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  1. All cleaned up... Cant wait till Winter's over...Done with all the road salt all over everything...
  2. Project #5 Completed,..... Mirrors installed and completely wired up. Big thank you to @pgamboa for the harnesses and the technical help, Much Appreciated..... Trail Ridge Mirrors - 1AMRP01790 Power Fold - Heated - Turn and Parking LED - Cargo LED - Puddle Lamp LED - OAT -
  3. Just wrapped these up as well... Amazon.com: Prewired Surface Mount LEDs (5050, Neutral White LED) - 3 Pack: Automotive
  4. I used the mod here from jaeisber as a guide. The second set of lights was a kit i picked up cheap from ebay for a $100. I wired and installed the switch first with the same color coded wire instead of using all black, an ran it down to the bottom of the truck first in the wire loom. I just wired in the second set of lights to the original set under the bed rail. Be careful. The light wiring (gauge) is super thin. I also found the 12v hot out of my hitch connection was the large black wire in my harness.. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/profile/203295-jaeisber/
  5. Few Projects completed this weekend. #3 on the list was that i finally got around to putting in the external lighted bed light switch and an additional set of GM bed lights. This is a must have,.. No more going in to the truck to turn bed lighting on..
  6. Super easy..The hardest part is getting the damn pin out of the connector...They have you pull the grey wire (interior door lamps) from the BCU plug and splice this in, then run another line over to the PS foot well, with the ground going to the DS B pillar.. Tomorrow I'll see if I can get a pic of it.. The only thing I need to change (I highly recommend doing) is finding out where the BCU wire is that controls the lighting from the day/night sensor and tap into that instead, I say this because these light up during the day and they look pink, and that can't stay...
  7. Unfortunately not Black...Cocoa.. but 50.00 bucks.. was a no brainer.. 22933519 illuminated Door Sill Plates Cocoa Brown 2015 to 2019 GMC Yukon | eBay
  8. ebay... 22933519 illuminated Door Sill Plates Cocoa Brown 2015 to 2019 GMC Yukon | eBay
  9. Lighted Door Sill Plates,...Was too good of a deal to pass up...
  10. Hi All, I have a new center console that i am going to use in replacing my current jump seat in my 2500HD. I have a new complete jump seat harness, (i didnt want to tear it out from my jump seat) an I have gotten it to where i have all the necessary splices and adds for the extra 12v and for the USB connection. I have it all ready to lay out and finalize but I need the X300 connector (not mousers # i believe) that is mentioned, I have looked at numerous connectors on Mousers website but I would rather know I am ordering the correct one. Can you provide the connector part number?
  11. Looks great Haus_z71... They are well worth the $$ in my opinion..
  12. Look up the morimoto 55w kit... It's a full harness kit with the relays.... The 35w was good from the feedback I got from others that bought it, the only issue was it was backordered like crazy... I bit the bullet and just went with the 55w kit... BTW they are both full harness kits...
  13. Yes it's the same on both sides, it is a very well put together harness. I layed it out a few different ways as I have dual batteries and wanted the most factory looking route... I managed to use most of the opening spaces in the bezel pocket for the ballast and other stuff.. 3M automotive trim double face tape helped keep things in place.. By far the best $$ I've spent on my truck so far..
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