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  1. Dude! That looks sweet. Got more pics of this at different angles?
  2. for 54K this truck sounds like a pretty good deal. Sounds like it'd be a blast to drive + its already set up with plenty of goodies. I'd consider it if I totalled my '17 Denali & was looking for a replacement.
  3. I'd think the difference is power delivery and response may be due to the new 10 speed trans. Mapping, shift points, gear ratios, etc. all play a factor in that. I'll have to try the tow-haul mode thing on mine to see how it does for me, good idea.
  4. Here in N. Nevada I occasionally get frost on the rear window. Doesn't happen often, but when it does & I use the remote start it'll defrost the rear window even though I have it turned off in the settings.
  5. The studs did NOT need any trimming. There are pockets in the back of the week that the studs fit into. However I wouldn't go any smaller that 1 1/4" spacers if someone is not wanting trim the studs. As for brand, these are by G2 Axle & Gear. Got 'em at Summit Racing, but was told by a sales guy at 4Wheel Parts that these are made by the same manuf. that makes the Bora Spacers. If that's true I don't really know as that was from a "sales" guy & who knows if he's right or not. I will say that are very well made billet aluminum spacers with very similar design to Bora. They were also the only quality spacer that I could find locally.
  6. My 2017 Sierra Denali lights are 'effin' awesome. Better than most any light set up in any new-ish vehicle I've driven. Better than my dad's 2018 Ferd, better than my wife's 2016 VW, better than my son's 2015 Subaru, and WAY FREAKIN' BETTER than my neighbors 2018 Tundra. Just sayin'...
  7. Just may check with a shop. Gonna take a closer look this weekend, however I discovered this morning that corner of the body is pushed in slightly & now there's a slight rub at the corner of the tailgate. How soft are these damn metals these days?
  8. Yesterday during my lunch hour a genius decided to use my parked truck's bumper to help him stop. Luckily he was going slow & didn't look like he damaged his POS Prius. While at my table at the restaurant I saw him hit my truck, get out of his vehicle to look at the damage, then hopped back in his effin' Prius & drive away. Didn't have time to get outside and stop him. Thanks to this amazing person my truck now has a nice little dent & a couple scratches on the drivers side of the rear bumper. So now its time to figure out how to fix this. Anyone use a paintless repair shop to fix something like this? Is the gage of the steel to thick to fix & require a new bumper replacement instead? What have others done?
  9. Quality spacers are the 1st step. #2 proper install & check torque on a regular basis. After initial install, check after about 100 miles or so. Then recheck at each tire rotation, +/- 3000 to 5000 miles.
  10. They’re made by G2 Axle & Gear. Hubcentric, billet aluminum with anodized finish. Picked em up at SummitRacing. Well made stuff.
  11. Thanks! I really like it too. Gives the truck a little more aggressive look.
  12. No, slightly bigger with 285/55r20 which are about 3/4” taller & 1/2” wider than 275/55r20’s. On the truck my BFGs are nearly an inch taller than the stock Goodyear SRAs it came with. With a 1” spacer, yes you’d need a wheel with 3/4” deep pockets or more. The other option would be to trim the end of the stud some. There is room to do that as there’s about 1/2” of stud length that’s not threaded or used.
  13. And one more down the side from the rear...
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