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  1. Is there any hack for turning g rear camera on while driving? So i can hitch check while towing Sent from my SM-G965W using Tapatalk
  2. Usually do it myself. But first 2 yrs had free oil changes Sent from my SM-G965W using Tapatalk
  3. sent 1 last contact to dealer about this stuff General manager call me back same day. Sending me a free oil change card. as for the mirror he told me the warranty is over at 60k. im at 80k now said he can prob split the cost of mirror. not sure if half of retail or half of cost. not sure how much a power folding mirror is for my 2017 is yet. i could only find power mirror not folding online my warranty oil cooling lines came in yesterday. guess we will see if the oil is free this time
  4. GMC contacted me after I posted all this on there Facebook page. To private message them See what happens now Sent from my SM-G965W using Tapatalk
  5. straight from GM Thank you for your email. I am sorry that you are experiencing issues with your 2017 GMC Sierra. In accordance with your inquiry regarding the side mirrors. The dealer is correct. They would have to duplicate the issue with the mirror to know what to repair. When an oil pan repair requires changing the oil to complete the repair, you would be responsible for the oil change service. Please discuss any fluid changes for the upcoming repair with your Service Manager. Thank you for contacting General Motors of Canada Company
  6. Dont expect anything after you buy GMC. We spend $100,000 on my new truck and car same day 2 years ago. My only complaint was my passenger mirror doesnt work all the time. I recorded it a few times because you know when you take something in and it doesn't do it that time. So i bring it in for recalls and give them the mirror videos on my usb stick to prove whats happening. You can hear the motor in the mirror going. I have to get out and push on the mirror so it catches again. They tell me it didnt do it for them and they cant get me a new mirror. That was the end of that conversation. Gee thanks. On top of that the oil pan was leaking under warranty. So they change gasket it and charge ME for a whole oil change like its my problem. I just changed my oil 1 month ago I was thinking of getting the new diesel gmc but will think twice about that now... So $100,000 and they cant give me a new mirror heres 1 video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTfymEtC2i4
  7. The light on is annoying Sent from my SM-G965W using Tapatalk
  8. Been using my cheap Ebay programmer for 4yrs now. Summer wheels and winter wheels It works easy if you touch the pointer right on valve stem Sent from my SM-G965W using Tapatalk
  9. It has storage boxes? Sent from my SM-G930W8 using Tapatalk
  10. Never though of that. Maybe they have new tie down spots? Sent from my SM-G930W8 using Tapatalk
  11. I want to get these when available. Not sure if anyone else thinks they are good Should be able to mount them in my 2017 I would think. Sent from my SM-G930W8 using Tapatalk
  12. I can verify the tool works on my 2017 GMC Just did it tonight. Worked first try. Just goto tire screen and hold button down till it beeps and go do each wheel with tool. Sent from my SM-G930W8 using Tapatalk
  13. Just have to try this sucker out. Sent from my SM-G930W8 using Tapatalk
  14. This is the one I ordered this morning https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B075XJQQ3R/ref=cm_sw_r_em_apa_h7L8zbFCKDQMY Sent from my SM-G930W8 using Tapatalk
  15. When I bought the sensors they charged me $15 gave them my truck model etc I guess it was only to set the frequency or something. No idea Sent from my SM-G930W8 using Tapatalk
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