue? What’d ya do to fix it?
  8. Dude! That looks sweet. Got more pics of this at different angles?
  9. for 54K this truck sounds like a pretty good deal. Sounds like it'd be a blast to drive + its already set up with plenty of goodies. I'd consider it if I totalled my '17 Denali & was looking for a replacement.
  10. I'd think the difference is power delivery and response may be due to the new 10 speed trans. Mapping, shift points, gear ratios, etc. all play a factor in that. I'll have to try the tow-haul mode thing on mine to see how it does for me, good idea.
  11. Here in N. Nevada I occasionally get frost on the rear window. Doesn't happen often, but when it does & I use the remote start it'll defrost the rear window even though I have it turned off in the settings.
  12. The studs did NOT need any trimming. There are pockets in the back of the week that the studs fit into. However I wouldn't go any smaller that 1 1/4" spacers if someone is not wanting trim the studs. As for brand, these are by G2 Axle & Gear. Got 'em at Summit Racing, but was told by a sales guy at 4Wheel Parts that these are made by the same manuf. that makes the Bora Spacers. If that's true I don't really know as that was from a "sales" guy & who knows if he's right or not. I will say that are very well made billet aluminum spacers with very similar design to Bora. They were also the only quality spacer that I could find locally.
  13. My 2017 Sierra Denali lights are 'effin' awesome. Better than most any light set up in any new-ish vehicle I've driven. Better than my dad's 2018 Ferd, better than my wife's 2016 VW, better than my son's 2015 Subaru, and WAY FREAKIN' BETTER than my neighbors 2018 Tundra. Just sayin'...
  14. Just may check with a shop. Gonna take a closer look this weekend, however I discovered this morning that corner of the body is pushed in slightly & now there's a slight rub at the corner of the tailgate. How soft are these damn metals these days?
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