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  1. They said as long as it's 5.5-6.5" between mounts (unloaded), then you're fine; which it is, based on a fender gap of 1.5"(approximately) difference front fender to back fender. But that also strikes me as a bit odd considering this has a 2" factory lift, so the distance between mounts on standard Sierra 1500 would be less no? Any chance someone can double check their stock AT4 fender height front and back? I was sure it was around 1.5" or so.
  2. For reference. https://www.firestoneip.com/rr-kit-install-manuals/W217602609.pdf
  3. The only adjustment on the whole mounting setup is the lower mount that has a slot for the lower airbag bolt. Upper mount has no adjustment and all mounts are the same side to side, ie: there is no way to install them backwards. As for the spacers, the center hole was used, there is two outer threaded holes on the spacer was well, but I didn't try that, as I realized the spacer doesn't appear to be necessary.
  4. Tires on the ground. I went with the Ride-Rite kit since it was a flawless install on my wife's 2015 F150. But with this setup, I'm not super impressed. Maybe it has something to do with the leaf spring lift blocks for the AT4 and "rotating the pinion angle for the additional lift" that makes the axle bump-stop block(pictured in Airlift's setup but not in Ride-Rite's) mounting surface angled causing the misalignment?
  5. Here's pictures, with and without spacer, passenger side and then drivers side. Each sitting at about 12-15 psi. Space between mounts was around 5.5" without the spacer in there, so I'm not really sure why every source I find for this kit recommends adding the 2" spacer??? Also not overly happy the bags don't sit totally vertical but there isn't much adjustment in these mounts(bottom mount has a slot about 2" long front to back.) The lower mounting bolt on the airbag is pushed as far forward in the slot as it will go.
  6. Hi everyone, new to the forum here and haven't seem to be able to find an answer after searching. Purchased a 2020 1500 AT4 last summer(love the truck), and recently added the Firestone Ride-Rite kit to the rear(kit #2609). I also ordered the 2" spacer kit as recommended (kit #2366). I'm having a bit of a problem with the install and was wondering if anyone else has added rear air bags to their AT4, and did you end up using the spacer or were you fine without it? Problem is the air bags are slightly misaligned, and appear "under-inflated" with the spacer in there even when I have 10-20psi in them(there is about 500lbs in/on the box via a canopy and a Decked box system installed in the bed; I'd rather not have to try and remove these unless I absolutely need to, to diagnose the problem). I know in the instructions it says to have 5.5-6.5" of space between the upper and lower mounts. So my next plan is to jack up the back of the truck enough via the hitch receiver to recreate the correct factory fender gap front to back(should be roughly 1.5" from the factory with no load if I'm no mistaken?), and then measure the distance between the new mounts. Thoughts and/or someone who has added rear airbags to their AT4? I'd assume the Trail Boss would be very similar? Cheers
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