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    2018 Silverado 1500 LT Dbl Cab Z71 5.3L
  1. I replaced the stamped steel control arms with the ReadyLift tubular UCAs as I had read that going above a 2" level could cause stress/angle issues on the Stamped Steel stock UCAs. I don't have Magnaride and am not familiar with it.
  2. I've got an '18 with the same size wheels and a 2.25" ReadyLift level and no rubbing what so ever.
  3. I'm aware of the pedal flex issue and have shimmed that, but am not aware of the fix that you describe which sounds like you may have done something to the top of the pedal housing to anchor it. Can you post pics?
  4. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Looks great! What is that tire/wheel setup?
  5. Looks good - what size wheels/tires?
  6. I just started noticing the "exhaust leak" sound coming from drivers side door/floorboard as well. I've got just about 4,000 miles on the truck with range and Borla Catback exhaust. All of the Borla clamps are tight and exhibit no signs of an exhaust leak, which makes sense to me, as the sound is not coming from the passenger side...it's driver side only. Annoying.
  7. WANTED: 2017 Silverado upper control arms

    I have 2018 1500 Stamped steel UCAs with only 1000 miles on them.
  8. I have the following items for sale individually or as a whole. They are brand new, never used, in the box. I had purchased to replace the Fuel Pump system on my 2007 Sierra (new model), but ending up trading in the truck instead. Here are the parts, part #s and asking price: 1 – GM Fuel Pump Retainer Lock Ring (GM# 10325852/ACD# TR26) $5.00 1 – GM Sensor Kit (GM# 19168426/ACD# SK1294) $50.00 1 – Fuel Pump with seal – (GM#19206532/ACD# M10206) $200 I will sell all 3 together for $230 and that includes shipping. I will also sell the Sensor Kit and Fuel Pump separately if need be for the prices stated (including shipping).
  9. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    Looks good! Did you have to re-calibrate the speedo when you went with that size rubber? Also any issue with that size and gear ratio and/or noticeable power reduction? I currently have 45 and want to bump up to 55 to have more meat on the tire and not worry about dinging up the rims, but thought I heard that there could be an issue depending on what you have for a gear ratio....
  10. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    Can you re-post the pic? I've got a 2.25" RL(nothing in the back) and 22" stock wheels and would like to see how that size tire looks.
  11. I went with the DC as I wanted to stay with the standard bed size and my kids are young, so wasn't really all that concerned with the space in the backseat. But now that I feel them constantly kicking the back of my seat coupled with how infrequent the bed is actually filled up, makes me second guess that decision a bit...
  12. You could always split the difference and go 2.25”. I went with ReadyLift 2.25” and left the back stock. I’ve only had it for a couple thousand miles, but no issues what so ever and I don’t notice the ride being any rougher than stock.
  13. Range device

    Well I haven’t had it for a year yet, but put it in my new 18 back in January. Works great, no issues/codes. Just leave it in all the time.
  14. I know your asking about a 2.5 level, but I did a 2.25 level on 22” stock wheels. Pic is on page 4 of this thread.
  15. Ya - I don’t want to remove the under coating protection at all. I’ve just never seen clumps/layers of dirt stick to a frame like that and not be able to be sprayed clean with a hose.

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