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  1. Haha - still here! if you want other pics let me know (i.e without the tires on). I really like the wheels. If they were 18’s I would’ve kept them no question, but I’m off-road a lot and needed more rubber so changed my setup to 18’s.
  2. I was pulling right out of a tight parking spot and kissed the curb. I'm not sure if it can be "buffed" out or not, but I will say that it's not deep and it's hard to pick out in the daylight.
  3. These wheels (no tires) come with TPMS sensors, lugs, lock lug, caps and only have a few thousand miles on them. Offset = 24mm One wheel has a small dime sized blemish which I will point out in the attached picture Local Pick-up only (would be willing to drive 30 minutes to meet someone for purchase if need be) The attached pics show tires on them, but they are not included...have already been removed and sold. $150 each or $500 for the entire set.
  4. The ride is great and they are quiet. They are not noticeably louder than the Bridgestone Duelers I replaced them with, which was surprising to me.
  5. Same thing happened to me, but when on hilly terrain going downhill and is the reason why I deactivate grade braking when I know I’ll be driving in hilly terrain.
  6. I've got a 2018 5.3 with about the same amount of time/miles. It's an LT Double Cab. Those fabric lined wheel wells are ridiculous...not sure why they ever would've chosen that over the plastic. I had the 22"s on mine when I bought the truck, but got rid of them for 18"s. After swapping the tire set-up the only negative I have with the truck is the damn fishbite chuggle transmission. It has gotten a bit better over time (maybe because I'm used to it or the truck is "learning" how I drive), but it's still there and I also get the slamming into gear when coasting quickly to a stop once in a
  7. I've got 275/70/18 Ridge Grapplers on 18x9 Fuel Mavericks. I'm currently running them at 35 PSI. I called Nitto and gave them all of my setup info and they had told me that the recommended PSI for my setup was 42PSI. However, before inflating to 42 I did a chaulk test...and it seemed good (uniform) with them at 35PSI, so I've left them there.
  8. Why not split the difference with a 2.25" level? ReadyLift has a 2.25" leveling kit...
  9. Just got Wheels/Tires from Custom Offsets. Easy ordering experience, they kept me apprised of the processing/ship status all along the way and they came well packaged with no damage at all. I would buy from them again.
  10. Bought this 6 months ago for a 2018 Silverado 5.3L. Works great and is the most up to date version. Had no issues what so ever with the device, but ended up buying a tuner and am able to tune the AFM out of my truck, so this device is no longer needed. Blue Lights Version = V8.6R1 $100.00 shipped
  11. Thanks for sharing this! Has anyone tried messing with this themselves and resolved the issue?
  12. Nitto Ridge Grapplers 275/70/18 on Fuel Mavericks ReadyLift 2.25" Level up front, stock block in the rear
  13. I've never had an alignment done where they got the wheel straight. I've taken my current truck to two different places with no luck. If this was an older truck it wouldn't bug me so bad, but it's a 2018 and it's annoying as hell. I don't understand why this is so difficult to get right. Anyway, do you (or anyone) have any tips or tutorials that you could share that explain how to do this on a newer truck? I'm going to just take care of this myself, but have never tried it before, so don't want to mess up the alignment in the process. Thanks in advance! Edit:
  14. I really liked the look of the Grapplers and didn't really care if they were going to be louder, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that they are quiet! They don't sound much louder than the Bridgestone Duelers I pulled off.
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