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  1. Bought this 6 months ago for a 2018 Silverado 5.3L. Works great and is the most up to date version. Had no issues what so ever with the device, but ended up buying a tuner and am able to tune the AFM out of my truck, so this device is no longer needed. Blue Lights Version = V8.6R1 $100.00 shipped
  2. Thanks for sharing this! Has anyone tried messing with this themselves and resolved the issue?
  3. Nitto Ridge Grapplers 275/70/18 on Fuel Mavericks ReadyLift 2.25" Level up front, stock block in the rear
  4. I've never had an alignment done where they got the wheel straight. I've taken my current truck to two different places with no luck. If this was an older truck it wouldn't bug me so bad, but it's a 2018 and it's annoying as hell. I don't understand why this is so difficult to get right. Anyway, do you (or anyone) have any tips or tutorials that you could share that explain how to do this on a newer truck? I'm going to just take care of this myself, but have never tried it before, so don't want to mess up the alignment in the process. Thanks in advance! Edit: So I went ahead and just did it based on what I've viewed for vids on youtube, etc... The most difficult part was getting the the lock bolts loose on each tie rod in order to make the adjustments. I made marks on the inner and outer tie rods so that I could get each side as close to the same amount of turn as possible, but I'm sure it's not 100% exact, but it's real close. I guess I'll just monitor my tire wear and determine if being off a small amount causes any adverse affect.
  5. I really liked the look of the Grapplers and didn't really care if they were going to be louder, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that they are quiet! They don't sound much louder than the Bridgestone Duelers I pulled off.
  6. Is that a question to me or churchy1313?
  7. Pulled off the stock 285/45/22s and replaced with 275/70/18 Ridge Grapplers on 18X9 Fuel Mavericks.
  8. Just picked up some 275/70/18 Ridge Grapplers. They are much quieter than I thought they would be and look great on the truck! I called Nitto to check in on recommended tire pressure and they told me 42psi all around for best wear...for anyone wondering about psi for that size.
  9. Yup - super annoying to hear that exhaust leak sound. Sometimes I don't hear it, but it's there about 95% of the time. I've told myself that I'm going to ignore it after reading these threads on it, but it still irks me to hear it all of the time. I know I won't get anywhere with the dealer and just don't have the time to deal with the dealer on it. Just hoping someone makes some type of discovery that'll provide a work-around to eliminate the issue. Between the chugging/fishbite, slamming into gear when slowing down quickly, etc...this one may be the worst, as it's almost a constant.
  10. Looks good - what's the offset?
  11. I've been looking at pics, reading through threads for what seems like months now trying to come up with my upgraded tire/wheel setup...I'm close! Going from 22x9 rims with +24 offset on 285/45/22 . This is what I want to change to (I currently have a 2.25" leveling kit): Rims = 18x9 Fuel Maverick Tires = 275/70/18 (Nitto Ridge or Falken AT3Wildpeak) What I'm really stuck on is the offset. It's between -12 and +1. I really like the look of the -12, but live on a dirt road and am thinking about the tire sticking out more and kicking up rocks and dinging up the side panels every time I drive up and down my road... Anyone with a similar setup that can offer any opinions? Those with the large negative offset are you constantly dinging up the paint whenever you hit the dirt? I'd also be interested in opinions on the Nitto vs. Falken. Thanks!
  12. Those running 275/70/18, which rim width did you go with...8 or 9?

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