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  1. Knocking the price down to $40 shipped and throwing in the OEM textured black mirror caps. Just found them in the attic and they look excellent with no fade because they were only on my truck a few months after I bought it new. Doesn't look like any of the clips are broken and while I remember dropping the driver side uninstalling it, I cannot find any marks. If you wanna lose the chrome but seen the prices I recently paid for used OEM painted handles this might be your ticket!
  2. Not as many E85er's as I was expecting! ? How about $50 shipped? If you look at CJ Tunes website you'll see what I paid, and yep it's all still brand new. The cutter I bought off Amazon based on Goat Rope's Youtube video. ?
  3. How about $100 shipped, or even make me a reasonable offer! Please keep in mind you'll need a tuner or your own software to activate the flex fuel setting in the ECM!
  4. I definitely do not disagree with you guys but I like doing the digging and the leg work! Carl's kit seemed the best and easiest way to go. I already posted the kit on here for sale before this thread got started and ordered half my OE lines. Plan to share everything once I get under the truck when it warms up a little and the snow melts.
  5. I've been working on E85 for a little while for my 2018 and didn't like the DSX kit mostly because the sensor harness is already on the trucks and the DSX kit pins into the ECM connector directly as the sensor is located above driver side valve cover. Bought a CJ Tunes kit a while back which mounts near factory placement and uses the existing harness but instead I'm putting together all the OEM fuel lines. Just missing the main supply line, still working on getting the correct part number which has been challenging. Plan on a spring project and a write up on here! (Also ditching the capless fill at the same time.)
  6. My 2018 1500. This is for gassers and sold as 2016 and earlier trucks but works on the 2017 and up if you pay the $40 unlock fee or already tuned it with another tuner. (In my case I already had the Predator Platinum and the I3 8246 for 2107+).
  7. Selling my Diablosport Intune I3 as I no longer need it. Used once to load a custom tune, then unload the tune. Just updated it to the latest updates from Diablo and its ready to go. $125 Shipped!
  8. For sale; 2014-18 OEM textured black door handles for crew cab. Pulled from my truck with 27,000 miles. Condition is excellent with no flaws I see and very light use. $50 shipped!
  9. For sale is the GM black bowties for 2016-18 front end. The rear is brand new and the front is about 5 months installed on my truck. I wiped it down well with isopropyl and you couldn't tell it is not new as well. (I ended up with the illuminated bowtie is reason for selling.) $50 bucks for the set shipped!
  10. Selling a CJ Tunes E85 for 2014-18, all new! Includes tubing cutter. Decided to skip E85 for now. $125 Shipped!
  11. Added OE painted door handles, (to match the mirror caps I put on shortly after I bought her). Tinted the front windows to match the back. Not sure when I was last on here but added the Ronin bullet antenna too! Also, ditched the GM Performance intake for an SLP intake. It's much nicer and unless I'm crazy, the truck does drive different. Never disconnected the battery and been on stock tune again for a while. Maybe just crazy!
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