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  1. I do like it It lets it heat up to higher tempertaures quicker you get a lot more air flow, won't clog up .its made of stainless steel.Did you register yours for the warranty ?
  2. Do you think it is easier than a gas grille ? I bought a hi- que grate for mine you might like it http://www.high-que.com/ I use all the time
  3. Congrats ,I have heard of the kumado joe .Not quite as popular sorta like the Pirmos .But the quality and the warranty of the egg is better i believe .Did you get the plate setter ? Or are you going to try a different brand for indirect cooks
  4. Yeah after it's lit I usually wait until the lump is burning clean no smell very light colored smoke before putting the food in. You can check out biggreenegg.com go to forums for great info on cooks. I'm sure you will like it.Hopefully you will get it and become a egghead lol:)
  5. Sorry forgot I use the electric starter takes about 15 minutes to get going,some people use fire cubes from BGE some use a torch
  6. You will want to get a plate setter this will allow you to do indirect cooks .Which you will use a lot especially when doing low and slow cooks.I also bought the grid lifter which I didn't think I would need but use it a lot to lift the hot grid. Also check out a Thermapen thermometer because with the egg you will be cooking more to temperatures rather than time and it reads like in 2 seconds.My controller is not made by BGE there are different brands.There are actually wifi models now that you can use your cell phone to check the grid temp,meat temp and speed up or slow down the fan.
  7. Yes it with a full load of lump you can easily cook at 250 for 14 to 20 hours.If you get one you can also start looking into digital controllers that will make sure everything stays perfect so you can cook over night and not lose any sleep.It is actually easier to cook on than a gas grille very hard to dry out your food.With the thick ceramic you don't even need to have a water pan when smoking .
  8. I have a large for about 2 years now.Havent used my gas webber since.Only use lump and never any lighter fluid. I use it about twice a week.Its good for over night cooks or searing a steak.I also have the pizza stone and make homemade pizzas tastes like a brick oven pizza crisp crust.I highly recommend it .Not expensive when you think about it you are getting a smoker,grille and oven all in one. See if there is any egg fest near you if so you can buy the demos that were used only for 1 day with the full warranty
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