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  1. Hi, My 2018 Silverado had the transmission shudder when it was new. At that time there was a TSB stating to change the filter and use an upgraded transmission fluid. Everything was great with it until now. The truck now has 90000 kilometers on it and the shudder is back. Does anybody know if there is any new TSB's for this problem ? Or is it just change the fluid again? Thanks.
  2. Thank God I don't have to look at that ad for skin tags anymore!
  3. There is no replacement for displacement! 6.2 all the way.
  4. Hi all, I have a sliding rear window in my 2017 LTZ.that has had the rear window recall done. This morning it shattered sometime while I was driving. Anybody else having issues with the window after the recall has been done?
  5. Hi all' yes the fuse that is pulled only affects the defrost function. The window will still open and close. Does anybody know what the sliding rear window defrost cost? I've looked at my invoice and I think it was included in my LTZ PLUS package and is listed at $0.00. So I'm thinking about putting the fuse back in place. Will in burn???? Maybe??? It is insured and I like the 2019s
  6. Hi all. I just had my 2017 LTZ in for the low speed brake issue and the service manager tells me there is another recall on the truck. This time its for the rear window defogger. I believe it only applies to power sliding rear windows. The cure was to pull the fuse for the rear defog so now it won't work. Doesn't seem like a proper fix to me. The description on my invoice reads "N192220470 Rear Window Defroster Thermal Events (Canada Only)" Anybody else have this or know anything about it?? Thanks.
  7. My 2017 had the same issue. I took it to the dealer and they replaced the throttle pedal assembly. Smooth as silk now. My 2018 truck never had the issue.
  8. Hi all; I'm having issues with my 2004 GMC Canyon signal lights. When I press the brake pedal the left turn signal indicator on the dash lights up. When I select left turn signal all the indicator lights on the truck flash like they would if I turned on the hazards. Right signal works ok. All bulbs are good. I'm thinking body control module? Anybody else ever have this problem? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  9. I have two 2018 crew cab trucks. One has the 5.3 6 speed the other has the 6.2 8 speed. Throttle pedals are total different when you hit the detent. The 5.3 is a lot smoother and it feels like the 6.2 throttle is going to stick. It never has but I'm concerned enough about it that I'll have the dealer look at it next time I'm in for service.
  10. I have the 5.3 in my work truck and the 6.2 in my personal truck. I get better gas mileage with the 6.2l. And the grin factor is amazing!
  11. Check number 1 and 7 plugs. I bet they are oil fouled.
  12. I have a 2017 silverado crew cab ltz with the 6.2/8 speed and have not noticed any issue like you describe. But I did have the dealer change the transmission filter and flush the fluid due to a shudder at highway speed when it was very new and less than 2000km. It is cured now. Maybe that service has also helped the issue you describe? Gotta love that 6.2!
  13. Hi; Thanks for the reply but I wish it would be that easy. No torsion bars on this truck.
  14. Hi; I have a stock 2007 Silverado NBS that came with 265/65-18 tires which are 31.6" in diameter and I am looking at replacing them with a 265/70-18 which are 32.6" tall. I do not have a levelling kit in the truck. Does anybody know if these tires will rub? Thanks.
  15. Hi; I had one mirror like this. The wire had corroded off of the back of the mirror. I was able to solder it back on.
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