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  1. You can buy the clips separately. My dealer showed me the belt molding, and it was the complete part. I found the part number buried in this forum. The part number for just the clip is 11547339. I ordered 5 from GM Wholesale Direct at $2.26 each Popped out the old ones with screwdriver, and put in the new ones.Worked great with no problems. Bert
  2. Here is mine.Sorry I am a little late to the party. I still wanna join the red truck club. 2014 Silverado Crew Cab LT Z71 5.3 V8 Chrome belt molding Lower Chrome trim strips Lorado Cover Cocoa Brown Buckets 1998 Triton TR18
  3. I have a set of black window trim (belt moldings from my 2014 Silverado crew cab. I replaced them with chrome. Truck has 9000 miles. There are no broken clips and the molding is in great shape. $85 shipped to lower 48 I do not have PayPal so you will need to send a money order. I am north of Atlanta, GA if you are local to me Bert
  4. Anybody else wonder why with all the technology we have on these trucks, we can't get an accurate reading of how much gas is left in the tank? I would think it would be pretty easy to do - maybe just not cost effective?
  5. Guy What was the part number of the clip, and where did you get them? Thanks Bert
  6. I puchased some chrome belt molding/window trim from a fellow member of this board. Transaction was great. Just got around to putting them on this past weekend and the rear set won't lock into place. I did some research and found a part number on the boards for the clips. The part number is 11547339. Took it to the dealer, and they said it was valid part number but was for an older Tahoe. The did not have picture of the part. They would order it, but it was not returnable. Has anyone actually ordered and used replacement clips? The parts book did not show the clip being separate. You have to order the trim with the clips installed The clips do not look like they are broken, but just don't "click" into place. Thanks Bert
  7. Brad, Were you able to get the clips snapped in? If so, how did you get them installed? Bert
  8. I just put a used chrome set on my 2014 crew cab, and I had one clip that would not catch. I put it on about 3 times and it was still loose It was the rear clip on one of the rear windows, and would come up anout an inch when the window was closed. I finally took a small screwdrive and pushed the little clip out as far as I could with out breaking it. They should have put screws at both ends of the trim, instead of only one screw.
  9. Are the clips replaceable? I am thinking of replacing my black with chrome. I thought I saw a post with some clip part numbers, but I can't find it now, Bert
  10. I have a set of the black textured handles that I took off my 2014 Silverado. Truck has 4200 miles and was purchased in September. I am interested in your chrome window sills. Can we work out a trade? Bert
  11. I am interested in the side molding if they are the 4 pieces for the lower part of the door and are for a crew cab. Can you email me pictures? Bert
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