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  1. I'll take it. Can send PayPal now
  2. What if I retrofitted these with the md2s projectors?
  3. So if I wanted to spend the money and upgrade the LT lights, this is the way to go? 2014+ Chevy Silverado Mini H1 Retrofit kit (LT trucks only) https://www.fastheadlights.com/mobile/Product.aspx?ProductCode=buy_chevy_minih1_kit And I'd also swap the Amber's to klearz. https://klearz.com/products/chevrolet/14-15_silverado_headlight_markers Prob have my buddy that tints for a living, tint the whole lens for a smoked look. $300 for retro, $100 for klearz and have to open lights up and do the work. Or plus buy ltz headlights, and still have to open them up to do the klearz, an also upgrade the projectors, and have my buddy tiny the lens Or buy the aftermarket smoked lights I have listed in OP, swap the projects, still open them up to do klearz Anything else?
  4. Thank, I'm really not looking to.drop a ton of $$ on headlight Just know I need to upgrade from these reflector/halogen setup
  5. I was hoping to use these headlights. Wish I knew if these frames could be removed to paint, and also add a DRL in the center. Anyone have them?
  6. I'm still on the fence about getting one of these
  7. I've been searching through all the headlight mod pages on here and there are so many options out there. Kinda overwhelming. I want to upgrade the headlights on my 15 Lt. I'd like to get away from the halogens "yellow" lights and have a black or paintable frames to color match them. Help me find what I need.
  8. Looking for a deal on a catch can for my 15 silvy 5.3 before I spend the $ on a new one. Lmk what you got
  9. I want a catch can. I see some for $20. And others for $150 Differences? Having a drain on bottom is a plus
  10. Anyone find a good powdercoat match to rainforest green metallic? I want to get my bumpers done but cant find a good powder. Best I've found is "forest sparkle" from prismatic powders. It's super close, but not 100% Anyone have better luck?
  11. Pic of where on the pan u put the bung? And is the bung on the inside or outside for clearance?
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