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  1. I have the 5.3 in my work truck and the 6.2 in my personal truck. I get better gas mileage with the 6.2l. And the grin factor is amazing!
  2. Check number 1 and 7 plugs. I bet they are oil fouled.
  3. I have a 2017 silverado crew cab ltz with the 6.2/8 speed and have not noticed any issue like you describe. But I did have the dealer change the transmission filter and flush the fluid due to a shudder at highway speed when it was very new and less than 2000km. It is cured now. Maybe that service has also helped the issue you describe? Gotta love that 6.2!
  4. Will these rub?

    Hi; Thanks for the reply but I wish it would be that easy. No torsion bars on this truck.
  5. Will these rub?

    Hi; I have a stock 2007 Silverado NBS that came with 265/65-18 tires which are 31.6" in diameter and I am looking at replacing them with a 265/70-18 which are 32.6" tall. I do not have a levelling kit in the truck. Does anybody know if these tires will rub? Thanks.
  6. Hi; I had one mirror like this. The wire had corroded off of the back of the mirror. I was able to solder it back on.
  7. Hi; I had this done on my 2007 nbs and the actuators do not try to unlock when going into park. i still have the option of turning them on in the dic. Hope this helps.
  8. Hi; Thanks for the replies. I called the dealer and they said they haven't seen this problem on the '09s but has seen it on some others. I have to take it to them so they can look at it. Thanks.
  9. Hi; The lower part of the drivers side door seal on my new truck is full of rust. There is a metal insert in the seal that holds it together and it's completely rusted awayand now the seal is sagging. The passenger side is ok. This is the first winter for this truck and there is appox. 13000km on it. I really hope the rest of the truck won't rust like this. Anyone else have this problem??? Thanks.

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